8 Celebs Jennifer Lawrence Has Dated (12 Who Wouldn't Dare)

Sorry, but she's off the market, folks! When Hollywood Reporter broke that Jennifer Lawrence had secretly gotten married to her art gallery director boyfriend, Cooke Maroney, you could almost hear the despondent sighs from her lustful admirers. While J-Law has dated a few notable men, such as Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin, none have been under the radar as much as Cooke has. But Jennifer's generally been quiet about her romantic life. A trait that's caused the press to guess at her romantic entanglements.

It's usually her hunky co-stars who get accused of secretly dating Jennifer, even though there's seldom any proof. But a few of these stars have made it absolutely clear why they wouldn't get involved with the Academy Award-winning Hunger Games star. Without further ado, here are 8 guys Jennifer Lawrence has dated and 12 who wouldn't dare.

20 Dated: Art Gallery Director Cooke Maroney Locked Her Down

Daily Mail

Obviously Cooke Maroney has dated Jennifer Lawrence, he did just marry her, after all. According to US Weekly, Jennifer was engaged to Cooke as early as February 2019, after about 9 months of being together. They were introduced by their mutual friend, Laura Simpson and haven't looked back since. Don't we all wish we had a friend like Laura?

19 Wouldn't Dare: Larry David Doesn't Think He Could


Jennifer has a huge crush on Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star, Larry David. She made that clear to Seth Meyers during an interview on his show. Larry's hilarious response to this was, "Smart kid.  It’s a shame that I’m about 40 years older than she is". When he was asked if he could make an exception for the blond beauty, he said that he couldn't although he'd watch a reality show of their relationship.

18 Wouldn't Dare: Chris Pratt Denies Any Possibility... And We Guess We'll Believe Him


According to Metro, there have been rumors swirling for years about Jennifer and Chris Pratt. Back in 2017, the pair were said to have been together while shooting the film, Passengers. This was around the time that Chris' wife, Anna Faris, announced their separation. While both have vehemently denied rumors, Chris gives us the feeling that he may have had a crush on her at some point.

17 Dated: Rob Kardashian... Yes, Really

Getty and Youtube

REALLY!? Sorry, but Jennifer is WAY out of Rob Kardashian's league. While this hasn't been confirmed by Jennifer, Daily Edge says that Kris Jenner pushed Jennifer to date her son. The actress agreed and went on a few dates with him. Apparently, he charmed her and things became more serious. However, things came to an end shortly after that.

16 Dated: Director Darren Aronofsky Didn't Care About The Age Difference


After wrapping the controversial film, Mother!, Jennifer Lawrence became involved with her director, the acclaimed Darren Aronofsky. Despite a 22-year age difference, their private relationship blossomed into something substantial. According to People, their connection continued for about a year before they split up in November 2017. This was sad as it looked as though they were meant for one another.

15 Wouldn't Dare: Jared Leto Thinks She's Just "An Act"

Mercury News

When Jennifer took to the stage at the 2014 Academy Awards to present, Jennifer called out a mysterious figure in the audience who seemed to be laughing at her. This was a year after her notorious trip on stage. As it turns out, it was Jared Leto laughing at her, who later suggested that Jennifer's clumsiness was "a bit of an act". While Jared hasn't come right out and said that he wouldn't date Jennifer, it's clear he doesn't have much respect for her.

14 Dated: Joel Edgerton... Probably... We're Not Sure


Sources told The Daily Telegraph that Red Sparrow co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton became romantically involved during the production of the movie. While both have skirted the question on several occasions, it seems highly likely that they were entangled. Their incredible chemistry in interviews and photoshoots seems to support the idea.

13 Wouldn't Dare: Josh Hutcherson Is Just Her Friend

Just Jared

No, it's not because she's too tall for him, it's because they became too close. During an interview with Teen Vogue, Hunger Games co-stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson teased one another about their poor eating habits, bad hygiene, and general irritability. While this was all done in jest, it's clear that there has never been a romantic connection between them and never will be.

12 Wouldn't Dare: Bradley Cooper Couldn't Alter Their Dynamic


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are this generation's Bogey and Bacall. After all, they've shared the scene on multiple occasions, most notably in Silver Linings Playbook and Serena. While many have suggested that there's been a romance between them, Bradley told Howard Stern that he would never get involved with J-Law because he doesn't want to alter the fabulous dynamic they share.

