5 Movies Brad Pitt Should Be Embarrassed About (10 To Be Proud Of)

Unless you were a film fan when Brad Pitt first became a star, you may not be able to believe this, but at one time he was perceived by some to be a fly by night pretty boy actor who wouldn’t last. Of course, since then it has become clear that he is one of the best actors of his generation.

Not only one of the most bankable movie stars in the world today, Brad Pitt has also starred in many fantastic movies over his lengthy career. Sadly, not even an actor of Pitt’s obvious talents is going to be able to avoid making a misstep or two which is why he has also appeared in several movies that simply weren’t very good. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 10 movies that Brad Pitt should be proud of and 5 that should embarrass him.

15 Embarrass Him: Cool World

In theory, this crime thriller live-action and animated hybrid movie could have been outstanding. Visually interesting and in some ways similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which is a beloved film, Cool World had a lot of things going for it. Sadly, it only has a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for good reason because, in execution, this incompetently made movie is nasty for no good reason and every character is wholly unlikable.

14 Proud Of: Megamind

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Of all the movies on this list, this is probably going to be the most surprising for a lot of readers. However, we’re going to say that anyone who has actually seen the film is likely to feel differently. After all, Megamind is an underrated family film that has a really good message and there is a lot of value to bringing joy to the lives of adults and children alike.

13 Proud Of: Interview with the Vampire

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Definitely, one of the movies that helped turn Brad Pitt into the star the world knows him to be today, Interview with the Vampire proved that he had real acting chops. So great in the film that he allowed viewers to relate to a vampire, even as he does questionable things, Pitt also managed to hold his own with Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst’s amazing performances.

12 Embarrass Him: The Mexican

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Despite the fact that The Mexican is not an outright bad movie, to say it is disappointing, especially for Brad Pitt, is an understatement. Starring Pitt and Julia Roberts, this comedy film was helmed by the imminently talented Gore Verbinski but the movie rarely comes alive and is far too long. On top of that, its best scenes don’t even involve Pitt as anytime Roberts shared the screen with James Gandolfini it was a highlight.

11 Proud Of: Fight Club

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Let’s face facts, many formerly passionate fans of this film have now realized that Fight Club isn’t the masterpiece they thought it was when they first saw it in their teens. That said, there is no doubt that the movie had a huge pop culture impact at the time of its release. On top of that, it inspired a generation of kids and teens to think critically about the consumer culture we all live in.

10 Proud Of: Ocean’s Eleven

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Quite possibly the most stylish film of Brad Pitt’s career, which is really saying something, Ocean’s Eleven is a lot of fun. Starring an ensemble cast that feels like it was having a lot of fun together, every scene crackles with energy that the audience can’t deny. On top of that, the final reveal of the gang’s master plan somehow takes viewers by surprise while also making them feel like they are in on it too.

9 Embarrass Him: Ocean’s Twelve

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For all the reasons we love Ocean’s Eleven, we can’t stand its wildly disappointing sequel. Lacking the effortless fun of the first film, Ocean’s Twelve tries to be clever but out thinks itself at every turn. For proof of this, look no further than the fact that Julia Roberts’ character Tess Ocean pretends to be Julia Roberts the actor in the movie. Whoever wrote that clearly thought they were on to something but this so-called meta sequence is cringe-inducing at best.

8 Proud Of: Inglourious Basterds

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As a film that rewrites the history of a tragedy of unspeakable levels, Inglourious Basterds easily could’ve not only failed at the box office but also deeply offended the masses. Instead, the movie went on to be a hit with audiences and critics alike and boast some of our favorite performances of the last decade, including Pitt’s grandiose take on a vengeful soldier.

7 Proud Of: Moneyball

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In all rights a movie that should have been really boring, Moneyball is a sports movie that doesn’t care about on the field action and instead focuses on math, arguments, and negotiations. Despite that, the movie manages to be very compelling and largely due to the strength of Pitt’s starring performance in the film, captivating at times.

6 Embarrass Him: Meet Joe Black

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In this movie, Death comes to Earth after taking over the body of a recently deceased man and in doing so, changes the lives of the now-deceased man’s loved ones. That description alone sounds pretty interesting. However, Meet Joe Black is tedious. Worse yet, Brad Pitt chose to give one of the most monotone performances in Hollywood history in this three-hour-long film which only serves to bore audiences.

5 Proud Of: Se7en

As any fan of Se7en no doubt realizes, this movie does an awful lot right. Outright terrifying during some scenes and thought-provoking in others, the movie also has some of the best visuals of any film from the ‘90s. Also a great detective story with a bit of buddy cop movie thrown in, Brad Pitt did a great job playing the film’s more impulsive cop. Plus, Pitt’s delivery of the line “What’s in the box?” helped turn that moment into a pop-culture touchstone.

4 Proud Of: 12 Monkeys

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An extremely dense film in terms of plot and hard to make sense of at first, while watching 12 Monkeys, viewers needed something to grab ahold of. As a result, Brad Pitt’s madcap performance as Jeffrey Goines fits the film to a T. For that reason, Pitt certainly deserved the Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination he received for his work in the movie.

3 Embarrass Him: Troy

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Here is the thing about Troy, it is a fine film. Of course, an actor of Brad Pitt’s caliber wouldn’t be satisfied with starring in a simply OK film but he likely wouldn’t be embarrassed, right? However, considering the fact that Troy is based on a fantastic story that has been passed down through the ages, adapting it into a movie that is just fine is a crying shame.

2 Proud Of: Snatch

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Back when Snatch was released all the way back in the year 2000, Brad Pitt’s career was already on fire. Despite that, Pitt opted to star in this low budget independent comedy that he helped turn into a sensation. Cast as a “pikey” boxer in the film, many viewers couldn’t understand a single word Pitt utters in Snatch but they were still captivated by him in the film which speaks to how skillful he is as an actor.

1 Proud Of: The Big Short

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Even though Brad Pitt has starred in his fair share of blockbuster movies, we would argue that he should be most proud of The Big Short, a relatively small film in comparison. The reason we feel that is the case is the movie did an unbelievably good job of making the mortgage meltdown interesting which is a difficult feat. On top of that, the movie didn’t lose the forest for the trees as it also drove home how many lives were ruined by the mortgage crisis and why that happened.

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