5 Movies Robert Pattinson Ruined (And 10 He Saved)

First made famous when he starred as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films, soon after appearing in those movies, Robert Pattinson landed the role that would turn him into a superstar. Much beloved by loads of people for his performances in the Twilight movies, at the time it seemed like Pattinson would forever be remembered for those films.

Ever since leaving the Twilight franchise behind him, Robert Pattinson has shocked many onlookers with his almost always interesting choices. While he has still had a misstep here and there, this talented performer has proven himself to be one of the most fascinating artists in the acting world today. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 5 movies Robert Pattinson ruined and 10 that he saved.

15 Saved: The Rover

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For the most part, critics and moviegoers didn’t really love The Rover’s story overall. However, virtually everyone who saw the film walked away from it marveling at just how great both Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce were in the film. In fact, Pattinson especially was so enthralling in The Rover that it proved that he was here to stay as a dramatic actor.

14 Saved: Map to the Stars

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The second movie that teamed Robert Pattinson with famed director David Cronenberg, Map to the Stars proved that these two should continue to work together for years. Cast as a struggling actor who got by driving a limo, Pattinson’s restrained work in the role grounded this movie which sorely needed something.

13 Hurt: Bel Ami

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Cast alongside several talented actors in this film, including Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Colm Meaney, Robert Pattinson certainly needed to hold his own for Bel Ami to work. Unfortunately, his performance wilted in comparison to his co-stars which made it really hard to understand why so many characters were attracted to the person he portrayed.

12 Saved: Water for Elephants

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When it comes to this movie, not only did it help Robert Pattinson’s career at the time, but he played a pivotal role in its critical and financial success as well. Much lighter in tone than many of Pattinson’s other films, during Water for Elephants he proved just how charming he can be which is why his work in it earned him a Teen Choice Award nomination.

11 Saved: The Childhood of a Leader

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In this film about a boy who is destined to grow up and become a fascist leader, Robert Pattinson not only played the lead character’s childhood mentor but the dictator as an adult too. Somehow perfect in both roles, which was no easy task, had Pattinson failed to pull off every The Childhood of a Leader scene he appeared in this movie which got 89% on Rotten Tomatoes would’ve failed.

10 Hurt: Twilight Franchise

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We know, we know, the Twilight movies remain Robert Pattinson’s greatest claim to fame to this day. On top of that, they are beloved by millions of people. That said, his often creepy performance as Edward in these movies makes them all the cheesier and there is a reason why none of the movies surpassed 50% on Rotten Tomatoes.

9 Saved: High Life

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Of all the movies on this list, High Life is the one we most wish had received more mainstream attention. Cast as a father who went on a mission to the outer reaches of the solar system, Pattinson and his daughter in the film are the only characters who are still alive. Left alone to fend for his daughter as they hurtle towards oblivion in the form of a black hole, Pattinson captures the extreme emotions anyone would confront in that situation.

8 Saved: The Lighthouse

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Definitely not your typical film, to say that The Lighthouse is experimental is an understatement. Visually dynamic and shot in the same way that many of the first films were, your average Hollywood movie star would be lost in this movie. Fortunately, director Robert Eggers cast Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles and they fit the film’s tone to perfection.

7 Hurt: Queen of the Desert

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In this movie that came and went without much fanfare, Robert Pattinson was cast as T. E. Lawrence, the real-life person that inspired Lawrence of Arabia. Fine enough in the role we guess, just doing an OK job playing such a fascinating character is a major letdown that makes Queen of the Desert worse.

6 Saved: Harry Potter Franchise

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In the grand scheme of things, Robert Pattinson’s performance as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies is relatively minor. That said, there is no doubt that Diggory played an important enough role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’s plot that if he did a bad job in the role it would have been a big problem.

5 Saved: The Lost City of Z

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We’re just going to say it, when trailers were released for The Lost City of Z, it didn’t look like it was going to be a good film. Fortunately, first impressions can often be wrong and that certainly was the case here as this underrated film got 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and we think it deserved a higher score. Absolutely key to this movie’s success, we would argue that Pattinson’s character in this film is the most compelling of them all.

4 Hurt: Waiting for the Barbarians

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Definitely an ambitious movie, we have to give the people who made Waiting for the Barbarians credit for trying at least. The problem is that they crafted a movie that is far too generic. On the other hand, Pattinson certainly makes an impression in this film as his performance which a critic for The Guardian called “stilted and overarticulated” drags this movie down.

3 Saved: Cosmopolis

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Considering the fact that David Cronenberg is one of the most unique directors in Hollywood history, it takes a special actor to do a good job starring in any of his films. Fortunately for Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson did an excellent job playing this film’s main character who could erupt in one moment and not betray any emotions the next.

2 Saved: Good Time

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Coming off the success of the Twilight movies, it seemed like Robert Pattinson was doomed to be typecast throughout the rest of his career. Instead, he has become known for his many indie movie roles in which he has given fearless performances. Often cited as his best film to date, in Good Time Pattinson gives the performance of a lifetime and that is no hyperbole.

1 Hurt: Remember Me

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Released at the height of Robert Pattinson’s Twilight fame, Remember Me clearly was designed to appeal to the same audience as those far more successful films. Only able to earn 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, Remember Me was far too overwrought and while a lot of the blame for that falls on its story, Pattinson’s melodramatic performance didn’t help.

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