6 Actors Who Refuse To Work With Angelina Jolie (9 Who Love It)

Angelina Jolie is definitely one of Hollywood’s A-listers (although she’s not as involved in the entertainment industry as she once was), and she has appeared in several popular films and graced the cover of countless magazines. Many people know who she is, many fans love and admire her, and over the years, there have been several co-stars who thoroughly enjoyed working with — so much so, that they eventually ended up marrying her, and no, we’re not just talking about Brad Pitt here.

But Jolie also has her fair share of critics, and there are people in the industry who do not want to work with her, and others who dislike her because they feel she comes across as “cold” or simply dislike her history of romancing the men she works with. Below are several people who like, and dislike Jolie!

15 Hugh Jackman Won’t Be Starring Opposite Angelina Any Time Soon Because His Wife Says He’s Not Allowed

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Angelina Jolie is considered by many as a talented actress, but she also has a bit of a history of getting close to her co-stars, and she has ended up marrying not one of them, but three. So, with this in mind, we can understand why Hugh Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, would joke on the Today show (via Us Weekly) about how her husband is “not allowed” to work with Jolie.

14 Singer Melissa Etheridge Took Aim At Angelina Jolie During Her Divorce From Brad Pitt

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There was a time when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were relationship goals for many people, but we all know that didn’t last. After it was announced that the former couple would be divorcing, a lot of people started to take sides, and Melissa Etheridge is one of them, as NickiSwift reports she defended Pitt and “openly trashed Angelina Jolie” amid their split.

13 Chelsea Handler Has Made No Secret Of The Fact That She Really Dislikes Her (She’s Also Good Friends With Jennifer Aniston)

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Chelsea Handler has never been one to hold her tongue, and she has a lot of thoughts about Angelina Jolie, none of which are particularly flattering. According to the Daily Mail, Handler has previously referred to Jolie as a “lunatic.”

It’s also worth noting that Handler is best friends with Jennifer Aniston, who just so happens to be Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.

12 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Director Doug Liman’s Comments Have Suggested Angelina Is Hard To Work With

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the film that brought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together, and although fans of the former couple will remember it fondly, the director, Doug Liman, didn’t have the best time working with Jolie. At least, that’s what his comments to Time (via NickiSwift) suggested.

Liman explained that when he was working on the film, Jolie had strong opinions on how certain scenes would play out, which disagreed with how he wanted to shoot them, as the director. He compared working with her with Tom Cruise, saying the conversation “would never happen” with him.

11 Nick Grimshaw’s Dealings With Angelina Jolie Gave Him The Impression She Was ‘Cold’

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During Nick Grimshaw’s work on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show he met many celebrities, and although he has nice things to say about some of them — he said Kim Kardashian West was “sweet and not trying to be nice” — he had less glowing reviews of others, and Angelina Jolie fits into the “others” category. According to Goss.ie, Grimshaw called Jolie “cold.”

10 Let’s Just Say Producer Scott Rudin Is Not A Big Fan Of Angelina (And His Leaked Emails Are Proof)

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Sony execs were left in a very awkward position (and needed to make a lot of apologies) after their emails were leaked, and among the celebrities that had been discussed was Angelina Jolie. According to Variety, in an email, producer Scott Rudin called Jolie a “minimally talented spoiled brat.” Yikes!

9 Johnny Depp Enjoyed His Experience Working With Angelina On ‘The Tourist’

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Not everyone finds Angelina Jolie difficult to work with or demanding, and her The Tourist co-star, Johnny Depp, has nothing but nice things to say. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he referred to Jolie as “Angie,” and admitted he found working with her to be a pleasant experience.

“I was so pleased to find that she is incredibly normal, and has a wonderfully kind of dark, perverse sense of humor,” he said.

8 It May Not Be The Case Anymore, But We Can Definitely Say Brad Pitt Loved Working With Angelina Jolie

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When you split from someone, you probably don’t want to see them again, let alone star in the same movie together, but before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship fell apart, they had a really good time starring on Mr. & Mrs. Smith. So good, in fact, that not long after, they were in a romantic relationship!

7 Actually, Angelina Has A Bit Of A History For Romancing Her Co-Stars, Including Billy Bob Thornton (Who She Also Married)

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If you thought that Brad Pitt was Angelina Jolie’s first co-star that she fell in love with, well, you’d be mistaken. Jolie actually has a bit of history regarding falling for her co-stars, and before Pitt, Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton, who she starred with, in the film, Pushing Tin.

What does this say about working with her? Well, it would seem her co-stars approved of the casting and they weren’t faking the onscreen chemistry!

6 Clint Eastwood Has Publicly Commented On Ange’s Acting Abilities, Calling Her A ‘Fine Actress’

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Clint Eastwood directed Angelina Jolie in the film, Changeling, and he had nothing but nice things to say about the experience. According to The Telegraph, he called her “a really fine actress and a terrific talent,” adding, "I've worked with some really good actresses in my career and I don't think any of them ever came any more prepared than she did."

5 Jenny Shimizu And Angelina Got On So Well, They Used To Hang Out Together When They Weren’t Filming

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Another former co-star that Angelina Jolie got really close to was Jenny Shimizu, and according to Zimbio, the pair dated off-and-on for years — after getting close on the film, Foxfire.

The publication also notes that Jolie was so fond of Shimizu that she stated: "I would probably have married Jenny if I hadn't married my husband. I fell in love with her the first second I saw her.” The husband in this scenario would have been Jonny Lee Miller.

4 Angelina Jolie And Jonny Lee Miller Didn’t Just Work Together On ‘Hackers,’ They Ended Up Married

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We’ve mentioned that Angelina Jolie ended up married to co-stars Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton, but this entry is dedicated to her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller. The former couple starred together in Hackers.

When asked by Buzzfeed, years later, how she felt about the film, she said, “Well, oddly, love." She went on to explain why saying that this was the film where she met Miller and she still considers him to be a “great friend.”

3 Angelina Jolie And Matt Damon Worked Together On A Thriller, And She Thinks Of Him As A ‘Great Friend’

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Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie worked together on the film, The Good Shepherd, and he is yet another former co-star who enjoyed the experience of starring alongside her. Nothing romantic happened between these two (they were also both in relationships) but they did become friends. According to ExtraTV, Jolie said Damon is “a great friend,” adding, “Nobody has a bad thing to say about him. He’s nice…”

2 Dustin Hoffman Met Angelina When She Was A Teen (And A Big Fan Of His)

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Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie both lent their voices to the animated film, Kung Fu Panda, but they had met long before this. Hoffman is good friends with Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, and told Us Weekly (via UPI) that he clearly remembers meeting Jolie when she was a teenager.

Voight brought Jolie and her brother James to the set of Hook to meet Hoffman, and during this memorable meeting, Jolie informed him that she wanted to be an actress.

1 Seth Rogen And Angelina Have Worked On The ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Films, And Although He Doesn’t Know Her Well, He’s Described His Encounters As ‘Lovely’

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Seth Rogan was also part of the Kung Fu Panda films, and he commented on what he thinks about Angelina Jolie during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live (via Huffington Post).

“I have literally maybe met her once in my life,” he said, adding, “She was lovely. We are in three Kung Fu Panda films together. We are part of the ‘Furious Five’ or whatever.”

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