5 Things You Can Only Get At IKEA (5 Things You Had No Idea They Sell)

Confession: I love to shop. I have several "go-to" stores that never seem to let me down, and IKEA happens to be one of them. This affordable gem of a store is a legit furniture palace, but also so much more. Most people, (who aren't obsessed with IKEA) don't know half of the goodies that you can score at your local IKEA store and that is a downright shame because this Swedish furniture giant rules!

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Check out these ten amazing products that can only be found at IKEA, the only place on Earth where you can build a coffin, insure your family and order meatballs all in one space.

10. HEKTAR Lamp And Phone Charger

The world has waited, IKEA, and you have delivered. Here we have a simply designed lamp that can charge your phone as it brightens up your room. The more pieces of phone-charging furniture that IKEA designs, the better. Honestly, if every single thing in my house charged phones wirelessly, I would be forever grateful. First off, I can never even find my charger, but I can locate about thirty that no longer work. Second, when we do all find our phone charging wires, they hang all over the place looking ugly and cluttered. I'm all about this lamp.

9. Babysitting services

As a mother to four young children let me first do a slow, standing clap for the good people of IKEA. IKEA employees will babysit your unruly children for you as you skip down the aisles of cleanly designed furniture while nibbling on Swedish delicacies (#meatballs.) If every major department store offered this service, maybe more people would consider leaving their beloved Amazon Prime behind. This unique service has made many a loyal fan of IKEA for life.

8. Fake Goat Plant

You may not need a goat statue constructed out of greenery, but that doesn't mean you won't buy it. Only IKEA would come up with a festive product such as this. Goats are pretty cool, and if you lived on a farm, a couple of these would be absolutely precious. We'll bet the neighbors won't have evergreen goats in their Holiday display! Dare to be different and buy the goat. Also, please videotape your husband's face when you come home with a forty dollar goat tree. We all want to see the look he gives you right before he bans you from IKEA for the rest of the month.

7. Health Insurance

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Yes, yes. Obviously, it is possible to purchase insurance at a number of places in any given town. The question is, is there anywhere else on Earth where you can buy your insurance while eating a plate of Swedish meatballs, as you decide on an entirely new kitchen design? No way! Two years ago IKEA decided that it needed to up its game once more and it threw in the ability to offer insurance to its shoppers. Insurance plans are only available to Swedish citizens though, so that part stinks for those of us who love everything IKEA.

6. IKEA coffin

Welp, now you know where to put me when I kick the bucket. IKEA now makes coffins to house the stylish and deceased. You can purchase your own IKEA resting place for 15 grand, or you can buy a "How to" book for $27 and construct your own coffin for under $400. We're not sure what it says about your current mental state if you choose to build your own coffin, but it's certainly a lot cheaper than the alternative. Most people don't want to hammer and nail their own coffin together, but it's an intriguing concept.

5. HOFTA Drawer dividers

Well hello there little IKEA sanity savers. Where exactly have you been all my life? If one thing is surely going to put me over the edge someday, then it will be my family's overflowing drawers of undies, socks, tank tops, and stockings. There really is no way to keep all that stuff orderly, unless of course, you have these HOFTA drawer dividers. Just look at how crisp and clean this top drawer is! It makes me feel as if I can now go out and conquer the world. IKEA definitely understands that people need these things in their life to stay right.

4. NJUTA Slippers

Truth be told, you can buy slippers pretty much anywhere. But can you buy a quality pair for under 2 dollars? My guess is no, not unless you are strolling the aisles of your local IKEA store. If you use the family price, then these bad boys can be all yours for less than what it costs to buy a coffee at Starbucks. Buy ten pairs. They are darn near disposable at this price. Slippers for everybody! Forget the furniture.

3. Meatballs and more

IKEA, you had us at meatballs. Sure you can grab a quick snack at a number of popular department stores, but can you get a full comfort meal like this, slathered in goodness and gravy? I think not, my good IKEA loving friends. Listen, if you go all the way to IKEA, waste an entire Saturday there and come away with absolutely no furniture, at least you will rest easy knowing that you were able to get a plate of these meaty balls of delight. The bonus, (as if you really need one) is that they are only $5.99 per plate. I bet the IKEA employees won't even mind if you wear your two dollar IKEA slippers while you eat these.

2. PRODUKT Milk Frother

Your first thought here might be, " Who in the heck needs a milk frother?". But if it is, maybe the very next thought should be, "Wait! According to my thirty dollars a week latte addition, I do!" For two dollars you can snag IKEA's milk frother and froth up your own milk for homemade lattes. There are also loads of recipe ideas for frothy homemade lattes on Pinterest to help you out. Most of them do however call for frothy milk to complete your culinary masterpiece.

1. VAFFLOR Heart Waffles

IKEA has a food section, and if you skip it, then we simply can't be friends. Look at these cute waffles. Where else can you buy such pretty breakfast treats? Good luck having a crappy Monday after preparing a plateful of these guys! At five bucks a box, they aren't cheap by IKEA standards, but they are so worth it. Now all I can think about is waffles and that creamy dollop on top.

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