7 Roles Adam Sandler Wants Us to Forget (+ 8 He Should Be Proud Of)

Among the biggest comedy stars in the world for more than two decades, Adam Sandler has even amassed so much power in the industry that he constantly gets his friends jobs. If that weren’t enough, it certainly seems like Sandler has a ball with his buddies whenever he works on a film.

Even though Sandler has enjoyed a great deal of success, some of his films have been so bad that it almost seems impossible that he wouldn’t want the world to forget them. On the other hand, other films of his have brought a great deal of joy into the world and he certainly deserves to take pride in his career. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 7 roles Adam Sandler wants us to forget and 8 he should be proud of.

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15 Proud Of: The Waterboy

Via vice.com

One of the earliest movies that hinted at some of the issues that have dogged Adam Sandler’s career in recent years, The Waterboy lacks any subtlety. Despite that fact and the annoying voice Sandler adopted in the film, it is a funny movie more often than not. After all, there is a reason why people still quote the line “You can do it” all these years later

14 Forget: Bulletproof

Via metacritic.com

Actually released during the heyday of Adam Sandler’s career, Bulletproof should have been awesome since it teamed him up with the typically hilarious Damon Wayans. However, this film that only got an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes which makes sense given how often it failed at being funny and its lackluster action.

13 Proud Of: Click

Via Netflix.com

Far from a celebrated movie, Click failed to connect with critics and the truth of the matter is many viewers also didn’t like the movie. Despite that, this film deserves more credit for the places the story goes. In fact, the film turned out to be a tearjerker with Sandler especially doing a great job at portraying heartbreak upon his character learning he’d broken his father’s heart.

12 Forget: The Cobbler

Via vox.com

On one hand, there is part of us that respects The Cobbler a lot more than most of Adam Sandler’s other films from the last decade since he actually seemed to try while making the movie Sadly, this well-intentioned film was bogged down by poor execution and an ending that is almost universally disliked.

11 Proud Of: Billy Madison

Via hollywood.com

Far from the most critically acclaimed film of Adam Sandler’s career, Billy Madison is only rated at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, who cares about what the critics think when viewers love a film and Billy Madison has loads of fans. Chocked full of many hilarious scenes, Sandler is a huge part of the reason why this film is so beloved.

10 Forget: Pixels

Via variety.com

Probably the most disappointing movie on this list, Pixels had an ingenious enough concept that it should have been a fun and nostalgic romp. If you don’t believe that, just watch the Futurama episode that includes a segment based on the same idea. Sadly, Pixels belongs on the same pile of garbage that many other video games influenced films have been relegated to.

9 Proud Of: Funny People

Via film.avclub.com

Proof positive that even late into his career Adam Sandler could still flex his dramatic acting skills, Funny People left a lot of people highly emotional in the end. On top of that, the movie also featured a number of sequences that had audiences in stitches and all of Sandler’s standup comedy scenes in the movie were interesting to see. In fact, we think this movie would be a lot more popular if it weren’t for its misleading trailers.

8 Forget: Grown Ups 2

Via YouTube.com

Already a sequel to a film that many people thought was out and out bad, even the majority of the people who defended Grown Ups abandoned this film. Nominated for 9 Golden Raspberry Awards, which are given out to the year’s worst in movies, and rated at only 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, Grown Ups 2 is a slog to get through.

7 Proud Of: Big Daddy

Via etonline.com

Often thought to have a childish sense of humor, it just makes sense that one of Adam Sandler’s best movies co-starred a child. This movie’s silliness aside, it is remarkable how much viewers come to care about the character Sandler plays in this film and the child he takes care of. In fact, it still makes us a little bit emotional to think of the child’s pleas to stay when he gets taken away from Sandler’s character.

6 Forget: I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Via crustula.com

A film that easily could have been named Stereotypes: The Movie instead, it is possible that those involved in making I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry thought it had something to say. However, to say they would’ve been wrong about that is an understatement.

On top of being a tasteless film, this movie is supposed to be a “comedy" but it fails to be funny at every turn.

5 Proud Of: Happy Gilmore

Via esquire.com

Probably the most popular straight-up comedy of Adam Sandler’s career, Happy Gilmore featured a minor romance story but people cared a lot more about the laughs than anything else. Remembered for a wide array of hilarious scenes, who could ever forget Happy fighting Bob Barker, Chubbs’ all in the hips dance, or any number of other scenes from this hilarious film.

4 Forget: The Ridiculous 6

Via nextflicks.tv

Rated at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, this criminally unfunny film is unbelievably lazy in both its writing and performances which is why sitting through it feels like you’re being punished. If that wasn’t enough of a reason for Sandler to want this movie forgotten, The Ridiculous 6’s portrayal of Native people was so offensive that a group of actors walked off the project in disgust.

3 Proud Of: Punch-Drunk Love

Via GQ.com

Absolutely the best performance of Adam Sandler’s career, to say that the actor did a great job in Punch-Drunk Love is a gigantic understatement. Helmed by the celebrated director Paul Thomas Anderson, under his watchful eye Sandler gave an understated performance as an obsessed man who finds love for the first time in his life.

2 Forget: Jack and Jill

Via movies.mxdwn.com

One of the worst movies ever made in our view, Jack and Jill has a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it simply blows our mind that its score is even that high. Sandler should be especially embarrassed by this film since he gives two unbearable performances in it. On top of that, the movie drags down Al Pacino with it, although we have to admit to laughing at his Dunkaccino commercial despite ourselves.

1 Proud Of: The Wedding Singer

Via mentalfloss.com

Quite possibly the single most beloved film of Adam Sandler’s career, The Wedding Singer did an amazing job combining consistent laughs and a romance story for the ages. Co-starring with Drew Barrymore in the film, the two actors share undeniable chemistry that is a huge portion of the reason why the movie made millions of people’s hearts swoon.

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