6 BTS Pics That Ruin The Walking Dead (8 That Make Us Love It Even More)

The Walking Dead, which is based on a comic book series, is a TV show about a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world that is filled with zombies and other threats. The first episode came out on Halloween in 2010, and the tenth season will premiere on October 6, 2019. This popular show has even received a spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, and there will even be three movies made about Rick, since he has left the main group.

The Walking Dead stars people like Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride and Lauren Cohan, and these people are part of what makes this story so appealing. That being said, we have rounded up behind-the-scenes photos that show off these stars and make us love the series even more. We have also included BTS images that kind of ruin the magic of the series… yet that are still great!

14 Love: The Laughter

This series can be very dramatic, heavy, dire and heartbreaking, and we imagine it would take great talent and strength to act within this story. Despite the type of show this is, the stars that are in it seem to have a great time together, and seeing them laughing is quite refreshing.

13 Ruin: The Zombie

Of course, a big part of what makes this series so thrilling would be the zombies, or walkers, as they are called in this universe. Amazing effects go into making extras look undead, but seeing Lennie James, who plays Morgan Jones, simply sitting by one, in between takes, is super weird!

12 Love: The Selfie

This BTS image depicts Alanna Masterson, Lauren Cohan and Sonequa Martin-Green, actresses who portray characters named Tara Chambler, Maggie Greene and Sasha Williams, respectively. While these leading ladies were not shooting scenes, they did what many of us do while hanging out with friends: took a selfie.

11 Ruin: The Spikes

One of the walkers that stands out from all the crazy ones that have been shown over the years is this spiked guy. All of the zombies are a bit frightening, but this one brought even more to the table. So seeing it in a normal setting with a normal person (and not amidst a dramatic scene on the show) is a bit strange.

10 Love: The Siblings

While trying to survive, TWD characters have fallen in love, had babies and gained other new friends and family members. Two of the most notable siblings are Carl and Judith Grimes. Sad spoiler alert: Carl is no longer with us. And interesting spoiler alert: Judith is all grown up. But seeing them behind the scenes like this is too cute!

9 Ruin: The Double

Due to the nature of some of this show’s scenes, stunt doubles are sometimes used. Fans may or may not know that doubles are being used while watching the show, but we do now all know that Tara had a dummy in her place at least once.

8 Love: The Goofs

There are some humorous moments within this series, but most of the time, we see the stars fighting, crying and just trying to survive. Therefore, getting to see them be goofy, behind the scenes, is so perfect… especially if the three being featured are three fan favorites: Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson.

7 Ruin: The Bat 

One of the most iconic objects from The Walking Dead is a baseball bat; it belongs to a main antagonist, Negan, it is wrapped in barbed wire, and its name is Lucille. This bat has done some serious damage over the years, and seeing it here, in a picture/video that shows how certain scenes were filmed, is certainly odd.

6 Love: The Fun

Another shot that features some of the actors and actresses having a good time, off the show, is seen here; we have Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler, Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter and Tyler James Williams as Noah, and because of this, we love them even more.

5 Ruin: The Head

Recently, one of the saddest moments of TWD happened, and many of the good guys were lost. For those who don’t know, it involved heads on spikes, and this behind-the-scenes photo displays actress Brett Butler, who played Tammy Rose, modeling for it. Please, don’t make us relive it all!

4 Love: The Friendship

Two of the characters who have done the most damage in the past are Negan and Simon. These characters are played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Steven Ogg - the two men who are hugging and smiling in this image! It is definitely weird to see them this way, but we can’t help but love the friendship that goes on BTS.

3 Ruin: The Innards

Another picture that gives a close-up view of a zombie is up next. Actor Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon on this show, is posing with it, which is kind of funny and a bit weird; usually, he would be shooting this thing with his crossbow, but for this, he went with a thumbs up instead.

2 Love: The Memories

One of the last photographs on this list shows Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Danai Gurira (Michonne). They are just relaxing and smiling and being normal, but this makes us happy and sad. We love intimate glimpses into the lives of these stars, but we miss characters of the past, like Glenn.

1 Love: The Family

This television series is one of the most beloved ones out there, and as mentioned, the stars of it all help to draw in fans. They hang out when they are not filming. They take and post pictures together. And they give us images like this one, that tell us they have truly become a family… one we like to think we are part of, too!

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