8 Anticipated Remakes In Development (12 That Are Just Rumors)

People often have mixed feelings about reboots. Some love to revisit old favorite characters that have been reimagined for modern times or reinterpreted by a new generation of writers and actors. Others feel that classics should be left alone and are best enjoyed in their original form.

No matter how audiences and critics feel, the reboot is going to remain an important staple of the entertainment industry. Movies and shows alike are going to be modernized, paid tribute to, and repackaged for other audiences to enjoy (or vocally protest).

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy for moviegoers, streaming services, and people watching regular cable TV to get updated on what’s coming next. The thing is a lot of projects get green-lit in pre-production, but never hit the ground running. Here are 12 reboots that (at this point) are just rumors or wishful thinking, and another eight that are highly anticipated for audiences in the very near future.

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20 Anticipated: 90210 Reboot

via Variety

As millennials and Gen Xers everywhere are grown, so has the need for some feel good, drama fueled, nostalgia. A fall 2019 reboot of 90210 will feed this need. It looks like everyone from the original cast is back on board for the show. Perhaps it will be the death of Dylan (played by Luke Perry, who also passed away recently) that will bring everyone in this iconic zip code back together for the 2020’s.

19 Just Rumors: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

via Goomba Stomp

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a rare example where a remake of the original, starring Kristy Swanson and the late Luke Perry, was more successful. When word got out that a film was coming out without Joss Whedon, fellow Scoobies, including stars of the hit show and fans, were outraged. People got all upset for nothing. There were problems with the script and the prospects of a new Buffy were scrapped.

18 Just Rumors: Roadhouse

via Mental Floss

In 2015, there were whispers about a remake of Roadhouse starring UFC athlete Ronda Rousey taking the lead. While a female taking a formerly male lead in a film has been popular lately, this film didn’t move forward. Instead of a big announcement though, plans for the film quietly faded away. It would be hard to fill the original 1980s cast, featuring Patrick Swayze, anyway.

17 Anticipated: The Little Mermaid

via Comic Book

The Little Mermaid is getting a makeover to better fit with modern times. There are numerous rumors floating around as to who is voicing who, as the production is still in early days. At this point Awkwafina is said to be voicing Flounder, Harry Styles is rumored to be playing Prince Eric, and Javier Bardem as King Triton.

It has been suspected that Melissa McCarthy will play Ursula the Sea Witch, but she has not confirmed or denied these suggestions just yet.

16 Just Rumors: The Office

via Reddit

It’s hard to believe that The Office has been over since 2013. While some cast would be happy to reboot the successful show, others aren’t interested. John Krasinski told Ellen in 2018, “I’d love to get that gang back together.” However, no one is holding their breath for a reunion. Rumors are the big hold out who won’t be coming back is Steve Carrell, who is a fan favorite and left the show back in season seven.

15 Just Rumors: Romancing The Stone

via Empire

Before Kathrine Heigl got a reputation for being (ahem) challenging to work with, she was shortlisted as a lead in a 2000’s remake of the 1980s hit film Romancing the Stone. While Heigl was supposed to take on Kathleen Turner’s role, Gerard Butler was said to be ‘the new’ Michael Douglas.

The film never was made, and to this day there are talks about launching a TV show instead, but nothing has been set just yet.

14 Anticipated: Gossip Girl

via Vanity Fair

Listen up Upper Eastsiders…HBO’s Version of Gossip Girl is happening with an order for 10 episodes of the rebooted show. The series is set to focus on a new set of overprivileged, under supervised teens, but both Blake Lively and Leighton Meesters have said they’re open to discussion surrounding a reboot. Perhaps the pair will be a pair of Yummy Mummies (or step mommies) for Gossip Girl 2.0.

13 Just Rumors: Revenge Of The Nerds

via Vanity Fair

The remake of Revenge of the Nerds made it further than most reboots do before they’re scrapped. After two weeks of production director Kyle Newman screened the preliminary footage and determined it just wasn’t working. The project was abandoned, perhaps because being a nerd doesn’t have the same shame associated with it that it once did, after all the nerds of the 1980’s ended up running the world.

12 Just Rumors: The Neverending Story

via Syfy

Technology can be a beautiful thing. Who knows what wonders the world of CGI could have brought to Falcor and the Nothing in a remake of the 1984 family film The Never-Ending Story. Unfortunately, legal issues surrounding the rights to the original story have kept this movie from winning over another generation of young kids. Maybe the Stranger Things season three use of the song will strengthen the argument for a new film, but we’re not holding our breath.

