8 WWE Stars That Have Beef Behind The Scenes (7 Who Are Surprisingly Close)

Back in the day, we had a lot more beef scenarios behind the scenes. Testosterone was oozing out of the WWE stars and heck, even the WCW employees. Who can forget Steiner destroying DDP backstage or Debra calling out Torrie Wilson in front of the entire locker room for flirting with her man? Clearly it was a different time period and things are much more relaxed these days.

However, tension still does exist. We’ll examine the current feuds going on behind the scenes. We’ll also take a special look at some of the unique friendships currently taking place. Thanks to social media, we’re able to tell which WWE stars are friends behind the scenes.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started!

15 Beef – Seth Rollins & Sasha Banks

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Some might say Seth took this a little too far. As we’ve seen in the past, the Universal Champion is a loose cannon on Twitter.

Sasha poked some innocent fun at Seth copying one of his tweets; here’s what Rollins had to say in response; "Luckily for me, you'll under-deliver like you always do and continue to wonder why you're not in more main events." Ouch... Seth would later delete his Twitter account.

14 Friends - Bayley & AJ Lee

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Bayley has a lot of close friendships out of the ring. Some are even with former WWE stars.

Bayley maintains a close relationship with AJ Lee, a friendship running for the last five years. Here’s what Bayley had to say about her relationship with Lee via IG; “5+ years, one hour, 2 breakfast bowls, and over 36oz of coffee later... She has always for some reason kinda liked me. She is amazing.”

13 Beef - Mandy Rose & Carmella

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We assume WWE was none too pleased with this beef. It took place via Twitter and it escalated to the point that Carmella needed to delete her tweet.

She took a serious shot at Mandy Rose calling her dangerous in the ring, “Trust me, I don’t wanna look like you babe. You could never pull off both. Also, go back to NXT and learn how to be safe in the ring.”

12 Friends - Shinsuke Nakamura & Greg Hamilton

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Oddly enough, Nakamura travels on the road alongside the WWE’s ring announcer, Greg Hamilton. Heck, knowing how Nakamura is out of the ring, this does make a lot of sense.

The two love the travel aspect while trying out different restaurants together. Nakamura even posted a happy birthday message to Hamilton via IG, posting several pics of the two enjoying the road life together.

11 Beef - Nia Jax & Carmella

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Another beef featuring Carmella – though this one was instigated by Nia Jax on a recent episode of Total Divas.

Carmella questioned why Nia was being off with her, Jax would hit Carmella with a bomb calling her fake and not a genuine person. The result, a crying Carmella – heck even Tamina seemed confused by Nia’s comments.

10 Friends - EC3 & Braun Strowman

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He isn’t doing much on-screen at the moment but at least he’s creating some friendships with the others backstage on RAW.

Carter has a close relationship with Braun Strowman – we can also add Drake Maverick to the mix. Carter posted pics of the trio enjoying some drinks out in the sun, not to mention taking to the Go-Kart track with Strowman and Mojo.

9 Beef - Randy Orton & Goldberg

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Goldberg has a lot of beef these days. We’ll feature another a little later. It should also be noted that Bret Hart recently took a shot at Goldberg as well, stating that he doesn’t belong in the Hall Of Fame.

Orton added to this a couple of months back, tweeting out, “there goes another 2 million,” in relation to Goldberg’s return.

8 Friends - Johnny Gargano & Shawn Michaels

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“Pretty much got to watch a movie with my childhood hero... no big deal.”

Just imagine idolizing someone growing up and becoming close friends with that same person... that’s what it is like to be Johnny Gargano, growing a close relationship with HBK behind the scenes. HBK has been very influential in Gargano’s rise and improvements.

7 Beef - Batista & CM Punk

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This was a down-low beef we really didn’t know about till CM Punk recently made reference to it. Here’s what he had to say;

“The funny thing about me and Dave [Bautista], too, is that Dave 100% disagrees with me the way that I left. But we’re both grown-ass men who can talk about it instead of just throwing stones.” (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

6 Friends - The Rock & Baron Corbin

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Fans might not want to hear this but yes, Rock does have a lot of respect for Baron Corbin. Here’s what The Great One had to say via IG;

“Huge thank you to this stud @baroncorbinwwe. Thanks for the action and letting me throw around all 6’8 300lbs of you. You gotta lot of talent and potential as we discussed. Keep working hard to hone your craft, always entertain the fans and when it’s time to be a bad MF’er. Be a bad MF’er.”

5 Beef - Zelina Vega & Becky Lynch

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One of Becky’s many Twitter wars; she recently attacked Sasha Banks but fans know that is only one of the many.

Lynch also feuded it out with Zelina Vega in July – the two took some harsh shots at one another. We wonder if things took a weird twist backstage as well.

4 Friends - Alexa Bliss & Ember Moon

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They share a close friendship off-camera and that’s especially evident via Twitter and IG.

Moon even took exception to Lynch’s comments pertaining to Bliss, Ember took notice of a bad joke and let’s just say she was none too pleased. Now that’s some true friendship right there!

3 Beef - Goldberg & Matt Riddle

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The encounter between these two was cringe (to say the least) following Matt’s comments made about Goldberg. Riddle blasted the former Universal Champion for his match against The Undertaker.

Of course, Goldberg wasn’t thrilled with the comments, even bumping Riddle backstage as seen on Goldberg’s special documentary on the WWE network.

2 Friends - Finn Balor & Triple H

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Balor and Triple H grew a great friendship during Finn’s early days with NXT. It would continue on the main roster as Finn got the chance to become the inaugural Universal Champion. It showed how close the two were when Triple H broke down backstage after Finn dropped the title due to injury.

The relationship seems to be stronger than ever with Balor returning to NXT, aiding The Game in his battle against AEW.

1 Beef - Becky Lynch & Edge

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This Twitter war got so out of hand that even Ric Flair wasn’t sure if it was an actual shoot – the two took some heavy shots at one another. Here’s what Flair had to say about the Twitter exchange;

"This social media stuff I'm just starting to get the hang of it," Flair said. "I had to call Edge up and say, 'Tell me Becky Lynch isn't really shooting on you.' My God, it was pissing me off."

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