5 Not-So Flattering Pics Of Kaley Cuoco (And 10 Nearly Perfect Ones)

Even the most beautiful actresses have their less-than-stellar moments, and the same holds true for Kaley Cuoco.

It's no secret that The Big Bang Theory became one of the most successful sitcoms of our generation. Although it recently ended in May 2019, fans still can't seem to get enough of the show, and the cast. Of its main cast members, there's no denying that Penny, the beautiful neighbor from across the hall (who eventually becomes Leonard's wife), is a fan favorite for most. Not only was her character quirky and beautiful, but she was relatable to the masses.

On The Big Bang Theory, Penny might have been pretty unsuccessful on her quest to becoming an actress, but the same cannot be said for her real life counterpart, Kaley Cuoco. The 33 year old's fame continues to rise, and she is showing no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately though, even the most beautiful actresses have their less-than-stellar moments, and the same holds true for Kaley. Here are 5 not-so-flattering photos of Kaley Cuoco (and 10 nearly-perfect) ones. Enjoy.

15 Not The Most Flattering Photo Of Kaley

Her husband posted this photo and was trolling fans when he captioned it: "In my just over year of marriage I have many times found myself gazing over at my wife in awe of her beauty and grace. This is not one of those times, this time makes me wonder, '@kaleycuoco where's your neck?'"

Even though this seemed to be a private joke between Kaley and her husband Karl Cook, some of her Big Bang co-stars didn’t hold back from adding comments to the picture.

14 Kaley’s Bachelorette

Oh boy… We’re not sure if this picture is a good thing or a bad thing (for now-husband Karl Cook, especially). Kaley had a really great time at her bachelorette party, no doubt. The night was said to be filled with balloons and candy, and had a 2000s vibe.

Oh, and there was no shortage of the color pink. Based on the photo above, we’re inclined to assume Kaley either drank too much, or had one too many candies.

13 The “Cringe” Face

It’s clear that Kaley Cuoco is the type of person who doesn’t really care about what people have to say. She’s a beauty, no doubt, but she won’t hold back from posting less-than-flattering photos of herself at times (as proven by her IG account), and the same seems to hold true when she’s out and about.

When you’re as famous as Cuoco, there is likely paparazzi on every corner, but that certainly won’t stop The Big Bang star from making weird faces when hanging with friends.

12 The Surgery Reality

We just mentioned how Kaley doesn’t hold back from posting photos that don’t appear to make her look appealing, and this is a perfect example of that. Just a few days after getting hitched to now-husband Karl Cook, she had to undergo surgery on her shoulder (a surgery she had planned to get done over one year ago).

Regardless of the fact that Kaley wasn’t feeling her best during her recovery period, she posted the photo to her IG account nonetheless.

11 Laughing Her Butt Off

Although we’re not exactly sure when this photo was taken, one thing we’re sure about is that it’s definitely not Kaley's best look. It was said that Kaley was leaving a restaurant after a girl’s night out when this photo was taken of her. Maybe she’s doing it on purpose to troll with the paparazzi who snapped the picture? Either way, her tongue would have been better left in her mouth.

10 Nearly-Perfect: The Red Carpet Look

By this point, it is obvious that Kaley Cuoco is a natural at Red Carpet events. Although this photo was taken at the SAG awards a few years ago in 2016, we’re still glad we found it. Although Penny did spice things up quite often on Big Bang, we doubt she would have ever graced our screens in a dress like this one. The slit in the black dress is definitely flattering.

9 Nearly-Perfect: That Bod

As much as Kaley Cuoco will post pics that are less-than-flattering on social media, well she’ll also post photos of her looking the exact opposite. Case in point: this photo. It would appear that Kaley did not bother to do her hair, but who really cares about that, because all we are looking at is her outfit and her toned stomach.

It’s clear that she puts in a lot of time in the gym, and it’s paying off.

8 Nearly-Perfect: She Knows What Viewers Want

It is evidently clear that Kaley Cuoco knows what her audience wants. Yes, it’s true that fans tuned into Big Bang Theory to watch the characters take on hilarious storylines, but there’s no denying that part of the appeal (and we think a BIG part) was definitely watching Penny.

Kaley Cuoco posted this picture to her IG, proving that she’s well aware of the effect she has on Big Bang fans. She captioned the post: Finally allowed to post this pic! 😅🤪 all new @bigbangtheory_cbs TONIGHT! I spend the entire episode in lingerie. Kidding just one scene - don’t miss it! 💃🏼 #finalseason

7 Nearly-Perfect: Those Abs

We have to admit that when Kaley Cuoco cut her long blonde hair and appeared on The Big Bang Theory with her new short do for Season 8, we weren’t really sure how we felt about it. But it did not take very long for us to get used to it, as one of its perks was that it put her other assets on full display.

Here Kaley was seen sipping on a drink at the beach. Although her hair is short under her hat, we’re appreciating her toned stomach on full display

6 Nearly-Perfect: The Low-Key Role

Although it is becoming abundantly clear that Kaley’s fame is continuing to rise since her portrayal of Penny on The Big Bang Theory, the same was not exactly the case in 2012.

Kaley took on the role of Stacy Peterson in the Lifetime TV movie, Drew Peterson: Untouchable. Considering most fans were probably unaware that this movie even existed, we’re sure that many would sit through it just to get a glimpse of our attractive Kaley cutting the grass in a bikini top and jeans shorts.

5 Nearly-Perfect: Yoga Pants

We already touched upon the fact that Cuoco works hard to maintain her figure. One of the ways she does that is by attending a variety of different classes, most notably yoga classes. She is often spotted by the paparazzi leaving Yoga classes in Sherman Oaks, LA.

Although she is usually seen sweaty and pretty red in the face after an intense workout, we’re sure the paparazzi are more interested in her attire over anything else… and what we mean are her yoga pants, of course.

4 Nearly-Perfect: Beach Pic

Here we have another beach pic of Kaley looking like perfection. We know it’s not a recent pic given that she was vacationing in Mexico with her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting when this pic was snapped of her. She was also still rocking her super short hair do.

Whether this pic is old or not though, we don’t really care. All we’re concerned about is how Kaley looks in the pic, and this angle speaks volumes.

3 Nearly-Perfect: Atomic Blonde

This picture is absolutely smoking. Although there is not much on display in the sense of colors and skin, we’re loving the white and black photo. Kaley is seemingly lying down on a black leather couch, possibly browsing her phone. Her hair looks like it was freshly dyed, too.

Cuoco recently posted this pic to her IG account in August of this year, and captioned it: Atomic Blonde 🎥

2 Nearly-Perfect: Kaley The Dancer

The cast of Big Bang Theory performed “Grease” at a Charity Event in March of 2016. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nuyyar and Melissa Rauch were all there with Kaley Cuoco, putting on one hell of a show.

We can’t say we’re surprised that Cuoco stole the show though, when she performed “Dance 10 Looks 3” from “A Chorus Line”. One look at her outfit for the event simply says it all.

1 Nearly-Perfect: Kaley’s Lip Sync Battle

Penny was definitely not the one present for this lip sync performance... Cuoco was a guest star on the show Lip Sync Battle in January 2016, and let's just say it was not a PG-performance, given that Kaley performed the song "Move B----" from Ludacris.

We have to say, her choice of outfit was not very PG, either. Ripped jean shorts and a sports bra definitely don't scream "Innocent."

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