5 Celebs Lamborghini Won't Allow Into Their Dealerships (And 10 They Would)

The Lamborghini brand is synonymous with high-end branding, wealthy clientele, and a very luxurious, VIP experience. The faces associated with these supercars are the most elite stars from every genre of music, movies and sports. Despite the fact that only the most well established can afford to purchase these cars, the folks at Lamborghini still have high expectations and a certain “code” that the owners of their cars have to follow. If these celebs don’t adhere to the “code”, they are quickly blacklisted from the dealership and future ownership of further Lamborghinis. In all fairness, celebs are essentially informal brand ambassadors for these cars. It makes sense that they’re expected to respect the branding rules! Let’s take a look at 5 celebs that Lamborghini won’t allow into their Dealerships and 10 that they would…

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15 NOT ALLOWED IN: Nicki Minaj

Via Wheels.ca

Oh Nicki. It’s a Lamborghini, not a toy. Pink isn’t really the colour they embrace. Aftermarket wraps are not really their thing…and frankly, neither is Nicki Minaj. Sorry Nicki, you may love this colour, but the higher ups at Lamborghini think you’re not appreciating the car in its true form. You’re out!

14 NOT ALLOWED IN: Chris Brown

Via SpecialistAuto

If Chris Brown’s image wasn’t bad enough in the first place, this sure did it! A camouflage Lamborghini doesn’t exactly adhere to the high end branding experience you’d expect from this car manufacturer. This is just another epic fail for Chris to add to his list…


Via TheThings

Tyga would be a stellar rep for Lamborghini based on how clean he keeps his cars and how they remain true to their original form. The only issue is that he keeps failing to make the payments. That’s a big no-no. Sorry Tyga, you’re out too. That’s just not acceptable!

12 NOT ALLOWED IN : Travis Scott

Via Twitter

Oh Travis. Did this seem like a good idea to you at the time? It doesn’t seem like a tasteful choice to any of us. This car is far too loud and no longer looks like the super-machine that it should. It’s almost unrecognizable, and that’s sure to make a lot of folks at Lamborghini really upset.


Via YouRed

Deadmau5 make a mockery of his Lamborghini. Why on earth would he do this to this car too? Wasn’t the Ferrari /Purrari experience bad enough on its own? He totally missed the mark on this one – this car is so unappealing with this custom wrap. He should have left well enough alone!


Via CarThrottle

Thanks to Akon, we can now appreciate the true beauty of this vehicle. He added some minimal and appropriately placed, crisp detailing to accent the ferocious V12. This stunner of a car packs a whopping 641 horsepower, stock. Akon clearly has great taste in cars and respect for them in their purest, most original form.

9 ALLOWED IN: John Cena

Via TheDrive

John Cena did it right. He custom wrapped this car in a tasteful colour that still showcases its powerful beauty. This timeless beauty is a V10 with 500 horsepower, evenly distributed to all 4 wheels. This is a gorgeous Gallardo he treats it like his baby, as he should!

8 ALLOWED IN: Floyd Mayweather

Via LamoWelt

Way to go, Floyd! This “Money Mayweather” Lamborghini carries that tag across the back, and carries it well. He clearly wants to flaunt his ride, with no arguments from anyone at Lamborghini. This sporty yellow beauty is his pride and joy and he keeps it clean at all times.

7 ALLOWED IN: Conor McGregor

Via Flames

Conor McGregor bought a Huracan Avio and boasted all over social media that he was introducing to Ireland, as they had never seen anything like it before. This kind of publicity is hard to argue with, so he’s welcome at the Lamborghini dealership pretty much anytime he wants to be there!

6 ALLOWED IN: Rihanna

Via Complex

Rihanna is regarded as a new-age Goddess anywhere she goes. We like that she kept this Aventador real by keeping it red and classic. She garners attention everywhere she goes, so obviously, the people at Lamborghini want her to buy more of these cars and plaster her love for them all over social media.

5 ALLOWED IN: 50 Cent

Via GymLive

What’s bigger than 50 Cent? The answer is clearly “ 50 Cent next to his Urus”. Not settling for “just” a car, 50 Cent is showy enough to get the SUV/Truck version of this brand. Of course, why not, right? The classic red makes it even more appealing. He’s the perfect ambassador with this purchase.

4 ALLOWED IN: Wilmer Valderrama

Via JasonThorgalsen

Wilmer Valderrama is respected as a being a pretty low-key dude, so when he makes a “loud” statement by posing next to his LP640, the world takes notice. What a great way to rep a brand! This 6-speed mid engine powerhouse is going to make almost as much noise as the photo of Wilmer standing next to it!

3 ALLOWED IN: Souljaboy

Via Twitter

“Watch me crank it, watch me roll”….he couldn’t have said it better! It’s hard to miss Souljaboy when he rolls up in a bright yellow Urus. He seems to stay out of negative headlines for the most part, and lays low while he drives loud….so Lamborghini loves him and encourages him to buy more cars!


Via Complex

Kanye finally got it right by keeping his Lamborghini classic, white, and in line with the standards that the brand likes to uphold. Thankfully he kept this one original and clean, because he made a mess of his Urus in the weird eggshell colour. Shhh, let’s focus on this one, because he did this one well….

1 ALLOWED IN: Cristiano Ronaldo

Via YouTube

Cristiano is a hero in the eyes of Lamborghini. He owns an Aventador, which is no easy feat in itself. This car costs nearly half a million dollars on the basic end of the margin, before the custom enhancements are calculated. No matter how awkward he looks in this photo, it’s all smooth sailing for him if he wants to head to Lamborghini to buy another car – they love him!

Sources : Driven, TMZ

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