8 Healthy & Filling Lunch Salads To Help You Tackle Your Work Day

What do you usually bring to work for lunch? There are usually two meals that we rely on: a sandwich or a salad. Those tend to be practical and easy to transport and hopefully good for us, too.

Unfortunately, we've also heard of the "sad desk salad" aka a salad that isn't that delicious or exciting at all. We should definitely elevate the common salad and bring something to the office that is going to be the best ever.

These 8 salads are healthy and filling and will help us tackle our work day. They are so good, we might start making them for dinner, too.

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8 This California Cobb Salad Is Dreamy And Hearty


Cobb salad is one of the most delicious salads that there is. That's probably because while it's definitely in the salad category, it's not exactly a pile of lettuce and, well, nothing else. When we order one of these in a restaurant, it typically comes with ingredients like meat and cheese and everything is just so good. This California Cobb Salad recipe from Designlovefest is healthy and filling. It's got all the good stuff: kale, tomatoes, chickpeas, bacon, tuna, avocado, and hard-boiled eggs.

It might be tough to wait until work tomorrow, so we might have to make this for dinner tonight, too. Thankfully, this is a salad that is easy to make a whole lot of and portion it out for several different meals.

7 Build A Beautiful Salad In A Jar


Mason jars are cool and trendy. We can use them for so many things and they are also really handy in the kitchen. We already know that people love to make smoothies and pack them for work in a mason jar or even bring a mason jar full of lemon water to enjoy on their commute or during a yoga class.

We can also make a salad and put the ingredients in a mason jar. This recipe from Hellobee teaches us how to make a mason jar salad so we can enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch at work. Plus it'll make a great post on social media because this kind of meal needs to be shared. With vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, and chicken, we don't think that we'll ever get tired of this amazing salad. We can put anything that we want in a jar so it's such a good idea.

6 We're Going To Crave This Balsamic Chicken Salad With Apples And White Cheddar

Pinterest/Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell, a food blogger, has this awesome salad recipe and we don't think that we'll be able to get enough of it. As the recipe title suggests, it's got all the good things like chicken, balsamic vinegar, white cheddar, and apples. It's also got avocados, radishes, red cabbage, and arugula.

Yes, this salad has both cheese and avocado, which is a major plus. This is the salad that we have been waiting for. If you're not super big on salad and usually go for something else like a salad, this recipe would be an awesome place to start. It has delicious ingredients and is really filling, which is always good news for a salad.

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5 Go Meatless With This Roasted Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad

Pinterest/Minimalist Baker

Some of us might believe that sweet potatoes are betters than regular white potatoes and others might not. By making this Roasted Sweet Potato and Chickpea Salad from Minimalist Baker that opinion may change. It's meatless but has healthy carbs from the sweet potato and protein from the chickpeas. Make your co-workers crazy jealous when you bring this super yummy salad into the office.

4 We Will Fall For This Grilled Salmon Greek Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing

Pinterest/Jessica Gavin

Greek salad is so good. From the feta to the cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and maybe lettuce (but that depends on what restaurant we're ordering it from). We can't help but crave it on a regular basis. We can make a protein-packed salad for lunch if we make this Salmon Greek Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing recipe from Jessica Gavin.

Everything here sounds amazing, from the tangy dressing to the grilled salmon and, of course, all of the Greek salad ingredients. This is another lunch salad idea that we wouldn't turn down if we decided to make it for dinnertime, too.

3 Give This Thai Beef Salad A Try


Sometimes we just crave beef. So topping a salad with beef is a great way to get protein but also eat some vegetables. Then we can have our cake (or beef, in this case) and eat it too. Try this Thai Beef Salad recipe from RecipeTin and be really happy when you're hungry at work and remember that this is the salad that you made for lunch.

With vegetables like cucumber, tomato, mixed lettuce, and ingredients like peanuts and cilantro and of course beef, how could you not make this salad again?

2 Grilled Berry Feta Chicken Salad with A Sweet Chipotle Dressing

Pinterest/The Recipe Critic

Chicken is a popular and easy meat to cook, and it's also a really great topping for any salad. When we add yummy ingredients like the ones in this salad recipe from The Recipe Critic, it's time to get really excited about lunchtime.

Berries and feta, are there better salad ingredients than these two things?

Between the sweet berries and the tangy feta, we just know that we'll want to pack this salad for lunch pretty much every day of the week. This salad is healthy and will also fill you up and get you ready for a productive afternoon.

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1 This Vegan Nicoise Salad Will Be Your New Fave Lunch

Pinterest/Minimalist Baker

Most people have had a Nicoise salad before, but what about a vegan version?

Why not give this salad recipe a try? It's from Minimalist Baker and has some amazing things in it, like chickpeas, olives, tomatoes, green beans, and potatoes. It's just like a classic Nicoise salad. Since it's just vegan, the tuna has been replaced with smashed chickpeas. If you want to take you work lunches up a delicious notch, this is an awesome recipe to try. It's going to be healthy and filling.

With so many great salads to take to work, which one will you try first?

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