8 Shondaland Stars Who Can't Stand Each Other (+8 That Hooked Up)

Founded by Shonda Rhimes back in 2005, Shondaland Production Company has been home to some of the most amazing shows of all time. These include major television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM), The Catch among others.

Behind every hit TV show are actors who work effortlessly to make great entertainment. Some appear as regulars while others take on recurring guest roles. Unfortunately, after working with each other, some Shondaland stars cannot stand each other whereas some fall in love after meeting on set. Here is a list of both:

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16 Ellen Pompeo Was Relieved When Patrick Dempsey Left

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Starring in the record-breaking medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey played a love interest to Ellen Pompeo on-screen for 10 years until he decided to leave the show and when he left; so did their friendship. According to hollywoodlife, Ellen has never spoken to his former co-star since his departure. She revealed that she faced discrimination over his co-star and was relieved when he left.

15 Isaiah Washington And Patrick Dempsey Actually Fought

Via: rottentomatoes.com

Grey’s anatomy co-star Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey cannot stand each other. As revealed by screenrant, the two co-stars got into a fight after Dempsey showed up for work late. Washington grabbed Dempsey’s shirt while they were arguing and the rest was history. Washington was fired shortly after the incident.

14 There's Still Bad Blood Between Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight

Via: nydailynews.com

According to cosmopolitan, Grey’s Anatomy star Washington used a homophobic slur towards his co-star T.R Knight while they were arguing backstage. Washington tried to defend himself at the Golden Globes and still used the same slur. Afterward, Knight revealed he was gay and Washington was fired from the show. Bad blood obviously remains between the two former co-stars.

13 The Cast Of Grey's Anatomy Secretly Wanted Kate Walsh To Leave

Via: ew.com

What can she have possibly done to get an entire cast mad at her? Former Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh only accepted a new career opportunity in the spin-off series, Private Practice. According to screenrant, her former cast members could not stand her because they secretly also wanted that job. However, they should have been mad at Shonda since she was the one doing the hiring.

12 Katherine Heigl Should Have Kept Quiet About Ellen Pompeo's Movie Career Aspirations 

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After building her acting career on Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl decided to leave the show after renewing her contract and getting a big raise. Her beef with Ellen Pompeo broke out when she criticized her publicly for how she left the show and how her movie career had not taken off thereafter as dailymail reports.

11 Katherine Heigl Really Pissed Off Shonda Rhimes When She Turned Down That Nomination 

Via: bustle.com

Katherine Heigl and boss lady, Shonda Rhimes can’t stand each other. According to fame10, this is the case after she got a nomination for Best Actress for her role in Grey’s Anatomy and instead turned the nomination down revealing that she did not feel her work that season warranted an Emmy nomination. Rhimes and her team were very furious they had to cut down her screen-time until she left the show. Rhimes later shared that she has learned how not to hire her kind.

10 Taye Diggs And Idina Menzel Went Their Separate Ways After 10 Years

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After 10 years of marriage, former co-stars Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel could not stand each other anymore and decided to get a divorce. They both starred in Shondaland’s show Private Practice and before that in a rock musical film called Rent. According to screenrant, they have both publicly moved on with other people.

9 Paul Adelstein Could Have Chosen To Date Anyone But He Chose Liza Weil's Co-Star

Via: tmz.com

Scandal star Paul Adelstein and How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) star Liza Weil called it quits on their marriage after 10 years as People reveals. This ex-couple truly cannot stand each another especially after Weil began dating her HTGAWM fellow co-star thereafter. However, the duo shares joint custody of their adorable daughter.

+8 That Hooked Up

8 Scott Foley And Marika Dominiczyk Are Married With Kids

Via: pinterest.com

Actress Marika Dominiczyk recently debuted her career in Grey’s Anatomy years after her current husband Scott Foley starred in the same show. According to dailymail, the duo got married in a private ceremony back in 2007 and currently has three children. Foley has starred in yet another Shondaland hit series, Scandal.

7 Adam Shapiro And Katie Lowes Got Married In 2012

Via: nbcnewyork.com

Actor Adam Shapiro took on guest roles in Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy before appearing as a regular on Scandal. Little did he know he would find love with fellow co-star Katie Lowes. As screenrant reveals Adam played her ex-boyfriends character who died onscreen. The couple married in 2012 and welcomed their first child in 2017.

6 Matthew Alan And Camilla Luddington Could Not Hide Their Love Any Longer

Via: celebsfirst.com

This is yet another marriage in Shondaland. Grey’s Anatomy stars Matthew Alan and Camilla Luddington are the newest couple in town, they recently tied the knot in an intimate coastline ceremony. According to People, the duo tried to hide their relationship but a bun in the oven led them to reveal. They now have a beautiful 2-year old baby together.

5 Alfred Enoch And Aja Naomi King Could Very Well Be The Couple In Next Big Shondaland Wedding

Via: pinterest.com

While this couple has never confirmed their relationship in public, some sources claim that they dated for a while. Both staring in Shondaland’s How To Get Away With Murder, Alfred and Aja have share photos online accompanying each other everywhere. He was even her date at a Hollywood gala and both have met each other's parents as screenrant reports.

4 Paul Adelstein And Liza Weil Did Get Married Even Though Forever Was Just 10 Years

Via: tmz.com

Ex-couple, Adelstein, and Weil might have broken up but they definitely hooked up in the past. They were in fact married for 10 years with a daughter. According to People, Adelstein and Weil starred together in Gilmore Girls before moving to several Shondaland shows. The ex-couple broke up in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

3 Charlie Weber And Liza Weil Dated For Years But Broke Up Early This Year

Via: informationcradle.com

After ending her marriage with Adelstein, Weil started dating her HTGAWM co-star, Charlie Weber. They had a rocky relationship on-screen which must have been a weird experience for the real-life couple. However, after two years of dating, they later surprised fans when they announced their separation in February 2019 as eonline reports.

2 Alan Ruck and Mireille Enos Are Still Going Strong

Via: zimbio.com

Couple Alan Ruck and Mireille Enos have definitely hooked up. They got married in 2008 and have two children. The duo both starred in the show, The Catch before it was canceled. Mireille took on the lead role while Alan made guest appearances. According to People, Mireille once revealed that she married her teenage crush and the duo can never be happier.

1 David Sutcliffe And Kate Walsh's Relationship Almost Cost Kate Her Marriage 

Via: sixx.de

Another Shondaland ex-couple that has hooked up is Sutcliffe and Walsh. After staring in Grey’s Anatomy, Kate got a lead role in the spin-off show Private Practice. According to screenrant, Kate could have ended her marriage to producer Alex Young due to a speculated relationship with co-star David Sutcliffe. However, their relationship did not last too long.

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