5 Creative Food Gift Ideas To Fill Your Heart And Stomach

Everyone loves food. We love to eat it, we love to take pictures of it and we love to share it. One of my favourite gifts I received over the holidays was a GIANT bag of homemade biscotti from my grandmother.

What makes food such a great gift is that it homemade, it is not expensive and it will not be cast aside to clutter up yet another basement. If you are trying to come up with a gift idea this year, maybe for a friend or loved one, try making them one of these awesome creative food gifts. Whether they are a foodie or not these gift ideas are simple, tasty and sure to be loved by everyone!

#1 Homemade Baked Goods 


Whip up a batch of muffins, biscotti or cookies, wrap them up nicely in some cellophane paper and tie them up with a bow! What is great about making some sweet treats as a gift is that you can make a big batch and divide them up among multiple people. You can also make these treats seasonally thematic: holiday cookies at Christmas, Sugar cookie hearts for Valentine's day and Pumpkin muffins at Thanksgiving!

#2 Coffee Sugar Body Scrub 



If the person you need a gift for isn't a fan of sweets you can make them this heavenly Coffee body scrub. This scrub only has 5 ingredients and will take you 10 minutes to whip up! This scrub will energize and soften the skin as well decrease the appearance of cellulite. The perfect food gift for a beauty guru.

#3 Frozen, Pre-made meals




Do you have someone in your life that just hates cooking? Why not give them a week's worth of homemade meals that are all ready to go. The great thing about this type of gift is that you can simply make double of whatever you are having for dinner and put one half in the freezer. Some of the best meals to freeze and gift include lasagna, homemade soup, or a casserole.

#4 Homemade Dry Cookie Mix



Having all the dry ingredients ready to go for a batch of cookies is the BEST. When your loved one has a craving for a treat all they will have to do is add in milk, eggs and butter and the cookie batter will be ready to go. This gift also looks very pretty when you layer the ingredients in a mason jar or glass bottle. My favourite cookie recipe is a chocolate chip but you can also give sugar cookies, gingerbread or even oatmeal!

# 5 A Cooking Class



If you have a foodie in the family why not give them a cooking class as a gift. There are lots of small restaurants and workshops that offer cooking classes for a very reasonable price. Many places even offer drop-in workshops where you can meet people, learn to cook and have a good time. If you want to make this gift even more special, organize a class that you both can attend together!

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