5 MCU Cast Fan Photos That Are Cringey (And 10 That Are Awesome)

Of course, at this point there are so many actors who have appeared in at least one Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that trying to group them all together would be foolhardy. Despite that, based on the interviews we’ve seen with most of the franchise's biggest stars, they seem to really enjoy starring in the series and interacting with one another.

In addition to seeming to have a lot of fun on set, many MCU cast members are said to be very friendly and more than happy to take photos with their fans. Sadly, while some of those photos have turned out to be pretty magnificent, there are others that are remarkable, but not in a good way. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 10  Marvel Cinematic Universe fan photos that are fantastic and 5 that are cringey.

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15 Cringey: Chris Pratt Duck Face?

Via stylecaster.com

Right off the hop, we want to make it abundantly clear that it is possible that the person Chris Pratt took this photo with asked him to make that face. However, if he was the one who decided to have that overly serious expression going on, it just seems wrong.

After all, one of Pratt’s greatest charms has always been that he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.

14 Fantastic: Tom Hiddleston and Fan’s Fun Photo

Via vignette.wikia.nocookie.net

Proof positive of how accommodating MCU actors can be even while on the job, here we see Tom Hiddleston taking a picture with a fan in between filming scenes for Thor: Ragnarok. If that wasn’t cool enough, and it totally is, when you also factor in the hilariously silly expressions on Hiddleston and his fan’s faces here, this photo is simply fantastic.

13 Fantastic: Benedict Cumberbatch Crazy Face

Via today.kz

When you first take a look at this photo, you may conclude that Benedict Cumberbatch looks ridiculous given the over the top expression on his face. However, once you notice that he appears to be mirroring the crazy looks on the faces of the fans he is posing with, it shows that he was more than happy to play along with them and we love that.

12 Fantastic: Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan Unorthodox Prom Picture

Via ladreaming.com

As this image proves, when Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan do meet and greets with their fans they are game to play along with a wide array of oddly specific photo setups. An interesting take on the kind of prom queen and king photos viewers see so often in films and on TV, the fans in this image certainly captured something unorthodox and a lot of fun.

11 Fantastic: Brie Larson Meets Captain Marvel

Via eonline.com

Based on the MCU’s overwhelming success, it is abundantly clear that moviegoers of all ages enjoy this franchise. That said, it is especially great to see young fans get excited when they see their favorite superhero in real-life. A perfect example of that, here we see a young Captain Marvel fan in full costume greeting Brie Larson and we can’t tell which of them is more excited.

10 Cringey: Tom Holland Didn’t Commit

Via pinterest.ca

While every actor who has played Spider-Man on the big screen has a lot of fans, we’d argue that Tom Holland has done the best job in the role. Despite how great Holland has been as Spidey on the big screen, when he took this picture with a fan he clearly didn’t commit to the moment. Sadly, that made Holland’s fan look somewhat ridiculous through no fault of her own.

9 Fantastic: Jaimie Alexander Comes in Costume

Via hot1047.com

Over the years, it feels like there have been countless examples of MCU cast members showing up in hospitals to visit their young ill fans. For example, here we see Jaimie Alexander in full costume as Lady Sif sitting with a child in a hospital which is great enough. However, this photo is made all the better by the fact that Alexander even let the fan hold her sword.

8 Fantastic: Karen Gillan Shocked at Proposal

Via etgeekera.com

For most fans, getting to have their picture taken with their favorite actor is bound to be an experience they will never forget. In this case, however, not only will the two fans in question always remember this moment but so will Karen Gillan and her former co-star Matt Smith. After all, they got to watch two of their fans get engaged and the shock and joy on everyone’s faces is obvious.

7 Cringey: Robert Downey Jr.’s Stolen Selfie

Via mundo.com

Unfortunately for most celebrities, there are a lot of people who seem to think that they don’t deserve the respect that an average person would want for themselves. For example, here we see a fan who clearly has taken a selfie with Robert Downey Jr. without the actor’s permission. That said, there might be something to the idea of karma as that guy shouldn’t be proud of this photo.

6 Fantastic: Michael Rooker and Mary Poppins Y’all

Via cbr.com

When many viewers finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 there was one thing that kept running through their minds, “I’m Marry Poppins Y’all”. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the creativity, skills, or work ethic to flawlessly cosplay as Yondu in that scene and then have our picture taken with actor Michael Rooker. On the bright side, this enterprising fan’s ability to get that done puts a huge smile on our faces.

5 Fantastic: Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans Love Taking Part in Proposal

Via thedailydot.com

The second photo of fans getting engaged in front of MCU actors included here, this image is amazing on every level. For example, how cool is it that the guy proposing is dressed up as Chris Evans’ version of Cap in front of the actor at this moment? On top of that, the emotional look on the bride-to-be’s face is delightful. Finally, and most notably, the look on Haley Atwell’s face at that moment was so sincere and hilarious that we can’t get enough of it.

4 Cringey: Samuel L. Jackson Looking Confused

Via funnyfrenzy.com

Of all the actors who’ve appeared in the MCU, it seems like Samuel L. Jackson is the one who is least likely to put up with guff from fans. Don’t get us wrong, he seems like a friendly guy and there are happy images of him with his fans out there. Still, we’re not sure what this guy did to obviously confuse and possibly annoy Jackson at this moment but he should have known better if he didn’t want the photo to be so cringey.

3 Fantastic: Sebastian Stan Losing It Behind Anthony Mackie

Via Imgur.com

While putting together this list, it quickly became clear that it could be dominated by funny photos featuring Sebastian Shaw. After all, despite the fact that he plays a very serious character in the MCU, there are so many hilarious photos of Stan with fans out there that it is amazing. A perfect example of that, we’re not even sure Stan was supposed to be a part of this shot but he is the highlight.

2 Fantastic: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Make Two Young Fans’ Day

Via Twitter.com

Unlike the last photo on this list, there is nothing funny about this image of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and a pair of young fans. That said, it clearly is our favorite image on this list as it is so heartwarming. Taken during a visit to a hospital the actors made, based on the delight written all over those children’s faces it is clear that this moment brought a lot of happiness into their lives.

1 Cringey: Gwyneth Paltrow Fan Looking Up At Her

Pictured here approaching fans to give out autographs, Gwyneth Paltrow looks great in this image and we’re not talking about how beautiful she is. On the other side of things, the obviously very excited fan that can be seen looking up at the famous actor has quite the expression on her face. While this image is cringey for that reason, we’re not throwing shade at that fan as we’d probably look about the same or worse in her position.

Sources: geekgirlauthority.com

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