4 MCU Females Reimagined As Disney Princesses (& 11 Princesses As Marvel Heroines)

Most likely the biggest entertainment company in the world these days, Disney has acquired so many beloved characters over the last couple of decades that it is simply staggering. After all, Disney now owns Pixar, Star Wars, The Muppets, Indiana Jones, Winnie the Pooh, Marvel, and far too many other major brands to list them all here.

Of all the brands that Disney has bought over the years, it could be argued that Marvel is now the biggest deal. With that in mind, it is pretty fun to picture how different some of Marvel’s best characters would be if they were originally created by the House of Mouse and vice versa. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 4 Marvel Superheroes Re-imagined as Disney Princesses and 11 Disney Princesses as Marvel Characters.

15 Disney as Marvel: Christopher Stoll’s Rapunzel

Via stollart.com

Already a princess that has superpowers of her own, as any Disney fan should know, Rapunzel has the ability to heal others and she can even prolong people’s lives. Pictured here wielding Thor’s hammer in this Christopher Stoll drawing, adding the Asgardian god’s offensive abilities to Rapunzel’s already existing powers would make her a true badass.

14 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Ariel

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As the daughter of King of the sea and a Disney princess herself, there is no doubt that Ariel is used to dealing with beings of great power. Despite that, nobody Ariel has known in the past compares to the power levels that she would wield if she became Phoenix, the Marvel superhero she is dressed like in this Robby Cook image.

13 Marvel as Disney: Art of Shinga’s Black Widow

Via artofshinga.tumblr.com

As one of the Marvel universe’s greatest spies, Black Widow has perfected the ability to look at home in any situation. For example, in this image that was created by Shinga, we see the Russian superspy clearly wearing a Disney style dress and interacting with a bird the way Snow White would. Still, Natasha has a distinct style which is why she is dressed all in black.

12 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Tiana

Via fb/cartooncookie

Throughout Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, it is safe to say that Tiana had to deal with some pretty incredible situations. After all, there aren’t too many people who’d be able to cope with suddenly turning into a frog. Thankfully, given Tiana’s ability to roll with a punch like that, she could make a great replacement for Storm if she had her powers, as she does in this Robby Cook illustration.

11 Disney as Marvel: Christopher Stoll’s Jasmine

Via stollart.com

Even though we adore 1992’s Aladdin, the truth of the matter is that during that movie Jasmine mostly takes a backseat. In fact, Jasmine’s increased independence is the one thing we think the live-action Aladdin movie did better than the original film. Similarly, we love this Christopher Stoll image of Jasmine as Iron Man since it makes her look like she wouldn’t take anyone’s guff.

10 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Elsa

Via fb/cartooncookie

In terms of personality, Frozen’s Elsa and the X-Men member Emma Frost have virtually nothing in common. After all, Elsa always has to keep her emotions at bay, whereas Emma is true to herself in every situation even if it upsets those around her. On the other hand, when it comes to the way they look, in this Robby Cook drawing we see Elsa dressed as Emma and it fits like a glove.

9 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Anna

Via fb/cartooncookie

From one entry about one of the sisters from Frozen to another, when Robby Cook decided to turn Anna into in an X-Men member in this image he went in the opposite direction of the ice queen. Re-imagined to be Phoenix in this image, to say that Anna looks like she is enjoying her new fire powers is a huge understatement.

8 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Rapunzel

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Earlier in this list, we looked at an image of Disney’s Rapunzel as Thor and at the time it seemed like she fit taking over the mantle of that god to perfection. However, once you see this Robby Cook drawing of Rapunzel as Spider-Gwen, it is safe to say that she could also be a wall-crawler for the ages. Heck, she could even use her hair as webbing of sorts too.

7 Marvel as Disney: Yasminroohi’s Storm and Shadowcat

Via yasminroohi.com

Due to the fact that this article is all about female characters, we included this Yasminroohi drawing because Storm and Shadowcat look like their Disney princess counterparts. That said, we also enjoy seeing Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Colossus included as well and that is to say nothing about Wolverine as a hilarious looking animal sidekick.

6 Disney as Marvel: Brianna Cherry Garcia’s Merida

Via briannacherrygarcia.tumblr.com

Given the fact that Merida has a tendency to rebel against what other people think her role in life should be, Brianna Cherry Garcia’s decision to re-imagine her as Hawkeye makes all the sense in the world. After all, many people don’t think that a simple archer deserves to be a member of the Avengers but both characters prove that skill with a bow and arrow is a powerful thing.

5 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Pocahontas

Via fb/cartooncookie

While this list is chocked full of Disney and Marvel characters looking like total badasses, we would argue this Robby cook drawing of Pocahontas takes the cake in that regard. After all, she is meant to appear like X-23 here and just like that Wolverine clone, Pocahontas looks like she could permanently dispatch anyone that is foolish enough to catch her ire.

4 Marvel as Disney: Chiri-Ken’s Storm, The Scarlet Witch, and Jean Grey

Via deviantart.com/chiri-ken

Definitely among the most powerful Marvel characters, at various times in comic book history Storm, The Scarlet Witch, and Jean Grey have all reigned supreme over others. Perhaps that is why it seems so natural to see all three of them reimagined as Disney royalty in this image that was created by Chiri-Ken.

3 Disney as Marvel: Isiah Stephen’s Merida

Via fb/IsaiahStephensArt

Earlier in this list, we looked at an image of Merida as Hawkeye that worked on every level. Still, seeing the redheaded Disney and Pixar princess looking like Rogue is pretty striking for a couple of reasons. First, Rogue is hard to control just like Merida and on top of that, her long curly red hair looks amazing with a shock of blonde in the center as this Isiah Stephen art proves.

2 Marvel as Disney: DisneyXD’s Gamora

Via news.yahoo.com

Unlike all of the other images on this list, this drawing of Gamora looking like a Disney Princess is from the DisneyXD show Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Featured in an episode in which Gamora gets caught in an alternate universe, Thanos’ favorite daughter was animated to look like she belongs in a different DisneyXD show, Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventures.

1 Disney as Marvel: Robby Cook’s Dinsey Princesses Assemble

Via fb/cartooncookie/

By far the most expansive image on this list, this Robby Cook drawing includes many Disney Princesses as Marvel superheroes. For example, you can see Anna as Valkyrie, Mulan as Psylocke, Belle as She-Hulk, Jasmine as Elektra, Rapunzel as Sue Storm, Ariel as Hope Summers, Aurora as Captain Marvel, and Snow White as Wasp. On top of that, Elsa appears as Emma Frost, Merida as Hawkeye, Megara as Black Widow, Esmeralda as Scarlet Witch, Pocahontas as X-23, Cinderella as Mockingbird, and Tiana as Storm.

Sources: cosmopolitan.comnews.yahoo.com

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