6 TV Character Deaths We Didn't Cry Over (9 Who Were Taken Too Soon)

There is a great variety when it comes to television, but whether a show is a comedy, a drama or something in between, there are character deaths that must be dealt with, one way or another. At times, these moments do not produce any tears in fans, as they happen to not-so-nice characters who got what they had coming. Other times, though, people are taken too soon or are involved in sudden accidents, and that can crush a fan base.

Out of all the TV deaths that have happened over the years, what are some that people were glad to see, taking out characters who were absolutely vile? And, on the other hand, which of these scenes involved characters we still miss? Let us cover them all, here and now, with six we did not cry over and nine we wish were still here with us and on these television shows.

15 Too Soon: Billy Hargrove From Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a sci-fi Netflix series, and here is a spoiler: Billy passed away at the end of the latest season! Yes, he could be a bully, and yeah, he got taken over by the Mind Flayer. But he had a rough upbringing, and he was such an interesting (and attractive!) character who left too soon.

14 No Tears: Theresa Cullen From Westworld 

Westworld is another sci-fi series, and a lot has happened in this story. There are good guys, there are bad guys, there are robot guys, and there was Theresa Cullen; she was the head of quality assurance, and she was super cunning, which came off as just rude, making her death scene one we did not cry during at all!

13 Too Soon: Michael From Jane The Virgin 

Okay, Michael came back and was actually alive, but he deserves to be on this list, since everyone had to mourn him for quite some time. This guy is the sweetest, and he and Jane had a romantic story that ended with him getting shot then eventually passing away (so we thought). When he returned, he was not the same, meaning the one, true Michael was taken too soon.

12 No Tears: Bart Bass From Gossip Girl

People who have issues with their parents need to feel lucky that they did not have Bart Bass for a dad. He is another character who everyone thought was gone and who reappeared again, but he actually did finally exit in a big way. Chuck was better off without him, to be honest.

11 Too Soon: Derek Shepherd From Grey’s Anatomy

One of the most beloved characters of all time is Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy. This medical drama is a fan favorite, and many people have passed away over the years. Still, no loss compares to having to say goodbye to McDreamy.

10 No Tears: Joffrey Baratheon From Game Of Thrones

Another show with so, so, so many deaths was Game Of Thrones. At one point, Joffrey Baratheon was on the Iron Throne, and even though he was just a kid, he was mean and heartless and took pleasure out of hurting others. Therefore, when he was finally gone, it was a huge sigh of relief for all!

9 Too Soon: Hodor From Game Of Thrones

One of the saddest deaths from GOT was Hodor’s. He was a gentle soul and was like family to the Starks. Plus, he went out by sacrificing himself, in order to help out his loved ones. None of the good guys deserved to die in this series… but especially not him.

8 No Tears: Sara Harvey From Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars delivered shock after shock, and it turned out that Sara Harvey, a girl who went missing, was on the A Team yet pretending like she was locked in the dollhouse with the main characters. Those who kept up with all of this drama know that she was not missed after she was found in a bathtub.

7 Too Soon: Mike From Breaking Bad

Mike was a fan favorite from Breaking Bad, and thinking back on his final scene probably upsets a lot of people. Yes, he was involved in some not-so-great things, but he was just a father and a grandfather who was trying to provide and survive. RIP, Mike!

6 Too Soon: Finn Hudson From Glee

When Cory Monteith passed away in real life, the show he was on, Glee, honored him in a beautiful way; within the story, his character, Finn, also passed away, making this a double goodbye. Furthermore, Monteith and Lea Michele, who played Rachel in the series, were together in real life, making her character’s tears even more heartbreaking.

5 No Tears: Gregory From The Walking Dead

With a zombie apocalypse, there have been many deaths on TWD, and one that was not sad was Gregory’s. He was supposed to be a leader, but he was a huge wimp! He made selfish and dumb decisions, in order to try and save himself, and he was eventually sentenced to death by Maggie.

4 Too Soon: Glenn From The Walking Dead

When talking about those who are gone from The Walking Dead, we have to talk about Glenn. People may sort of like Negan now, but when he used his bat on the good guys… It was one of the hardest television scenes to watch, and fans still aren’t totally over it.

3 Too Soon: Sun & Jin From Lost

Lost also showed off many final moments, and while it was tough to see any main character go, one scene really stands out from the rest: when Sun and Jin held on to each other, while breathing their last breaths. Man, talk about a romantic and heartbreaking moment!

2 No Tears: Shannon From Lost

On the other hand, no tears happened when Shannon was finally gone from The Island; from the beginning, she was whiny and selfish, and her relationship with Boone was freaky. Fans may have enjoyed Maggie Grace in other shows and films, but we are glad she exited early from Lost.

1 Too Soon: Paul Hennessy From 8 Simple Rules

And finally, there was Too Soon: Paul Hennessy from 8 Simple Rules. He was played by John Ritter, so this character passed away when this actor did. The world lost a great one, and seeing the other people on this show mourn the loss of a husband and a father and a real-life friend was super sad.

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