8 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

What's the perfect way to celebrate Easter? Making Easter eggs of course! Gone are the days when some simple food colouring will do. Thanks to Pinterest, Easter eggs have upped their game more than ever before. From glitter to decoupage to crayons, there is a fun & festive way to decorate Easter eggs for all ages!

Check out these original and refreshing takes on this age old tradition!

8 The Golden Marble

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These golden-embossed marble Easter eggs are so stunning you’ll actually want to display them throughout your home. And guess what? They aren’t difficult. If you’re already planning on dyeing Easter eggs in pretty colours with your kids, all you have to do is take those dyed Easter eggs, some gold leaf, and a little bit of glue, and there you have it! Get the DIY instructions here.

7 The Drizzle

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This is the perfect dying method to give a bit of edge to your Easter eggs. Plus it’s super easy for kids to do (the idea is for the drizzle to look chaotic). All you need is some food colouring and rubber cement, and you’re on your way. Get the full DIY method here.

6 The “Au Naturel”

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This is a seriously cool, environmentally-friendly way to dye easter eggs –AND you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen. Grab some spices & food and let the natural dyes colour your Easter eggs! Cayenne pepper, coffee, turmeric, red onion, blueberries, and red cabbage are just a few of the possible foods that you can use to dye your eggs. Keep in mind it takes a bit longer for the natural dyes to kick in, (about 5 hours of soaking), but you’ll have a beautiful basket of earthy Easter eggs by the end of it! Get more info here.

5 The Melted Crayon

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This is sure to be a hit with the kids and goes beyond the classic food colouring method. Plus, it’s likely you have some crayons lying around. All you need for this DIY craft are eggs and crayons. Start off by boiling the eggs in a pot of water. Once you remove the eggs from the water, immediately grab your crayon and begin drawing whichever creative patterns you wish! The hot temperature of the egg will melt the tip of the crayon, allowing the pattern to remain. A super easy Easter egg DIY! Get the full instructions here.

4 The Dainty Lace

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This is an extremely elegant alternative to your typical Easter egg. Grab your egg and cover it in lace, securing with a rubber band before dipping it in the dye. You will end up with a delicate and subtle Easter egg perfect for a centerpiece at your Easter brunch. Get the details here.

3 The Book Worm

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The perfect Easter egg for the book lover, aspiring novelist, or English lit. major – These Easter eggs are a little more difficult to make, but definitely worth it. You’ll need to find a text stamp. Try to find words that are relevant to Easter, or to anything else you like. These stamps should be available at your local craft store. Honestly, these eggs work for Easter or anytime of year. Insider tip: grab some styrofoam Easter eggs if you think you might want to keep them past Easter. Get the full DIY instructions here.

2 The Glitter Bomb

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Hands down the most glamourous Easter eggs on this list – and all you need is some glitter and glue! A fair warning; glitter is incredibly messy (seriously, you will find it in your house months after making these eggs). If you’re OK with the mess then this is a very easy craft that your kids could take part in (just make sure to buy edible glitter and food glue). Check out the details here.

1 The Decoupage

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These stylized eggs are actually very easy to make whether you’re familiar with decoupage or not. Take any white napkin with a nice floral or geometric pattern (preferably in a pastel colour) and cut out the designs. Don’t worry about being super neat as the edges of the white napkin will blend into the egg. Then add some glue to the egg, place the design on top, add a bit more glue to set, and voila! Get all the info here.

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