8 Upcoming Remakes/Sequels We’re Excited For (7 That We’re Dreading)

As anyone who pays attention to the output coming out of Hollywood has no doubt noticed, movie studios really like making new films based on old film series that have already found success. Of course, from an accounting perspective, that makes perfect sense as a lot of people are willing to fork over their hard-earned cash to see new adventures in a world they’re already invested in.

While some sequels and remakes have managed to improve the legacies of the film franchises they are based on, that isn’t always the case. Actually, some of the time the exact opposite is true as the worst films that continue on successful film series only tarnish the movies that came before. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 8 upcoming remakes and sequels we’re looking forward to and 7 that we’re dreading.

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15 Looking Forward To: Top Gun: Maverick

Via hollywoodreporter.com

On the surface of things, there are a lot of reasons to worry that Top Gun: Maverick will turn out to be bad. After all, the original movie is very much its era and sequels that come out so long after the original film’s release tend to flounder. That said, there is one reason we’re excited about this film, Tom Cruise has a long track record of excellence including when it comes to the sequels he has been a part of.

14 Dreading: The Crow

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Here’s the thing, the fact that we are dreading the long-planned remake to The Crow blows our mind. After all, the original Brandon Lee movie is fantastic and its story is so relatable that it absolutely should have inspired a number of successful sequels. Unfortunately, the other Crow movies that have been released up until this point were bad. On top of that, plans for the remake keep falling apart which makes us think they have no idea what they are doing.

13 Looking Forward To: Big Trouble in Little China 2

Via sickchirpse.com

In the wrong hands, a sequel to the John Carpenter and Kurt Russell’s film Big Trouble in Little China could be disastrous. That is the case because one of the main reasons why that ridiculous and arguably problematic movie works is because of Russell’s performance in the lead role. Thankfully, however, Dwayne Johnson signed on to be a part of the sequel and if there is any modern star whose charisma alone can carry a film, it is The Rock.

12 Dreading: Space Jam 2

Via comicbook.com

As we all know, there was an entire generation of kids that grew up loving Space Jam. While we are more than happy they got so much enjoyment out of the film, Space Jam actually isn’t very good at all. Now set to get a sequel with Lebron James in the main role, his ability to lead a film is questionable and the Looney Tunes aren’t a big deal these days so it is baffling this film is really going to happen.

11 Looking Forward To: Terminator: Dark Fate

Via engadget.com

Not only are the first two Terminator movies great, but they are also so outstanding that they remain among the best sci-fi films ever made. Unfortunately, up until now every other film in the series has been really bad. Still, James Cameron produced Terminator: Dark Fate, Deadpool director Tim Miller helmed the film, and Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor so we hope that they’ll fix the franchise.

10 Dreading: The Matrix 4

Via hypebeast.com

One of those rare films that managed to combine amazing special effects, action, and a truly compelling story, The Matrix was a masterpiece. Sadly, a lot of people forget how great the original film is due to its two lackluster sequels. Set to return with one of the original writers and directors attached, we no longer have faith in Lana Wachowski and we worry that The Matrix 4 will tarnish the original film even more.

9 Looking Forward To: Coming To America 2

Via dailymail.co.uk

Let’s face facts, many moviegoers have lost all faith in Eddie Murphy. That said, there is absolutely no doubt that the man can be absolutely hilarious and Coming to America is among his best films. On top of that, Murphy waited thirty years to make Coming to America 2 so we’re choosing to believe everyone involved took that time to craft a great script Eddie could sink his teeth into.

8 Dreading: Jurassic World 3

Via nerdbot.com

While it makes perfect sense for a third Jurassic World movie to be made, since the first two made a fortune at the box office, there are a lot of reasons to think it will be bad. For example, Fallen Kingdom was monumentally stupid. After all, the film’s bad guys thought it was a great idea to use a gun to highlight someone so dinosaurs would attack them instead of just firing bullets at them with the same weapons.

7 Looking Forward To: Fast & Furious 9

Via comingsoon.net

When it comes to what the Fast & Furious franchise is, we have no illusions that the next film in the series will be a critical darling. That said, we are definitely looking forward to the movie’s release because we are extremely confident that it will be a lot of fun based on the success of the series’ recent offerings. On top of that, we’re interested to see Michael Rooker and John Cena join the franchise.

6 Dreading: Clueless

Via marieclaire.com

As anyone that was young during the ‘90s will no doubt remember, Clueless was a huge hit that really hit the mark with that decade’s teens. For all the reasons why that movie was perfect for that time, the planned Clueless remake won’t work. Don’t get us wrong, if they wanted to adapt the novel “Emma” for today’s audiences again that could work but Clueless is such a relic of its era that it should be left there.

5 Looking Forward To: Frozen 2

Via hollywoodreporter.com

So well received that it is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, Frozen’s mammoth success is no coincidence. Sure, a lot of adults got sick of hearing that damn song but it was undeniably catchy, the movie was well-written, and it was easy to care about the characters. Looking like it could be more intense than the original film, based on the trailers, we’re excited to see how far Frozen 2 goes.

4 Dreading: Indiana Jones 5

Via trinikid.com

Just like most people, we absolutely love Harrison Ford as an actor in large part because of the first three Indiana Jones movies. Of course, that is why we were blown away that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull managed to be so incredibly bad. Based off that, there is a small part of us that would like to see the series get redeemed with one more great film. That said, we’d rather not risk the franchise’s legacy being dragged through the mud further.

3 Looking Forward To: Bill & Ted Face the Music

Via theverge.com

Set to be released in 2020, we have to admit there are a lot of reasons to think that Bill & Ted Face the Music will be bad. After all, work on it started a long time ago and it has been nearly three decades since the last film in the series was released. All of that said, seeing Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter together puts a smile on our face even if we wish George Carlin was there too.

2 Dreading: Avatar 2

Via empireonline.com

An absolute sensation upon its release, Avatar’s special effects were a gigantic step forward at the time which helped people to completely invest in its story. In the years since that film became the highest-grossing movie in history at that time, other movies have caught up and surpassed its visuals. As a result, the main thing an Avatar sequel has going for it is the franchise’s story which is pretty weak.

1 Looking Forward To: Mortal Kombat

Via goombastomp.com

If you ask us, it’s mind-blowing that there haven’t been any Mortal Kombat movies since 1997 and there has never been an R-rated movie based on the franchise. After all, the video games’ over the top violence and really dense backstory seems like the perfect fodder for a highly successful film franchise. Thankfully, the celebrated director James Wan has agreed to produce an upcoming R-rated film adaptation of the fan-favorite series.

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