8 Candid Photos Bayley Didn’t Want To Take (And 8 She Didn’t Mind)

We'll feature candids Bayley didn't want to take, including sneaky gym pics and at live events.

Bayley recently shocked the wrestling world with a heel turn that few saw coming. She hasn't been quite the same since leaving NXT - though the buzz recently created is nothing but a positive. Maybe she can find new momentum as a villain alongside Sasha Banks. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better at the moment.

In this article, we'll put the accomplishments aside and take a look at candid Bayley pics. We'll feature candids she didn't want to take, including sneaky gym pics and at live events. On the flip side, we'll also take a look at those she didn't mind taking; these include behind the scenes pics and other photos alongside her fellow co-workers.

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16 Didn’t Want - Sneaky Gym Pic

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WWE stars despise this type of photo. Just ask Randy Orton who let loose on a fan for snapping a gym pic without his permission. Heck, even Brock Lesnar got followed by a fan while he was urinating in the washroom!

In all likelihood, Bayley was totally blindsided by this sneak picture. She can’t even enjoy a peaceful cardio session without getting noticed.

15 Didn’t Mind - Candid At Live Event

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She’s ready for this live event photo, unlike a lot of the other candids we’ll feature throughout the article.

Live events are a great way for WWE employees to let loose and have a good time with the audience. Bayley knows how to do that, as evidenced by the photo. Unfortunately, according to recent news, WWE might cutting back on the live events moving forward.

14 Didn’t Want - Twerking In Singapore

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Another candid picture taken at a live event, this time, Bayley might want to forget about this picture and clip, considering that it might be regarded as being not so PG. The Hugger was shaking her stuff alongside Sasha Banks at the event.

It was a rare moment featuring Bayley showing off those glute gains!

13 Didn’t Mind - Earlier Days

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Bayley definitely doesn’t mind such pictures featuring her past prior to WWE. She went by the name of Pamela Martinez, earning her stripes on the indie scene with the likes of Big Time Wrestling.

After a four-year indie run, Bayley made the jump to WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. All the indie work was well worth it, even if it meant taking a beating on the outside!

12 Didn’t Want - Sneaky Bayley & Sasha WM 35 Weekend Pic

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This fan took a sneaky pic and of course, the photo went absolutely viral. You never know who you’ll run into during WrestleMania weekend, and this fan happened to see both Sasha and Bayley.

Desperately wanting a photo, the person took a picture of the duo by the back... showcasing Bayley’s squat prowess...

11 Didn’t Mind - Throwback With John Cena

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Bayley made her debut with NXT on-screen as a superfan. What made the gimmick so believable is the fact that she really was and still is a superfan. Since she was a youngster, Bayley visualized working for WWE.

She met a slew of WWE stars during her younger days, including John Cena who was just starting to rise to fame at the time.

10 Didn’t Want - Short Dress Before The Show

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A behind the scenes photo taken by a fan, Bayley is without her signature gear or WWE t-shirt or heck, sponsored Tap Out gear.

Instead, we get a glimpse of the real Bayley, dressed comfortably in a short dress – one most fans really aren’t accustomed to. Maybe with her heel turn, she might wear this type of gear on the regular.

9 Didn’t Mind - Helping A Superfan With A Proposal

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A great part of being a WWE star is impacting the lives of others positively. Bayley knows a thing or two about that. She does so much PR and charity work behind the scenes.

In the photo above, she actually helped a superfan pick out a ring for their significant other. An experience Bayley and the fan won’t ever forget.

8 Didn’t Want - NXT Days On The Apron

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A sneaky Bayley shot on the apron from her earlier days with NXT. We can safely say up until this point, Bayley was at her prime with Triple H’s brand.

She was by far the most over babyface and some can even argue she was the most lovable and likable talent in NXT history.

7 Didn’t Mind - MITB Joy

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Things finally started to shift for Bayley once she won the MITB briefcase. Soon after, Bayley won the championship and she’s now the hottest heel in the industry, recently turning on Becky Lynch.

Making the moment that much more special, she was embraced by her peers backstage, including having a moment with the locker room leader Roman Reigns.

6 Didn’t Want - Candid Back Shot

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We can’t really blame the fan for this photo – even if it highlights a certain asset of the Hugger. In fairness, maybe they were just looking to take an innocent photo and heck, this was the result.

Although Bayley might not love this photo, it is rather tame compared to some of the others.

5 Didn’t Mind - With AJ Lee

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We haven’t seen a WWE star take a photo alongside CM Punk – though The Rock did try to call him while in a WWE ring – a moment that made others backstage very uncomfortable.

Punk’s wife AJ doesn’t hold the same amount of controversy and Bayley proudly stuck by this photo alongside the former WWE veteran. Here’s to hoping this picture is recreated in a WWE ring someday.

4 Didn’t Want - Pic Of The Pic

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We can add another sneaky candid pic to the list. How many times has someone caught you taking a selfie or a photo of someone else? To make matters worse, that person humiliates you by taking a picture of you taking a picture!

That was the case with Bayley and again, a certain asset had the fans talking.

3 Didn’t Mind - With Super Fan Izzy

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NXT fans have to remember Izzy, Bayley’s biggest fan. The Hugger never hesitated to take a picture with her biggest fan – the two shared a great bond.

Heck, Izzy was even included in a storyline; who can forget Sasha Banks making her cry ringside?! We assume Izzy isn’t too fond of their heel connection today.

2 Didn’t Want – Match Ready

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It was only fitting to end with another unsuspecting candid featuring Bayley’s booty. Heck, Bayley’s backside has its own Twitter account with thousands of followers just waiting creepily for these types of photos.

The pic was taken at a live event and again, we assume the fan meant no harm by the photo.

1 Didn’t Mind - Living The Dream

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Bayley alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin; she’s definitely living the dream given such a photo alongside a WWE icon.

Bayley actually spent the day at Austin’s ranch, taking part in a podcast interview – she would even return once more alongside Sasha Banks. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon... not bad at all.

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