11 Dated: Liam Hemsworth Had His Moment In The Sun

Just Jared

YEP! According to Us Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence did, in fact, become involved with Miley Cyrus' ex, Liam Hemsworth. While shooting the Hunger Games movies, Jen and Liam enjoyed a few hookups off-screen. When asked about this on Watch What Happens Live, Jennifer hilariously said, "Liam's real hot. What would you have done?".

10 Wouldn't Dare: Christian Bale Didn't Quite Cut It


While shooting David O'Russell's Academy Award-nominated drama, American Hustle, Jen wasn't too impressed with Christian Bale. While the brilliant thespian tends to attract a variety of beautiful women, his gross look for his character was a major turn off. Jen made this very clear which didn't exactly do over well with the Batman Begins star, according to The Daily Mail.

9 Dated: X-Men Co-Star Nicholas Hoult Lasted A Long Time

Just Jared

Perhaps Jennifer's most publicized relationship was with her X-Men co-star, Nicholas Hoult. According to People, the pair started dating well before Jennifer's break-out performance in Winter's Bone. They were together off-and-on for five years until officially breaking up in August 2014. Apparently, Nicholas couldn't take how the entire world became obsessed with his girlfriend.

8 Wouldn't Dare: Michael Fassbender Wouldn't Cross That Line

Digital Spy

While one of her X-Men co-stars had no issues dating her, another one has made it clear that he wouldn't. According to Sofeinmine, Michael Fassbender definitely had an attraction to his co-star but felt like he couldn't do anything because of her relationship with Nicholas Hoult. Eventually, he and Jennifer became good friends which has prevented them from altering this dynamic.

7 Dated: Chris Martin Constantly Serenaded Her

Daily Mail and Elle

Five months after his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow filed for divorce, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin became romantically involved with Jennifer Lawrence. According to People, the pair dated in secret for four months until breaking up for the first time. They eventually got back together for another few months but called it quits in August 2015. Now Chris has been linked to Dakota Johnson.

6 Wouldn't Dare: Her Hunky Bodyguard, Greg Lenz


The NY Post was pretty certain that Jennifer Lawerence had something going with her bodyguard, Greg Lenz. These rumors started after the pair were spotted together on numerous occasions. But both Jennifer and Greg were in committed relationships at the time. Additionally, it's highly unlikely that a bodyguard would risk their job by getting involved with the person they're sworn to protect... Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston aside.

5 Wouldn't Dare: Anton Yelchin Only Respected Her As An Actor


The late great Anton Yelchin would've made a fantastic romantic partner for Jennifer Lawrence. After all, the two had great chemistry in The Beaver and Like Crazy. During an interview with Parade, Anton spoke about how great it was working with Jennifer. He built a great deal of respect for her as well as a solid friendship that he wouldn't comprise by involving romantic feelings.

4 Wouldn't Dare: Javier Bardem Was In A Committed Relationship


When Javier Bardem worked with Jennifer Lawrence On Mother!, she was already deeply interested in the film's director, Darren Aronofsky. But this wasn't the only reason that Javier wasn't romantically interested in his gorgeous co-star. Javier has been in a beautiful and committed relationship with Penelope Cruz since 2007. The pair have two children together.

3 Wouldn't Dare: Brad Pitt Was A Little Too Busy For Her


Jennifer Lawrence didn't have any issues with the completely unwarranted rumors that circulated about a fling with Brad Pitt. EOnline suggested that Brad dated about every eligible bachelorette in Hollywood after his high profile split from Angelina Jolie. But in reality, he never did nor did he show her any interest at all. He was too busy getting his life together and repairing his relationship with his children.

2 Dated: Max Thieriot... Sort Of, Not Really... But It Seems Like He Would've Like To

Just Jared and Collider

During an interview with CineMovie to promote their movie, House At The End Of The Street, hunky star Max Thieriot gushed about J-Law. He even blushed hard about kissing her on-screen. Even though he claimed that nothing happened between them, it's easy to think that he was lying. After all, his body language seemed to suggest that something went on.

1 Wouldn't Dare: Spencer Pratt Has Some Major Beef With Her

Collider and Nicki Swift

Nobody cares about Spencer Pratt anymore including Jennifer. During an interview with Vogue in 2017, J-Law discussed how her home was littered with crystals by the previous owner. She stated that she had all of the crystals removed because she didn't people to think she was a "crazy crystal person". After reading this, Spencer felt "personally attacked" because he loves "the power of crystals". He was so unrealistically angry with her that he even blamed her for his battle with skin rashes... Okay, dude. Whatever you say.

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