8 NXT Wrestlers Who Will Never Make The Main Roster (And The Next 7 Call-Ups)

There is no denying the impact that the NXT brand has had on professional wrestling over the last several years. Since they first transitioned to be WWE's developmental territory, they have since blossomed into a third brand for the company. In fact, most fans would put the quality of TakeOver events above some WWE PPVs.

The NXT system has produced so much of WWE's current roster, including former World Champions. The WWE Performance Centre system has the ability to produce amazing wrestling talent, however not all talent is created equal. Some are meant to be on the big stage, while others are not going to get that far. While it is unfortunate, it is a fact of the world of professional wrestling. The only question is, where are your favorite NXT wrestlers going to end up? Here are 8 NXT Wrestlers Who Will Never Make The Main Roster (And The Next 7 Call-ups):

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15 Never Make It - Kassius Ohno

via WWE

As one of the longest-running members of the NXT roster, Ohno must be wondering when his time to shine will come. With a list of accomplishments from the independent wrestling scene as Chris Hero, it would have seemed that Ohno was destined for a big run on the main roster. However, his two stints in NXT have not materialized in anything yet.

There is no denying how great Ohno is in the ring – his striking ability is next to none, and his wealth of experience makes him able to work with anyone. Yet, he has remained on the NXT roster the entire time he has been signed with WWE. Perhaps it is time to take that as a hint that WWE management does not see him moving any further in his career.

14 Next Call-Up - Velveteen Dream

via WWE

Since joining NXT, The Velveteen Dream has been one of the most interesting wrestlers to watch on the roster. His combined athleticism and charisma make him a "must-watch" member of the black and yellow brand. While there are hardly any weak links on the NXT roster, Dream is a cut above the rest with a bright future.

With new call-ups to the main roster every Shake Up, Dream must be on the shortlist. WWE has had some failures after being called up from NXT because the gimmicks do not translate to larger crowds. However, Dream's over-the-top persona should work just as well in buildings with 50,000 people.

13 Never Make It - Angelo Dawkins/Montez Ford

via Chairshot

WWE's relationship with independent wrestling company EVOLVE has them connected to the indy scene more than ever before. With talents like Johnny Gargano and Matt Riddle cutting their teeth in the promotion first, they are a breeding ground for great talent.

The Street Profits were sent to EVOLVE to provide them some more talent for their shows. While they have been successful, it must feel like a downward trajectory for their careers.

12 Next Call-up - Candice LeRae

via WWE

If there is one female wrestler who has all of the abilities to connect with WWE's audiences, it is the pint-sized pixie herself. Candice's ability to connect with a crowd is second to none and has served her well through her career. The day that she gets called up to the main roster will show just how quick fans fall in love with her.

Candice's ability to connect with audiences served her well during her time with companies like Pro Wrestling Guerilla, where she predominately wrestled against men. While WWE has only dipped their toes in the water of inter-gender wrestling, Candice's career only has upside to it no matter who she faces.

11 Never Make It - Jaxson Ryker

via ProWrestlingPost

The fact that Braun Strowman has become an incredibly popular wrestler is against past wrestling logic. Larger-than-life wrestlers generally do not have a great work rate, and their "monster shtick" tends to become boring fairly quickly. However, Strowman has gone against the grain and has become a very popular wrestler for WWE.

Unfortunately for Jaxson Ryker, that means there is little room for him on the main roster. Considering his resemblance to the Monster Among Men, it very unlikely that Ryker will get a call up to the main roster.

10 Next Call-up - Shayna Baszler

via WWE

While she may not have the most experience in the ring, Shayna Baszler has quickly grown into a top-star quality. Her legitimate MMA background makes her in-ring style very believable, and fans truly believe in how dangerous she is.

Despite her holding up the Women's division at the moment, her star is shining too bright for her to remain off the main roster for much longer. While she will leave a big void, matches between her and members of the RAW and Smackdown roster are too good to leave off the table.

9 Never Make It - Dakota Kai

via WWE

Not only will NXT need strong female wrestlers once the more experienced ones get called up, but the likelihood of Dakota Kai ever making it to the main roster is very low. It is unfortunate because she is very bubbly and friendly with fans, and is also a great in-ring worker. However, her style and look is far too similar to another very popular wrestler who rose through the ranks of NXT.

The comparisons to Kai and current Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley are too big to ignore. With Bayley continuing to remain at the top of her career, it would be highly unlikely that WWE Management would place Kai next to her.

