8 Paul Heyman RAW Rumors We Hope Are True (And 8 On SmackDown Live)

With SummerSlam looming, we still have no direction or indication as to how the PPV will be booked, aside from a couple of matches. At the very least, we do have some added excitement on both shows with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff taking control. Eric is yet to get started, however we’re already starting to see some of Heyman’s brilliant ideas come to life.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some exciting rumors that might take shape on RAW with Heyman in charge. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at SmackDown Live rumors and positive changes that can take place once the show makes its debut on FOX.

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16 RAW - Wins & Loses Matter

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This seems to be a lost art, at least in the last couple of years. A WWE Superstar loses a match only to rebound the next week like nothing ever took place.

Heyman plans to change this mindset, making a win or loss meaningful. AEW plans to use the same tactic on its show, actually keeping track of the talents' wins and losses throughout.

15 SmackDown Live - Eric Not On Creative Side

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The information pertaining to Eric’s WWE role remains quite sketchy. Some are concerned with Eric’s creative power given his role with WCW.

However, according to a recent report from Wrestling Observer Radio, Eric’s role has nothing to do with creative like Paul Heyman over on RAW. Instead, it is believed that Eric will be a facilitator between WWE and FOX.

14 RAW - Less Fakeness Backstage

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A big change to WWE programming over the last couple of years is the scripted nature of the show. As Dean Ambrose said on the Talk Is Jericho Podcast, wrestlers are basically bodies being told what to do.

Heyman looks to change this factor on RAW – one of the new rules he’s implementing is less tackiness backstage during segments while giving the talent more flexibility.

13 SmackDown Live - Daniel Cormier To The Commentary Booth

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SmackDown is looking to make some significant changes prior to its debut on FOX. Things could look substantially different at the commentary booth with a huge rumored name.

According to Ring Side News, Daniel Cormier is one of the names currently floating around. He’s a huge WWE fan and someone who FOX is familiar with given his past with UFC.

12 RAW - Bringing Back Rousey

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Putting your personal feelings on Ronda Rousey aside, it is quite clear that the division, especially on RAW, took a serious hit since her departure.

She has a close connection with Paul Heyman, leading many to believe that she’ll return on the red brand sooner rather than later. RAW needs a major shakeup to the division, and Rousey can definitely spark things. She’s also rumored for SmackDown in the fall.

11 SmackDown Live - Baszler Set For Debut Soon

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Networks have the right to pitch ideas in order to improve a product. We recently saw that with the USA Network pitching the 24/7 Title, an idea WWE ran with. The company also recently put on a RAW Reunion show as a way to boost ratings.

FOX is also pitching lots of ideas for SmackDown Live; one of them involves a certain talent joining the roster. It is said that the network wants a dose of real-life fighters like Shayna Baszler on the roster.

10 RAW - Pushing Ricochet

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Paul Heyman has his eye on a couple of talents – these stars can possibly lead the way during his run in charge of RAW. One WWE star Heyman fully intends on pushing is Ricochet. It is said that Heyman is very high on the talent.

Paul plans to push others including Braun Strowman who kind of lost his way in the recent months – but is starting to look great again since a program with Lashley.

9 SmackDown Live - New Faction To Be Launched

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With Bischoff in the picture, a new faction might be on its way. Styles recently teased adding Finn Balor to the Club stable. Other options also exist, one of which is Andrade joining forces with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

Another rumor, according to Cagesideseats hints at a UK faction making its debut on SmackDown. Members might include Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven, a trio that is more than main roster ready.

8 RAW - Adding NXT Flavor Gradually

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Heyman is looking to the future and he plans on doing so with NXT talent sprinkled into RAW on a weekly basis.

We’re starting to get some signs of this plan in motion with the Street Profits appearing on recent episodes in a backstage capacity. This is a clever way to ease new talent onto the main roster – especially given all the failures of recent NXT stars on either of the main shows.

7 SmackDown Live – Creating New Stars

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What made SmackDown Live the must-see show is the fact that the brand had a knack for creating new stars. However, with the wild card rule, that plan seems to have been derailed in recent weeks.

It looks like they’re heading towards this ideology once again; Liv Morgan is the newest talent that might be getting a push with a new gimmick. Here’s to hoping this trend continues.

6 RAW - New Look On Its Way

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Heyman’s long-term plan, according to 411 Mania is to make RAW a totally different show with a new feel.

Some believe that this might lead to a change in set design, a part of the show that seems to be long overdue. This would truly give the program a new feel and a push in the right direction.

5 SmackDown Live - Ending The Wild Card Rule

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We spoke about this earlier; the wild card rule has done more harm than good, especially on SmackDown Live with some of our favorites taking a back seat.

This is another plan that might be in place with less RAW stars invading SmackDown Live and stealing TV time from the talent. This can only boost the show’s value while giving the likes of Kevin Owens more time to gain added popularity with the audience.

4 RAW - Edgier Commentary

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We’re starting to see this more and more, the likes of Corey Graves and Renee Young are starting to use heavier language at the commentary desk.

Heck, Graves even admitted that he doesn’t want to know about the outcomes either prior to a match, which can only give an even greater organic feel to the show.

3 SmackDown Live - Less Comedy, More Sports Oriented

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This is the clear direction FOX wants to take with SDLive. Booking the show as something reminiscent to a sport, while dropping the comedy.

FOX also wants to see edgier programming matched with aggressive matches. That’s a formula we’re also starting to see as of late – it’ll only intensify heading towards the fall.

2 RAW - Booking Backwards

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Forget about booking a show the day of, Heyman wants to know where he is going and rightfully so; we really don’t blame him.

Paul intends to book shows backwards, starting from WrestleMania. This will give Heyman a clear path with an obvious booking direction – instead of the current system which is day-to-day.

1 SmackDown Live – Lesnar Switching Brands

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We’ll see lots of different faces join the SmackDown Live brand once it makes its debut on FOX. One of the rumored names at the moment is Brock Lesnar, the most credible name in the business, especially in the eyes of FOX.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even see Lesnar compete regularly on the show or at least a little more frequently.

Sources – Wrestling Observer, Cagesideseats & Ring Side News

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