11 Just Rumors: The Crow

vis Syfy

In 2016, former goths from the 1990’s got excited when news broke of a remake of the cult hit 1990’s film The Crow. During pre-production Jason Momoa signed up to take on the tragically iconic role once held by the late Brandon Lee (Lee was killed in an accident during filming of the original film) and Corin Hardy was going to direct. Soon after, Hardy and Momoa dropped off the project, and then it was rumored that issues getting financing brought the possibility of another film to an end.

10 Anticipated: Clue

via Mark Robinson Writes

As a child of the 1980’s it’s no surprise that Ryan Reynolds wants to remake the films he grew up with. In early 2018 it was announced that Reynolds signed a three-year deal at Fox to make, produce, and star in the murder mystery comedy. I certainly hope that it’s Reynolds himself who takes on Tim Curry’s iconic role as the Butler.

9 Just Rumors: Scarface

via USA Today

For a long time, people have been talking about reviving this classic film for a modern audience. Most recently it was suggested that the lead role was going to be given to Denzel Washington, then later conflicting reports said Diego Luna was going to be the star.

While there has been a lot of whispering about who is going to do what and when, no real news has surfaced in a while on the future of this film.

8 Anticipated: Charlie's Angels

via Pop Sugar

In November 2019, we’re going to get a new set of Angels. The film will have Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska playing the angels, and the ever-comedic Elizabeth Banks as Bosley. This live action fun filled movie is sure to have fans of the 1990’s film starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore, or the 1970’s television show, turning up to find out what new technology can help the Angels accomplish.

7 Just Rumors: The Labyrinth

via Empire

Can you remake a cult classic like The Labyrinth without David Bowie? We’re not so sure. The 1986 cult classic has been rumored for a remake for years now, but nothing has come of it. Director Fede Alvarez is set to be connected to the new film.

Alvarez has said that he and Lisa Henson (Jim Henson’s daughter) have a script ready but absolutely nothing else is known to be happening at this point and the preproduction dates aren’t even listed on IMDB yet.

6 Just Rumors: The Birds

via The Daily Beast

The Birds is one of the most famous films by horror legend Alfred Hitchcock, so why mess with a classic? Apparently, someone felt that a TV series based on the film would be a success. While this is said to be in pre-production, it has sat there for years with no movement.

While CGI and computer technology could really bring the action/horror to life, it would be expensive to produce, especially to a die-hard audience who loved the original so much!

5 Anticipated: The Addams Family

via Entertainment Weekly

Just in time for Halloween 2019, The Addams Family, as an animated family film is going to hit theatres. The movie will star Chloë Grace Moretz to lend her voice to the part of Wednesday Addams, Charlize Theron as Morticia, Oscar Isaac as Gomez, Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester, and Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley. Should be a hauntingly fun flick!

4 Just Rumors: Candyman

via Entertainment Weekly

Jordan Peele has become a king of not just comedy, but also horror movies that make you think. His name is currently attached to a remake of the 1992 horror film Candyman. While his name has been associated as a writer of this film for several years now and he has been busy with other projects, there currently appears to be a little bit of movement, and a few actors have been cast.

Perhaps 2020 will be the year that The Candyman returns to a now gentrified Chicago (where the original flick was set).

3 Anticipated: Clueless

via Thought Catalog

As if they’d pass up a chance to remake this 1990’s gem of a film. The film, which is a remake of the Jane Austin novel Emma, is currently in the development stage and we’re unsure whether they’ll bring anyone in from the original cast.

That being said, who wouldn’t love to see Alicia Silverstone get a cameo as Ms. Geist and Paul Rudd as Mr. Hall?

2 Just Rumors: The Blob

via Syfy

In 2009, Rob Zombie was all set to create his own personal re-imagination of the 1950’s cult sci-fi horror flick The Blob. While Zombie was collaborating on an entirely new concept for the film with artist Alex Horley, the entire project was scrapped, partially due to creative differences, but also because Zombie decided he was done with remakes following the negative response to his version of John Carpenter’s movie Halloween.

1 Anticipated: The Grudge

via Screen Geek

The 2004 film The Grudge was a remake of a 2002 Japanese horror movie called, Ju-On. The North American movie starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and was a hit (as much as horror movies can be), although many prefer the original film.

A remake is now in the works starring Betty Gilpin and is set to be released to audiences everywhere on January 3, 2020.

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