8 Guests Ellen Doesn't Want On Her Show (And 9 She'll Welcome In A Heartbeat)

For over a decade now, daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been providing us with hilarious entertainment that may have us needing diapers at times. We also often need a box of tissues next to us, as the generous host gives gifts to guests who are in need. She has changed millions of lives, but at the end of the day, not everyone fancies the comedian.

DeGeneres, who loves to bust a move, is known as the queen of nice, and daytime’s sweetest and most lovable host, but there are celebrities who are not fans of the stand-up genius.

However, there are also those who have sat on her guest couch over twenty times. Read on to find out which guests will keep dancing their way in, and which will never make an appearance on her show.

17 No Room For Kelly Ripa

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Kelly Ripa is also a daytime host, but she is not very fond of her competitor. If you’re an avid fan of Ripa, you may recall that time she was hosting with Michael Strahan.

However, when that fell through, DeGeneres invited him on her show, but not Ripa. Ripa took that as an insult and felt left out, as her relationship with Strahan took strain.

16 Bad Kathy Griffin

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Griffin has had a stink with the daytime host for years now. The drama began when Griffin, who is also an author, nitpicked at DeGeneres in her book; basically, throwing shade at the comedic host.

DeGeneres did not take that lightly, and it is over a decade now since the incident and they are still not friends.

15 It’s A No For Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan; you either loathe him or admire him. The journalist, who is no stranger to backlash, is not on DeGeneres’ good side. That day he decided to criticize her on social media was possibly the worst mistake he ever committed.

For that (slight) error, he has no place on the most-watched daytime talk show.

14 Caitlyn Jenner Ain’t Ellen’s Bestie

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DeGeneres goes bonkers for the entire Kardashian clan - except for Caitlyn Jenner.

Quick tidbit: Caitlyn has not appeared on The Ellen Show since 2015! Because of their opposing views on marriage equality, that Caitlyn pointed out in her book, The Secrets of My Life, DeGeneres gave her the boot.

13 Nicole Kidman Can't Go Back

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When DeGeneres says no, the answer is final. After Kidman’s appearance on her show in 2018 with celebrity chef, Giada De Laurentiis, DeGeneres practically said on-air that she banned Kidman from ever returning.

When the gorgeous chef returned to the show on another occasion, she asked about Kidman, and DeGeneres said, “We won’t have her back again.”

12 DeGeneres: Kim Burrell Who?

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DeGeneres does not tolerate much. As a matter of fact, say one wrong thing, and she’ll block you off. Burrell, the gospel singer, made homophobic comments in a video of herself that was released, and it did not take long before DeGeneres canceled her out.

No more slot for you forever, Burrell.

11 No Spot For Liza Minnelli

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There is a slew of celebrities who secretly – or not – dislike the beloved host. The funny gal has made enemies, and one A-lister who is not a fan of the host is, Liza Minnelli.

When DeGeneres hosted the Oscars, she poked fun at Minnelli by calling her a drag queen. Evidently, Minnelli did not fancy a cruel remark.

10 Wendy Williams Opened Her Mouth

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via celebrity insider

When Wendy Williams made an appearance on her show in 2018, things quickly became unsettling. DeGeneres, who we all know besides being a comedian, is not shy, straight up confronted Williams and asked her, “Why are you so mean?”

Williams did not mind stating that same day that Bieber looks like her – girl, bye.

9 DeGeneres And Biebs Are Inseparable

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DeGeneres and Bieber are the greatest of friends; their age gap means absolutely nothing. He’s appeared on her show countless times, and it’s always been the best of times.

Although the singer has faced many ups and downs, DeGeneres, like a mother, will constantly remain firmly in his corner. No word of a lie, her studio is like a second home to him.

8 Aniston Is DeGeneres’ True Friend

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The friendship between these two flourished even before the ending of the cult classic, Friends. These two are so close, that they both spent their respective birthdays together right in DeGeneres’ studio.

For Aniston’s 50th, she visited The Ellen Show, and for DeGeneres’ 60th, Aniston made an appearance. They are loyal friends.

7 No Better Duo Than Sofia Vergara And DeGeneres

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When the Colombian beauty that is actress Sofia Vergara makes an appearance on the daytime show, that is when we need a diaper on.

The two mercilessly poke fun at each other each time they are together, and it is hilarious. What is even greater is that their comical jabs flow naturally.

6 Justin Timberlake And DeGeneres Are Dancing Besties

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This duo is so entertaining together, and they have shared the grooviest and sweetest moments. If ever you’re wondering where JT is, he is probably squatting on the couch at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, or at her place.

He is literally like a boyfriend to her, and even sends her gorgeous flowers.

5 DeGeneres Absolutely Adores Momager Jenner

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Why do these two get so along? Because DeGeneres can prank Kris Jenner as many times as she desires, and she’ll get away with each time. All Jenner does is laugh it off each time, even that time she went flying into an object and fell.

And when Momager Jenner is on, she loves to clarify some KarJenner gossip.

4 Lady Gaga And DeGeneres Are One

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Ever seen what it is like when two become one? If not, just watch the talk show when Lady Gaga is on. DeGeneres loves to pull her leg, and Gaga just goes along with it.

In fact, the two are such close pals that DeGeneres has no problem calling Gaga out in front of her audience.

3 Oprah Winfrey And DeGeneres Should Have A Show Together

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Their friendship goes way back, and it comes as no surprise that these two are great buddies. They truly define what #squadgoals means; who wouldn’t want these two as besties?

Why so close though? When DeGeneres came out, Winfrey was there by her side. And that is why DeGeneres is so protective of the former TV mogul.

2 Kim K Is An Open Book With DeGeneres

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Not everyone loves KKW, but DeGeneres does. And since DeGeneres is the queen of talk shows, she is powerful enough to get A-listers like Kim K to spill the beans on some things.

Kim feels extremely comfortable around the host and has shared quite a few secrets when on the couch.

1 Does It Get Cuter Than Gosling And The Host?

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Ryan Gosling will forever be our man crush, but he’s also the crush of DeGeneres. They have done so much together; like rocking onesies at the same time and run in each other’s arms.

Actually, we’ve lost count of the number of times that DeGeneres has leaped into his toned arms – yes, we’re jealous.

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