7 Odd Marvel Characters That Need To Appear On The Big Screen (8 That Never Should)

Back when Marvel movies first began to take over the big screen, most of the main characters were pretty much normal people with extraordinary powers. However, over time the studios proved that comic book movies could star characters that sound ridiculous and still succeed. For example, who would have thought movies starring a talking raccoon and sentient tree creature would be huge hits?

As any Marvel comics fan already knows, the company’s comic books have featured a very long list of strange characters that have yet to appear in their movies. Of course, not all of those weirdos should make the leap to the big screen but there are some we would love to see in a movie at some point. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 7 odd Marvel characters that need to appear on the big screen and 8 that never should

15 Never Should: Ruby Thursday

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First introduced in 1976, Ruby Thursday’s head was replaced with a red plastic ball of “organic circuitry” that can extrude tentacles she uses as weapons. If that weren’t weird enough, her “head” can also leave her body, sprout little tentacle legs, and walk around on its own.

Seen battling Spider-Man in the past, who could take her going up against the web-slinger on the big screen seriously?

14 Need to Appear: Swarm

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On face value, Swarm is a character that is hard to take. After all, it is a mass of bees that stung a Nazi who passed away as a result but not before he transferred his mind over to the hive which he now controls.

Mind-blowing backstory aside, Swarm still works as a character and would continue to do so in a movie since pretty much all of us fear being surrounded by lethal bees.

13 Never Should: Throg

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As any true Marvel fan should know, Thor’s hammer Mjölnir isn’t only a powerful weapon but it also imbues those worthy enough to pick it up with the God of Thunder’s powers too. For example, in the comics, there is an intelligent frog that has its own version of Mjölnir which has granted it Thor’s abilities.

We’d continue explaining why we don’t want frog Thor on the big screen but that really doesn’t feel necessary after explaining what Throg is.

12 Need to Appear: Skin

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At one time positioned to be a future member of the X-Men, Skin was recruited to join a new team of mutants that were trained at Xavier’s school named Generation X. Pretty great during his time in the comics, it still is hard to imagine Skin working out well in the movies.

After all, his power is to control his excess skin which reminds us of Mr. Fantastic but grosser.

11 Never Should: Doorman

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If you read the name of this character and thought to yourself, there is no way Marvel has a hero that simply holds doors for other people, then you are partly right. Instead, Doorman can actually become a door himself. By that we mean, if people need to get from one side of a wall to another, Doorman can stand up against it and his allies can walk through him to the other side. Need we write more?

10 Need to Appear: Slapstick

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Essentially the Marvel Universe’s version of a cartoon character, Slapstick is made up of unstable molecules, which allows him to manipulate his body in ways similar to a Looney Tunes character. Capable of surviving just about any attack, Slapstick also knows he is a comic book character just like Deadpool.

That makes us think, how entertaining could it be if Slapstick showed up to drive the Merc with a Mouth crazy in a future Deadpool film?

9 Never Should: Maggot

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Not actually able to eat himself, instead the former X-Men member Maggot’s mutant “power” is to release a pair of massive slugs from his body to consume things for him. Once the slugs re-enter Maggot’s body, they would pass on the energy they absorbed to him which would quell his hunger and make him super strong.

After reading that description, the reason why Maggot should be forgotten is clear.

8 Need to Appear: Doop

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Easily one of the strangest and most mysterious Marvel comics characters, very little is known about Doop, a floating green being that kind of looks like Slimer and has a long list of impressive abilities.

A perfect fit for a potential Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the future, Doop even speaks his own language so his interactions with Groot could be pretty wild.

7 Never Should: Orb

Via marvel.fandom.com

Believe it or not, there actually have been two Marvel villains known as the Orb, one of which wore a hood that looked like an eye and the other one was born with a peeper where his head should be. No matter which version of Orb showed up in a movie, it is easy to foresee viewers rejecting the character outright for good reason.

6 Need to Appear: Mojo

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Admittedly a character that might be hard to pull off in a movie, Mojo is a being from another universe who captures powerful beings and forces them to fight one another for the galaxy’s entertainment. Completely sick, both in the way he looks and the things he does, Mojo could put the X-Men in great peril on the big screen and at the end of the day, that is what you want out of a villain.

5 Never Should: Sugar Man

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Possessing a face that takes up most of his torso, four arms, and a razor-sharp tongue, Sugar Man also is a genius biologist and geneticist. Quite possibly the weirdest X-Men villain of all time, not only does Sugar Man look off-putting enough that it would be gross to see him on the big screen, but his background is pretty weird too. After all, he was born in an alternate universe which would be ridiculous to explain or ignore in a movie.

4 Need to Appear: Squirrel Girl

Via MTV.com

Prior to the massive success of Ant-Man on the big screen, both in his own movies and other MCU films, we may not have been confident that moviegoers would accept Squirrel Girl.

Fortunately, with that knowledge in hand, we can rest assured that your average MCU devotee likely will become smitten with this highly likable character if only given the chance to see her in a movie.

3 Never Should: Big Bertha

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While we think it is great when comic books include characters of all body types, Big Bertha doesn’t quite hit the mark for us even though some writers have done a good job with her portrayal. Actually a supermodel with a very skinny body, Bertha has the mutant power to increase her body size which gives her increased strength and durability. In the hands of the typical blockbuster filmmaker, Bertha could easily be very offensive.

2 Need to Appear: M.O.D.O.K.

Via comicstore.marvel.com

We know, we know, M.O.D.O.K. is a completely insane looking character and that is to say nothing about his also over the top name. However, this genius-level villain has been such a huge threat to Marvel’s greatest heroes that he has become hugely popular with readers. If a movie depicted M.O.D.O.K. as the colossal threat comics readers know him to be, he could be amazing in an MCU movie.

1 Never Should: Starfox

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Actually the brother of Thanos, unlike his sibling, Starfox was mostly portrayed as a hero in the comics. Also a former member of the Avengers, the problem with Starfox is his abilities allow him to control how other beings feel about him. Considering Starfox has a long history of using that ability to land women, superhero movies don’t need a so-called hero who serially forced women to sleep with him.

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