30 Pet Tattoos That Are The Definition Of #TattooGoals

Pet tattoos are an amazing way to memorialize and honor our beloved pets. An increasing number of tattoo lovers and animal lovers are opting to decorate their bodies with their adorable pets' faces... and who could blame them? Our pets have a very unique significance to us, and they're definitely aesthetically beautiful to look at.

I've put together a collection of some of my favorite pet tattoos for inspiration. They earn their place on this list both due to the skill level of the artists and the adorable subject matter, of course!

30 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

Geometric tattoos are very fashionable nowadays – you'll see a lot superimposed with animal faces, like deers, lions and wolves. What I love about this one is how casually the cats are posed – they just happen to be hanging out in geometric shapes.

29 Ashleigh of Fidelity Tattoo Co., Baltimore, MD, USA

This one is beautiful. An excellent coverup, and it looks really realistic to boot. Plus, it's a great way to say bully breeds are worthy of love like any other dog!

28 Yammy Tattoo, South Korea

Seeing pictures of pets posing with tattoos of themselves is my favorite. I don't know if they know what's happening, or whether they know why we have pictures of them on us, but it's a great way to showcase how well the artist captured it. It's also another opportunity to have yet another picture of our pets!

27 Angela of Studio XIII Tattoos, Cocoa Beach & Orlando, FL, USA

I'm a fan of this one because of the colors. It's not just that the fur colors and the markings are accurate, it's also the bright background. Even though it's simple, it really makes it all pop, and she really got the eye color just right!

26 Sol of Hired Guns Tattoo Studio, Crystal, MN, USA

Never enough rat love. The adorable rat, and the important message combined... I can't help but love this tattoo.

25 Amanda of Spacifik Ink, New Zealand

What's nice about this tattoo is that the line work is a little abstract, and isn't too heavy on the bunny itself, but the black outline will make this tattoo last for years to come.

24 Eloise of Coastal ink FX, SA, Australia

I think cat noses are the cutest, and I have always found cat eyes to be beautiful and mesmerizing. Needless to say, I'm a fan of this one.

23 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

Just look at those ears! So cute! I love the flower wreath frame – it's nice to have a framing element so you don't just have a floating cat face on your shoulder.

22 Nadya of NadInk, Jakarta, Indonesia

I love the mix of watercolor brushstrokes, sharp lines and the shading on the frenchie.

21 Metal Dog Tattoo, Brazil

This frenchie is a lot more complex, a lot of detailed linework. The different line type and variation in thickness help to simulate fur texture.

20 James of James TattooArt, Munich, Germany

This might be my favorite. First, because of the very lion king-esque floating head in the sky above water, and second, because it also shows the pet and owner together on the beach. I love that they chose to capture a moment together. Plus, that hat does look fresh.

19 Ashleigh of Fidelity Tattoo Co., Baltimore, MD, USA

The sort of doily effect of this frame is adorable, and somehow, despite the galaxy background, it doesn't seem like too much. And since this is a memorial tattoo, I like the idea that this late kitty is among the stars now.

18 Yammy Tattoo, South Korea

It's a tiny little family portrait! So detailed and delicate. I love how much attention to detail there is for each of their expressions.

17 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

This is the best. We have an adorable cat, an adorable tattoo, and an adorable cuddle session. That's the life. Be adored, be cuddled!

16 Saraloni of Club Tattoo, AZ, USA

What I like most about this is the pose, and the angle – it's what every pet owner has seen when food or pets are expected.

15 Yammy Tattoo, South Korea

Look at the mix of colors and how, somehow, they managed to make the fins look delicate and real. It looks more like a painting than a tattoo.

14 Sara of Walls and Skin, Amsterdam, Netherlands

First of all, this cat's name is Che. Secondly, I like how serious he looks, looking out in the distance, dreams of communism in his eyes...

13 Lili of Wonderland Tattoo, Budapest, Hungary

This tattoo is truly fantastic. All the colors pop, and it's a little eclectic, but nothing seems superfluous. She captured that grumpy little face in such a realistic way.

12 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

I love how she captured the playfulness and curiosity that I love about cats with just one picture. I almost expect to see the cat jump!

11 Teagan Campbell, BC, Canada

Ok, maybe this isn't a pet, but I think that if we could have magical space kitties as companions, that we surely would. Plus, adorable!

10 Jonas of Artzen Tattoo Studio, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The originality in pet tattoos is rarely the subject matter. In this case, what stands out are the lines. The style is reminiscent of a charcoal drawing.

9 Sven of Studio Palermo, Antwerp, Belgium

A nice take on the geometric tattoo trend, which manages to still be detailed. I like to think this is what our robotic cat overlords will look like.

8 Yammy Tattoo, South Korea

There's something so loving in capturing all the details of a pet's markings in a tattoo. It's great to see how detailed, realistic and adorable they look!

7 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

This one is extremely cool to me. It's got the geometric element, but that's hardly the focus. What's great is the ying yang-esque positioning of the two cats, one live, one skeleton. It's unexpected and so beautiful.

6 Yammy Tattoo, South Korea

This one is particularly sweet to me. It's like they're both looking in the same direction. There might not be as much detail as some of the others, but it's simplistically beautifull.

5 Sven of Studio Palermo, Antwerp, Belgium

#harrypotter #spiritanimal done at @studio_palermo

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This combines three of my favorite things: cats, tattoos and Harry Potter.

You can't tell me this isn't Professor McGonagall, I won't listen.

4 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

This cat is me. In bed, not getting up anytime soon, not giving af. The good life.

3 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

I'll never get over the level of detail in these tattoos. I almost feel like if I pet this cat tattoo, it would be soft!

2 Yammy Tattoo, South Korea

Corgi butts are the sunshine of the internet. I think it's adorable and hilarious that someone got this tattoo showcasing an adorable corgi butt.

1 Sol Tattoo, Seoul, South Korea

You startled them!


If you're considering a pet tattoo, you can start by looking for artists in your area, they usually have a sample of their portfolio online, and you can always meet with then to discuss your ideas!

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