8 Rumored Wrestlers Vince Must Sign In The Fall (And 7 Triple H Might Get For NXT)

The time for signings is now. AEW is true competition. WWE is set to debut on FOX in the fall after signing a billion-dollar deal and let’s face it, the ratings haven’t been the greatest as of late. Given those three aspects, signing new talent really isn’t a bad idea.

In this article, we’ll feature which wrestlers can slot where. We’ll take a look at stars Triple H has interest in along with those McMahon might value. In fact, in most of these cases, it has been reported that the company is interested. It remains to be seen if further action will take place. According to Forbes, WWE might add an influx of former UFC talent, given that FOX loves the credibility that the athletes provide.

From UFC stars to talent from around the world, here are rumored names Triple H and Vince are currently looking at.

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15 Vince - Jacob Fatu

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According to Wrestling Inc, WWE has serious interest in signing yet another member of the Anoa'i family, Jacob Fatu.

Trained by his uncle Rikishi, Jacob seems to be thriving at the moment recently capturing the MLW World Championship. He can be a perfect addition to The Usos act, freshening up the duo into a trio, similar to the New Day.

14 Triple H - SANADA

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According to Voice Of Wrestling, SANADA is entering free agency and WWE might come in for the swoop, taking the wrestling star away from New Japan. SANADA has an obvious connection with the audience and given his draw value, WWE is more than interested.

Triple H, in particular, can succeed with SANADA on the roster – the signing would also help ease the talent into North America.

13 Vince - LAX

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LAX seems to be the talk of the wrestling rumor mill at the moment. The team continues to thrive with Impact, though it appears as though they're ready to move on in the not so distant future.

Vince will need to prepare for a bidding war against AEW, the rival company also has big interest. Surely, if Vince signs the duo, they'll instantly debut on the main roster taking on the best of the best, including The Usos, Revival and New Day.

12 Triple H - Rush

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Due to Andrade's recent WWE success, it looks like the company might be scouting another top tier CMLL talent. According to Dave Meltzer, WWE is closely looking at Rush, who's contract with ROH is set to expire at the end of the year, though he's still committed to CMLL for the time being.

Given what Triple H managed to do with Andrade, we can see Rush thriving in a similar manner with the developmental brand.

11 Vince - Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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If at first it doesn’t succeed, try again later. Drew McIntyre is a recent example of that notion completely working in a wrestler and WWE's favor – Davey Boy Smith Jr. might be another example.

The veteran is supposedly done with New Japan, according to Last Word On Pro Wrestling. Given the familiarity, Vince must have an interest. Smith can also elevate others, including Tyler Breeze, perhaps forming a type of stable with the wrestler.

10 Triple H - Sari Fujimura

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During a recent tour of Japan, Triple H kept busy scouting yet another female talent. According to Wrestling Observer, Hunter kept a close eye on Sari Fujimura – the 23-year-old is regarded as one of the very best in the industry at the moment.

We can see Sari succeeding similar to both Asuka and Kairi Sane. Here's to hoping this signing goes down in the near future.

9 Vince - Rosemary

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Knowing Vince, he might be looking to the past in an attempt to bolster the women's division. Ronda Rousey is rumored to return in the fall. Trish recently returned and we even saw other alums like Melina finally welcomed back.

Even Triple H can agree, looking elsewhere might be the better alternative. Rosemary is the definition of that - a fresh new act main roster fans would totally mark out for.

8 Triple H - Eli Drake

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Triple H has a tendency to make use of gifted veterans on his NXT brand. Bobby Roode is a name that comes to mind, climbing the NXT mountain despite his older age.

Eli Drake is set to turn 37 in the fall – though he isn't short on talent. Drake admitted to receiving several WWE offers in the past. Let's hope he finally accepts; this can be a great depth move for Triple H.

7 Vince - Paige VanZant

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This one might be awkward, though it might make a lot more sense than most would assume. VanZant has some serious interest in joining WWE, she confirmed this sentiment time and time again.

FOX also wants a big UFC contingency once WWE makes its debut. VanZant can be the perfect addition, especially given her social media reach.

6 Triple H - Tessa Blanchard

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Tessa Blanchard is an absolute star. She's currently working her craft with Impact, feuding with Sami Callihan if you can believe.

Once her Impact deal expires, WWE needs to get ready for a big bidding war against the likes of AEW. She can carry either of the divisions – it really comes down to her own personal preference.

5 Vince - John Morrison

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Morrison is another name to recently enter free agency as of early July. Without a doubt, McMahon and WWE at least kicked around wondering about his current status – after all, it was Morrison that elected to leave the company given that he didn't see a future.

John can still serve a vital purpose, whether it be putting others over or even getting one last push to the top of the mountain.

4 Triple H - Joey Ryan

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According to Cultaholic, WWE contacted Ryan for a spot with NXT during the early portion of 2019. Ryan would also admit to getting offers from WWE along with other companies, though he chooses to remain out on the indie scene.

The irony here is that Ryan almost called it a career when he was rejected by WWE following a tryout.

3 Vince - Cain Velasquez

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Velasquez blew fans away with his AAA debut. We saw snippets of the UFC star during his training at WWE's PC. However, his recent match certainly exceeded lots of expectations, he was flying around the ring like a luchador.

A match against Brock down the road seems like a dream scenario, especially for FOX.

2 Triple H - Marty Scurll

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Scurll remains an interesting unknown. Although all of his buddies joined AEW, he has hinted in the past that working with WWE is a dream.

He's also fully backing the company for putting Paul Heyman at the helm, according to Ring Side News that factor might sway Marty. In addition, Triple H can make Scurll the face of NXT similar to Finn Balor.

1 Vince - Daniel Cormier

via FOX

Wrestling Inc indicates that Cormier might have interest in wrestling Brock Lesnar. However, there's also another rumor currently circulating, this one links Cormier to a commentating position once WWE joins FOX, according to Forbes.

It'll add even more credibility once the company makes the jump come the fall.

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