8 Current WWE Stars Vince McMahon Dislikes Behind The Scenes (And 7 He Loves)

At the end of the day, the sad reality is that McMahon will push whoever he wants. So in other words, getting on McMahon’s good side is basically essential if you’re going to thrive. All the top stars from the past had a good relationship with the boss. Unfortunately, that isn’t true for all the talent.

In this article, we’ll take a look at eight WWE stars completely failing under Vince’s guidance. A lot of these wrestlers had great success with Triple H, though the same doesn’t hold true on the main roster. Vince’s feelings towards these employees are the biggest reasons for the failures. In addition, we’ll also look at the flip side of the conversation, featuring Vince’s favorite WWE stars at the moment.

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15 Dislikes - Cedric Alexander

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This is one of the many examples of Vince and Triple H not seeing eye-to-eye on a certain talent. Alexander had a memorable run under Triple H’s guidance during the Cruiserweight Classic. The same success would follow in 205 Live.

However, on the main roster, that momentum completely ended. Alexander would even label himself as the Main Event Champion, referring to the pre-show prior to RAW. Clearly, Vince hasn’t taken a liking to the former Cruiserweight Champion.

14 Loves - R-Truth

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At the age of 47, Truth is still a part of WWE on-screen. A lot of that has to do with Vince’s relationship with the veteran. He isn’t a background player but instead a major part of the show. Truth provides comedic relief and he’s the focal point around the new 24/7 Championship.

We don’t blame McMahon’s appreciation for Truth, the veteran continues to hit it out of the park with the new championship.

13 Dislikes - Luke Harper

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Harper off WWE programming is a shame. He is a big-time talent and one that is underappreciated. The tension between Harper and WWE has to do with McMahon’s view on Harper, he just doesn’t seem his as a star or as a draw in general.

Harper continues to suffer as it looks like the plan is to completely freeze him out of his contract.

12 Loves - Baron Corbin

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Corbin himself admitted in the past that he has a good relationship with the boss. The two even play jokes on each other behind the scenes – Corbin recalls McMahon playfully body checking him from behind backstage.

Vince also plays a crucial role in Corbin’s character developmental, McMahon only takes interest in the characters he really likes - clearly, Baron’s on Vince’s good side.

11 Dislikes – EC3

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During his time with NXT, EC3 looked like a dude that was tailor-made for the main roster. His biggest attributes are his charisma and look, two things McMahon loves in his WWE employees.

Surprisingly, it just hasn’t worked. EC3 is competing on the Main Event with no push at all. Things went downhill for Carter when he was placed in a program with Dean Ambrose. The program was ill-timed as fans turned on Carter given the reveal that Dean was leaving the company. Nonetheless, Vince will be Vince...

10 Loves - Alexa Bliss

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Ever since she got her start on the main roster, success has followed Alexa Bliss. Down in NXT, she didn’t even enjoy this type of momentum. Alongside Vince’s guidance, not only is she a multi-time champion but she also recently hosted WrestleMania.

We can expect more great things to come for Alexa as long as Vince’s in charge.

9 Dislikes - Sasha Banks

The opposite holds true for Sasha Banks. With Triple H and NXT, Sasha helped to shape the women’s revolution putting on memorable matches with the likes of Bayley at the TakeOver events.

It hasn’t gone the same way for Banks on the main roster, all her title runs have been brief and in fact, it is said that Vince sees her as a liability given her in-ring style.

8 Loves - Lacey Evans

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McMahon instantly fell in love with Lacey Evans, she was instantly catapulted into a major feud with Becky Lynch, she’s now in another prominent feud with Charlotte.

According to The Mix, it is said that McMahon might be getting Evans ready for a major run as the leader of the division. As we’ve seen in the past, if Vince likes you, he won’t hesitate to press the push button despite what the audience might think.

7 Dislikes - Tyler Breeze

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Tyler was one of the first major success stories under Triple H’s watch in developmental. At that point in time, some would link Breeze to a possible WWE Title run.

It would all change following a failed storyline would Ziggler. McMahon slotted Breeze further down the card till he was completely off of it wrestling on the pre-show. The only way we can envision success for Breeze would be if he decides to stay with NXT.

6 Loves - Andrade

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In recent months, Andrade's getting a decent push by the company. Of course, the major reason is Vince taking a liking for the former NXT Champion.

A major part of that push is McMahon telling Andrade to learn English, apparently, McMahon is impressed at how much Andrade has improved in that regard.

5 Dislikes - Gallows & Anderson

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Excitement quickly turned into disappointed for Gallows and Anderson. They had the fans talking during their debuts, though that same momentum would be quickly squandered once they disbanded away from AJ Styles.

The duo showed their discontent by refusing to sign new extensions. In return, McMahon has barely put the duo on television in the recent weeks and even months.

4 Loves - Mandy Rose

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Vince McMahon took a liking for Mandy Rose even before her main roster run took place. During Tough Enough, Vince saw serious potential in Mandy, so much so that she was protected during her NXT run, basically only taking part in non-televised events.

The plan remains intact and the goal is for Rose to become a big star in the division, perhaps similar to Alexa’s popularity. She continues to pick up major victories and that won't change.

3 Dislikes - Rusev

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Even during the popularity of Rusev Day, it still seemed as though McMahon was reluctant to fully push Rusev. Heck, Jinder Mahal ended up winning the US Title at ‘Mania despite all the momentum on Rusev’s side.

He opened up about a lot of his displeasures on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, “I’m just trying something. This or that to try and catch Vince’s eye. Something we go, we pitch, we talk, he just never comes to anything.”

2 Loves – Drew McIntyre

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Even back then, McMahon called McIntyre a future World Champion. Ultimately, that wouldn’t come to fruition, though McIntyre is now back and hotter than ever.

McMahon is well aware of Drew's improvements. He continues to be booked quite strongly as arguably the top heel on RAW. It really won’t surprise us all that much if Drew wins his first Universal Championship really soon.

1 Dislikes - Sami Zayn

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Sami doesn’t have the best relationship with Vince, in fact, the word backstage is that McMahon finds Sami to be quite annoying. Who can forget the hilarious story of Zayn wishing McMahon a happy birthday only to get a look of disgust from his boss!

Sami didn’t help his case most recently dropping the AEW line, although it was part of the script it is said that McMahon wasn’t aware. Poor Zayn can’t catch a break, at this rate, he’ll never win a single WWE belt.

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