7-Year-Old Activist Tackles L.L Bean And Gets Sea Turtle Victory

What were you doing when you were seven years old? The chances are you were running around with your playground buddies trying to get to grips with your time's tables. Benjamin Ball has put us all to shame by taking L.L.Bean head on for the sake of his favorite animal, the sea turtle.

Benjamin was visiting the company's flagship store in Freeport, Maine when he stopped in the restaurant for a drink. According to the Good News Network, the youngster was dismayed to find that the cafe only had plastic straws. He asked the staff if he could have a paper one, but they couldn't give him what he wanted. Worried about the effect it could have on his swimming turtle buddies, the kindhearted child went home and wrote a letter to the CEO of L.L.Bean, Steve Smith.


In his candid note, Benjamin emplored Smith to recognize that plastic straws were a major factor in plastic pollution in the ocean. Not only are turtle important to the ecosystem he argued, but they were important to him. He went on to ask the company to switch from plastic straws to paper in a bid to show their support for the Earth.

Surprisingly, Smith was handed the communication and replied within a day. He promised his young customer that he would look into everything as soon as possible and see what he could do about it. The boss later said that Ben's note was so polite and articulate that he couldn't ignore it. It struck a chord with him and Smith set to work making the world a better place.

Now, L.L.Bean has ditched plastic straws in all of its retail stores and employee cafe's in favor of 100% corn biodegradable straws. The emphasis on preservation has never been stronger, with other retail giants having recently announced plans to ditch the single-use plastic tubes once and for all. L.L.Bean joins the likes of Disney and Starbucks in their bid to help protect the environment.

Smith got to meet the little boy that put the change in motion during a visit to Benjamin's hometown. Now geared to a common goal, Smith is thankful for his Benjamin and his turtles.

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