8 WWE Stars That Need To Turn Heel (And 8 Changed To Babyfaces)

A gimmick change can make all the difference. Just take a look at Bray Wyatt; the talent was in no man’s land just a year ago and he’s now back on top with his Fiend gimmick.

An easy way to change a gimmick is by having the wrestler turn from either a heel to a babyface, or the inverse. WWE uses this tactic frequently to freshen things up. AJ Styles is yet another example, the move instantly paid off with AJ capturing the US Title.

Several other WWE stars are in need of this kind of boost. Heck, we even feature two major title holders that can use the turn, one reverting to his old babyface ways while the other would revert back to his heelish ways, which most consider the prime of his career. Find out who we’re talking about along with a slew of others as we take a look at WWE stars who need to change things up. Enjoy!

16 Heel - Finn Balor

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Finn Balor is now on a hiatus from WWE taking some well-deserved time off (a leave of absence). He left the company with a decisive defeat against The Fiend.

Finn needs to be a special talent at the top of the card once he returns. A way WWE can execute this is by having Balor return as The Demon, though this time as a villain. It can also lead to Finn joining The OC as a heel alongside Styles, Gallows & Anderson.

15 Babyface – Drew McIntyre

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The Rock said it himself: Drew McIntyre has the tools to be the next special talent with WWE.

There really isn’t anything wrong with his current heel gimmick. However, it is interesting to note that WWE hasn’t had a large-sized babyface at the top of the company in quite some time. Drew thrived in the spot with NXT and we have no doubt he can recapture the same magic and perhaps also become “the guy” in the company with such a turn.

14 Heel - Rey Mysterio

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A recent episode of RAW saw Rey Mysterio question his future and contemplate retirement. Yes, he’s losing a lot of matches but in the ring, Mysterio really hasn’t missed a step looking as good as he did a decade ago.

He needs a change and a drastic one can see Mysterio turn heel. One way would be to devastate the 205 Live Division, it would also add interest to the brand. He can also join forces with Andrade, creating a top tier heel unit alongside Zelina Vega and perhaps other Mexican wrestlers.

13 Babyface - Sami Zayn

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Nothing seems to be going right for Sami Zayn. He’s among the most talented in the company, though his gimmick tells us otherwise with the former NXT Champion losing match after match on a weekly basis.

It might be best to start from scratch with Sami and reintroduce the WWE star during NXT’s debut on USA. Sami can revert back to his babyface gimmick, the underdog from the underground, and gain his confidence back.

12 Heel - Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy isn’t doing too much at the moment aside from taking part in live events. Since brother Jeff’s injury, Matt has basically gone MIA.

He can still serve a big purpose on the show, especially as a heel. Matt is always looking to change things up and a heel gimmick can be the answer. He can use the turn to put over young talent like Aleister Black – that can be a great feud on route to a PPV match.

11 Babyface - Kyle O’Reilly

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We add some NXT flavor to the article. Get ready to see the show thrive with the move to USA looming near.

Undisputed Era will be front and center as the dominant group once the show airs. However, down the road, there will come a time when things go astray. O’Reilly seems like the perfect candidate to turn. He’s such a great talent and we can imagine the slew of great matches he can have against Adam Cole. The move can elevate O’Reilly to the top as a lovable face.

10 Heel - Carmella

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Ever since she dropped the MITB briefcase and Women’s Championship, Carmella really hasn’t been the same. Clearly, she’s better off as a heel. It should also be noted that fans started to turn on her following the Corey Graves announcement.

The scenario can see Carmella turning on Truth, costing him the 24/7 Championship. Now that would cause some major heat and allow Carmella to revert back to her former ways.

9 Babyface – Buddy Murphy

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Slowly but surely, it seems as though WWE is turning Murphy into a babyface. The move might’ve been accidental as he grew the respect of the fans following a brilliant clash against Roman Reigns.

The organic push continued most recently with Murphy defeating Daniel Bryan, one of the biggest heels in the company. It was his biggest victory ever followed by a huge ovation from the audience. It’ll be interesting to see if he stays on the babyface path.

8 Heel - Cedric Alexander

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Another 205 Live alumni, Alexander can easily be in the same spot as Buddy Murphy. Alexander oozes with talent and he also worked the main event spot alongside Roman Reigns.

Though the brief program was completely whiffed by the company with no turn or anything too significant taking shape. Perhaps Cedric fighting with a chip on his shoulder as a heel can be just the change he needs.

7 Babyface - Liv Morgan

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We really haven’t seen much of Liv Morgan since her jump to SmackDown Live. Fans speculated that the Riott Squad broke up as a way to push Morgan as a solo star, though that really hasn’t been the case.

She has the sympathy of the crowd which is a definite positive. All she really needs now is a new gimmick and one the fans can get on board with.

6 Heel - Paige

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She’s currently out following surgery. Paige won’t return to the ring, though WWE can still make use of her. The company needs more managers and Paige can be the perfect candidate.

We can see Paige returning and putting her days alongside Asuka and Sane on the backburner, while arrogantly managing a new, upcoming heel – one that could even be in the men’s division.

5 Babyface - Shinsuke Nakamura

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Speaking of starting from scratch, Nakamura needs a character rebirth similar to Sami Zayn. He was so special with NXT; that allure went the wayside since joining the main roster.

Nakamura needs to revert back to a babyface and like The Fiend, he needs to turn into an attraction act only appearing at certain events. This should’ve been the way he got booked from the start.

4 Heel - Asuka

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She was booked properly to start but a loss to Charlotte at WrestleMania completely derailed everything. Asuka is now in the forgotten women’s tag team division alongside partner Kairi Sane, two women that should be doing so much more.

An Asuka heel turn would be one similar to Io Shirai down in NXT. Asuka would turn on her partner Sane similar to Io’s turn on Candice. Asuka would add that mean streak once again, something she’s desperately missing.

3 Babyface - Luke Harper

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How WWE doesn’t have anything for Luke Harper is truly beyond most fans. The talent continues to sit as the company plans to freeze out the talent.

A return would be a surprising one and surely met with lots of cheers. Why not have Harper partner up with Roman Reigns while they slay the team of Daniel Bryan and Rowan? Now that would be a great return.

2 Heel – Seth Rollins

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He’s on top of the WWE at the moment holding the Universal Championship. However, something does feel like it’s missing from Seth’s character.

In truth, Seth as a heel is a way better alternative and one that can make for an interesting scenario. When was the last time we saw a major titleholder turn while holding the belt? Heel Seth Rollins can be just the answer WWE is looking for.

1 Babyface – Brock Lesnar

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It might be time to finally change things up with Brock Lesnar. Seriously, when was the last time Lesnar performed as a true babyface? We really have to go back to the early 2000s and his rivalry with Kurt Angle to get such a clear cut shot.

It is time to change paths with The Beast and turning him into a babyface can unlock a new string of opponents for Lesnar to face.

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