5 Former WWE Divas We Barely Recognize (And 10 Who Look Even Better)

Back in the day, WWE Divas had a far shorter shelf life. Females of the Divas Era typically called it a career in their early 30s. We’re finally starting to see a shift with the current guard, like Natalya trending towards their 40s but still getting it done at the age of 37. We also saw Trish show no signs of ring rust in her 40s most recently at SummerSlam.

In this article, we’ll take a look at WWE Divas that look even better nowadays. These Divas haven’t aged and in fact, we can safely say they somehow look superior today. On the flip side, we’ll also feature the Attitude Era females and Divas from the 2000s that we wouldn’t be able to recognize today.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started!

15 Unrecognizable - Kaitlyn

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She looks completely unrecognizable in comparison to her earlier days with WWE as the Divas Champion. Kaitlyn also returned to the company for the Mae Young Classic along with joining the company backstage for the RAW Reunion show. She’s wrestling sporadically these days on her own terms as she told her followers via IG;

“I’m happy that wrestling still has a place in my life and it always will. I’m even happier to do it on my own terms.”

14 Looks Better - Eva Marie

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Even if you don’t like Eva Marie and her wrestling ability, you simply cannot undermine her looks. With over four million followers via IG, she’s still dropping jaws – though she did modify her look with a purple head of hair.

Eva hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a return, she’s still interested in another run down the road.

13 Looks Better – Gail Kim

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Beautiful and polished in the ring, it is a mystery as to how Gail did not thrive with WWE, similar to the likes of Trish. According to the rumor mill, Vince McMahon wasn’t her biggest fan.

Now retired and at the age of 42, Kim looks better than ever, like she’s still 30. Not only that but she forged quite the legacy with Impact Wrestling – WWE definitely dropped the ball on this one.

12 Unrecognizable - The Kat

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She had a brief run with WWE but one we can was quite impactful. She had a strong connection with the audience, so much so that she even won the Women’s Championship briefly (perhaps the worst titleholder ever in terms of ability).

Her impact is still felt today, Carter attends various wrestling conventions. She looks quite different from her heyday, rocking a different hair color. However, the 48 year-old clearly aged gracefully.

11 Looks Better - Eve Torres

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The former Divas Champion decided to leave the company on top, in the prime of her career. That was a trend back in the day of the Divas Era, though today, we’re starting to see a shift with female WWE stars retiring later.

Nonetheless, she opted to start a family and teach a self-defense course, an admirable decision. Despite the fact that she has two kids, Eva somehow looks even better today and ring ready at any moment.

10 Looks Better – Emma

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An unfortunate release, Emma left the company with so much untapped potential. She struggled to make it on the main roster, her failed Emmalina gimmick really hurt her in the long run.

She’s continuing on these days, wrestling with ROH – there are also rumors of Emma slotting in with AEW once the show gets started. Emma’s at the prime of her career and we can say the same for her look as a brunette.

9 Unrecognizable - Kristal Marshall

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Her involvement with WWE was rather brief. She took part in the RAW Divas Search, though ultimately Marshall blossomed over on SmackDown Live.

At age 35, she’s now out of the business and happily married most recently. Some fans might not remember Marshall, especially with her current look. Nonetheless, a mother of two, Kristal continues to age like a fine wine.

8 Looks Better - Jillian Hall

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Given all the behind the scenes pics from the RAW Reunion, fans couldn’t help but notice how great Jillian Hall continues to look these days.

Heck, we’d hear an entire solo performance from the WWE Diva if it means catching another glimpse of her. Obviously, she has kept in great shape since leaving the company.

7 Looks Better - Candice Michelle

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Speaking of the RAW Reunion show, Candice enjoyed quite the moment wining the 24/7 Championship. It was quite the final goodbye for Candice who also wrestled her final match on the independent scene, calling it a career from the ring.

She’s 40 but truth is, Michelle continues to age like a fine wine.

6 Unrecognizable - Dawn Marie

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Who can forget Dawn’s backstage and in-ring vignettes alongside Torrie Wilson back in SmackDown’s television prime, at least according to most, back in the early 2000s?

A lot has changed since then; Dawn is happily retired from the ring while completely changing fields, becoming a nurse. She’s also the proud mother of two. Life isn’t too shabby for the former WWE star.

5 Looks Better - AJ Lee

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She had the career of a WWE Hall Of Famer, yet AJ is still just entering her 30s at the age of 32. Given that and the fact that she hasn’t aged one bit, rumors are constantly swirling pertaining to a WWE return or return to the ring in general.

At the moment, AJ is content living the life as a successful writer.

4 Looks Better - Stacy Keibler

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Finally, Stacy Keibler returned to WWE, honoring her long-time best friend in the business Torrie Wilson, during Torrie’s HOF induction. We hadn’t seen Stacy in quite some time, she basically went off the map since deciding to start a family.

Not really a surprise, Stacy looked just as great if not better. Who knows, maybe she’ll get inducted next?

3 Looks Better - Torrie Wilson

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We can’t discuss Stacy without making mention of Torrie Wilson in the entry. Wilson might be number one in everyone’s hearts as it pertains to this article topic. She continues to age like a fine wine, somehow getting better and better as each year passes by.

A big part of that is Torrie’s dedication to her fitness life both in the gym and in the kitchen.

2 Unrecognizable - Jacqueline

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Age 55, Jacqueline is another former WWE Divas to recently enter the Hall Of Fame. She had quite the run in the wrestling industry making her debut way back in the 1980s out on the independent circuit.

Based on longevity alone, she deserved the Hall of Fame nod. Although she looks different compared to her Attitude Era days, Moore continues to age gracefully.

1 Looks Better – Trish Stratus

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I would’ve been a sin not to include Trish Stratus in this article. Not only is she still looking flawless, but the same can be said for her skills in the ring. Some can argue Trish looked even better during her match against Charlotte at SummerSlam, adding moves to her repertoire.

Although it might be it for Trish, she can definitely continue on if she chooses to.

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