8 Next Call-up - Adam Cole

via WWE

There is no denying just how much of a career Adam Cole has in front of him, bay-bay. His undeniable skills and charisma have made many fans and critics compare him to a young Shawn Michaels, which is one the best compliments a wrestler can receive.

Cole has made a big splash since joining NXT in 2018, and has since transitioned into their main event scene. NXT is currently in need for main event wrestlers since others moved up to the main roster, so he is currently well placed. However, NXT can only contain him for so long until he eventually breaks free.

7 Never Make It - Wesley Blake

via WWEWiki

In every tag team, there is usually one wrestler who will rise to the top and another who will fall to the bottom. While Wesley Blake's former partner Buddy Murphy has been doing very well for himself on 205 Live, Blake's career has not faired as well.

Blake appears to be lost in NXT purgatory because he has not moved around in his career. Despite being one of the original NXT faces, it doesn't seem that WWE Management believes in him enough to move him forward. Perhaps his time will come, but it is more likely that he will continue to watch wrestlers move up ahead of him.

6 Next Call-up - Bianca Belair

via 24Wrestling

WWE's current main roster Women's division is among the strongest that it has ever been. Female talent has accomplished things that some WWE fans never thought would be possible, so it seems unlikely that it could get even better. However, Bianca Belair begs to differ.

While she has not had as much time in the ring as other wrestlers, Belair has proved that she is among one of the best learners. WWE loves when they can groom their own talent from the beginning, and Belair could prove to be one of their better success stories. With just a little more time to earn her keep in NXT, fans should expect big things from Belair in the future on the main roster.

5 Never Make It - Fabian Aichner

via WWE

Being so similar to a current main roster wrestler is not going to land anyone a ticket out of NXT. Unfortunately for Fabian Aichner, he looks like he could be the long-lost child to the Swiss Superman himself. Aichner's resemblance to Cesaro is uncanny, and will ultimately work against him furthering his career.

It has been well-documented how underrated Cesaro has been during his time with WWE. With Aichner looking so similar, he may suffer a similar fate and never progress out of developmental.

4 Next Call-up - Roderick Strong

via WWE

Roderick Strong has proved that when a promotion gives him the opportunity to be their top guy, he will impress them with how well he can deliver. It took him a long time to get to WWE, but since arriving he has proven how good he can be.

With a significant amount of time holding both the Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla World Championships, Strong has been working hard to reach the top of WWE. Don't expect him to settle for an NXT Championship for long, he is gunning for the top prize.

3 Never Make It - Aliyah

via WWE

NXT's talent pool has been pillaged over the years in order to fill in gaps on both RAW and Smackdown Live. With the need for female talent on both rosters to fill in three different Women's divisions, female wrestlers have been at a premium over the past few years. Now with wrestlers like Belair and Baszler poised for main roster debuts soon, someone will need to stay behind.

Aliyah has been in NXT for a number of years now, but has not progressed to the level of those currently vying for the NXT Women's Championship. Since there will be some holes to fill in NXT, Aliyah has little chance of being moved up any time soon.

2 Next Call-Up - Kyle O'Reilly/Bobby Fish

via RingsideCollectables

There are too many great tag teams in WWE to deny just how great tag team wrestling can be. With teams like The Revival bringing a renewed interest in full-time teams, the division has undergone a renaissance that it has not seen for awhile. However, WWE has been sitting on one of the best teams on the planet in NXT, who are chomping at the bit to compete on the main roster.

Formerly known as reDragon on the independent circuit, O'Reilly and Fish are among tag team elite. Their run in Ring of Honor will likely never be duplicated, as they dominated that division for years. Just thinking about matches between them and The Revival is enough to make wrestling fans salivate, so it is not if they will get called up, but when.

1 Never Make It - Danny Burch

via WWE

Not all wrestlers are created equal, and it is just an unfortunate fact that Danny Burch will have to come to terms with. NXT has produced some of the greatest talent that wrestling has ever seen on WWE's main roster over the years, and that talent has risen to the top. However, it is just a fact of life that they are just some of the best.

Unfortunately, there are other wrestlers in NXT who are just not at the same level as them. Danny Burch has done little of note in NXT since his arrival and is continually overshadowed by wrestlers better than him. His career will likely continue this way as other wrestlers surpass him. However, that is not a slight against Burch, that is just business.

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