8 AEW Rumors We Hope Are True (And 8 We Don’t)

AEW is just getting started with a string of PPVs. We can expect the anticipation to build even further with the television debut looming near, set for the fall. At the moment, all we can do is add to that excitement by reading entertaining rumors online. Some have us on the edge of our seats while others, we simply hope aren’t true.

We’ll take a look at a wide variety of rumors in this article, from potential signings, storylines, concepts and so much more. As expected, WWE plans to make this process as hard as possible on AEW – we’ll feature a couple of rumors as to why throughout the article.

Enjoy and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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16 True - Managers To Be Introduced

via Comic Book

Vince will be Vince. He has his personal preferences and in recent years, the role of a manager has subsided.

AEW plans to be different and one of the ways might be to incorporate more managers, giving the product an old school feel. This plan might already be in motion with Shawn Spears set to announce his new manager.

15 Don’t - Marty Scurll To AEW In Jeopardy

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Dave Meltzer admitted that Marty Scurll can pull a big-time swerve and opt to join WWE instead of AEW. Marty admitted in the past that he would like to work with WWE, specifically alongside Vince McMahon.

This would be hard to digest for AEW given his obvious talent level. It’ll be interesting to see if he joins his friends or makes the radical decision to join WWE.

14 True - Neville 99% Expected To Join

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According to recent news, Pac (aka Neville) is expected to join AEW once the show launches on TNT. Pac joining can be a huge upgrade to the show given his work in recent years.

Of course, there is a bit of tension behind the scenes causing his debut to be delayed. However, AEW feels certain that things will ultimately work in their favor - at least according to recent comments made by the Young Bucks.

13 Don’t - Lawler To Join Jim Ross On Commentary

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There is a rumor circulating that AEW has interest in certain WWE employees. This one comes in the form of legendary commentator, Jerry Lawler.

Now the commentary hasn’t been the strongest for AEW. However, bringing in The King really wouldn’t do much to separate the brand. The company needs a new voice at the booth and not ex-WWE employees. It should also be noted that FOX wants Lawler for the in-studio show, so this seems less likely regardless.

12 True - Davey Boy Smith Jr. On The Radar

via Twitter

Tony Khan admitted that he’s more than content with the current roster – significant changes really shouldn’t be expected.

However, AEW is still on the hunt, especially for talent worldwide outside of WWE. Among those that they’re interested in includes Davey Boy Smith Jr. a former WWE star making a name overseas. He can provide great depth to the roster.

11 Don’t - Brandi Rhodes Push

via Pinterest

Two women’s matches took place at the AEW Fight for the Fallen event. One of them was a tag match that didn’t go too well, we’ll discuss that a little later. The other featured Brandi Rhodes picking up a victory against Allie.

Some fans weren’t too thrilled with the decision and according to rumors, Brandi might experience a serious push alongside Awesome Kong.

10 True - New Stages At Every Event

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Another retro theme AEW hopes to bring back is a new stage and theme at every PPV. Thus far, fans love the concept. It really takes us back to the WCW and WWE days of new stages on the regular.

We hope AEW keeps this theme throughout their run – it is another great way to differentiate themselves from WWE and their lazy setup.

9 Don’t - LAX To WWE

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If AEW has an interest, chances are WWE won’t be too far away. That appears to be the case with LAX. It is said that both companies have an interest in the Impact tag team with their contracts about to expire.

LAX can work a great feud with the Young Bucks while elevating the tag division. Losing such credible names can be a big blow for AEW.

8 True - Rusev Is The Next Big Signing

via WWE

We’re still unsure as to what the future holds for Rusev. He’s currently on a hiatus from WWE contemplating his future.

The rumor mill believes that he might end up in AEW, despite his wife wanting him to stay with WWE. Rusev complained about his booking in the past – that might be enough to look towards AEW.

7 Don’t - Britt Baker Seriously Injured

via Pinterest

As we stated earlier, the tag match really didn’t go as planned with Britt Baker, a potential standout in the division sustaining a terrible injury – one that is believed to be a lot worse than first thought.

It is all about creating new stars – Britt on the sidelines long term would hurt the brand – here’s to a speedy recovery!

6 True - Show To Debut On A Wednesday In The Fall On TNT

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AEW trademarked two dates, both Tuesday and Wednesday Night Dynamite. With SmackDown moving to Fridays, Tuesday can be a big opening.

However, it seems like Wednesday might be the day because of the NBA influence on the network, Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be packed NBA days. Wednesday would be a wise choice.

5 Don’t - NXT Moving To Fox On Wednesday

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Moving to Wednesday does have a big downside, at least if this recent rumor is true. According to Cagesideseats, WWE is planning on launching NXT with Fox Sports on the same date and time as AEW.

This would bring in less exposure – though it will be cool to channel surf like back in the day!

4 True - Arn Anderson To Join Behind The Scenes

via YouTube

AEW continues to add faces behind the scenes. A recent rumor to emerge links long-time WWE agent Arn Anderson. He recently left WWE and Arn himself recently admitted that he has interest in a spot backstage.

It can only be viewed as an upgrade when someone with those credentials joins.

3 Don’t - Morrison Staying With Impact

via Pinterest

Morrison is another interesting name with a contract set to expire. We can see John fitting in perfectly with AEW, taking on the likes of Omega, Moxley, Rhodes, Adam Page and so many others.

Although this sounds great, there is the chance that Morrison opts for an easier schedule, perhaps renewing his current deal with Impact.

2 True - Unscripted Promos

via Pinterest

Jericho made this claim most recently and fans are nothing but excited. Here’s what he had to say with Chris Van Vilet via YouTube;

“Tonight, I said this to Dean Malenko, is the first time in 20 years that I’ve ever done a promo with no script, no approval of what I’m going to say, and really no idea of what I’m going to say. Can you go out there live without a net with no pre-prepared memorized script and captivate an audience? And I think it worked out very well, and of course, I can do it.”

1 Don’t – No CM Punk

via Pinterest

"Hands down, and we'll be honest, of course, we would love him to come to our company. At this time though I don't think he wants to," Nick said. "When he wants to come back to wrestling, it will be his decision," Matt added.

Those were the words from the Young Bucks via Comic Book. It seems to be more of an if and not when, type of ordeal, unfortunately.

Sources – Cagesideseats & Comic Book

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