9 Emotional WWE Returns That Can Take Place Before 2019 Ends (6 That Won’t)

WWE knows this better than most, a return can help boost ratings. Let’s take the recent Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan RAW segment, it boosted the ratings with fans turning up to see the old faces. The same can be said for the recent inaugural SmackDown episode on FOX. Ticket sales skyrocketed once the announcement of The Rock was made official. Clearly, the old guys still bring in the money.

In this article, we’ll take a look at which additional returns are actual possibilities and which won’t happen. Some can shake the entire WWE while others remain less likely to occur, no matter how bad the fans want it.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started.

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15 Might Return - Edge

via WWE

Following Edge’s spear on Elias, fans started to speculate that the Rated R Superstar might be cleared for action. Surprisingly, those rumors might be true.

It is believed that Edge might be planning a return to the ring – not only that but Ring Side News reports that he signed a new deal with WWE, even using AEW as leverage for the new deal!

14 Won’t - Sting

via WWE

Sting hinted at one last match against The Undertaker on more than a few occasions. The only problem is that WWE likely won’t allow it to happen.

According to Wrestling Observer, the company is very cautious when it comes to older talent given past issues. Therefore, a Sting return should not be expected – as far as wrestling in a WWE ring goes.

13 Might Return - Kurt Angle

via WWE

Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true! Kurt Angle isn’t totally satisfied with the way he went out. The fans weren’t either as Angle lost to Baron Corbin in his last match. Everyone wanted to see the Angle versus Cena clash, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Kurt admitted that if needed, he would step into the ring once again without thinking twice.

12 Might Return - Trish Stratus

via WWE

Her bout against Charlotte seemed like the perfect ending. Trish received a standing ovation from her hometown. However, there seems to be one match left on the table that Stratus might be interested in.

It is the match that never went down against Alexa Bliss. It can be the perfect passing of the torch moment and heck, it is never a bad thing seeing Trish in the ring for yet another match.

11 Won’t - Enzo & Cass

via IG

For a little while, there were strong rumors discussing Cass and Enzo possibly returning to NXT. Some sources would further the statement believing they had already signed deals.

Triple H turned down this notion and he was quite harsh about it as well. Given Cass’ recent struggle as well, a return doesn’t seem likely at all.

10 Might Return - Triple H (In-Ring)

via WWE

Triple H wrestling one more match is truly never off the table. The Game still looks great and there’s no doubt, he can still go with the best of them.

With AEW and NXT going toe-to-toe, who knows, maybe Hunter might just return to the ring to give his brand an extra boost. He would even admit most recently that Gargano and Ciampa are two dream opponents he would love to face.

9 Won’t - Rob Van Dam

via WWE

Fans completely marked out when RVD made his return to RAW during the special reunion episode.

Sadly, a permanent return doesn’t seem to be going down behind the scenes. RVD is currently under contract with Impact; the company was gracious enough to give RVD the right to join WWE for the special episode. There won’t be another comeback for the time being.

8 Might Return - Sheamus

via YouTube

Thankfully, Sheamus isn’t done. He had a career-threatening injury, though according to his recent statement on the E & C Podcast, he’s just waiting on WWE to get the clearance;

“If they ever let me back in there I think it’s definitely gonna help. The funny thing is when I was with Cesaro, which was one of the best times in my career, tagging with Cesaro with The Bar.”

7 Might Return - Ronda Rousey

via WWE

At the moment, a return doesn’t seem likely with Ronda working a television show while healing up her current injury.

However, rumors indicate that Rousey is fully expected to return at some point and it won’t be for a one-off match. She is slated to return and perhaps take on Becky Lynch on the road to WrestleMania 36.

6 Won’t - Shawn Michaels

via WWE

Once again, HBK rumors made the rounds online as he took a bump from Dolph Ziggler. Though according to the word backstage, it was never going to lead to a match between the two.

Shawn has stated time and time again that he’s done with the ring – he’s more than content growing NXT alongside his best bud, Triple H.

5 Might Return - Nikki Bella

via WWE

Right after she announced her retirement, Nikki would kind of go back on the decision making the claim that she would return for an additional match if the right opportunity presented itself.

At the moment, there seems to be no plan in place, though this can definitely change given Nikki’s star power.

4 Won’t - Batista

via WWE

He wanted one last match against Triple H and that’s exactly what he got. Fans discussed the possibility of Batista working other matches, though The Animal would officially announce his retirement after the match;

“I am officially retired from sports entertainment and I am grateful for every second of my amazing journey.”

3 Might Return - AJ Lee

via IG

She did admit to missing the ring – not only that but Lee also keeps in touch with current WWE stars like Bayley.

It is said that Vince reached out last year for the women’s Evolution event. Given that she’s still in her early 30s and with Punk possibly making a return, the door seems to be open for a return.

2 Won’t - Stone Cold Steve Austin (In-Ring)

via WWE

Suddenly, a Stone Cold return to the ring seemed like an actual possibility with Crown Jewel looming, though Wrestling Observer totally dismissed the notion. Austin has stated repeatedly that he’s fine without having to wrestle one more match.

However it should also be noted that according to EWrestling, Austin can make $2 million for just one match! Maybe it is off the table, for now...

1 Might Return - CM Punk

via YouTube

Perhaps the most shocking return of 2019, it is said that CM Punk is open to a WWE return. Not only that, but Triple H also agreed that he would be open to discussion despite that tension in the past.

For the time being, Punk is rumored for a WWE hosting gig on the Fox Network.

Sources – E Wrestling, Forbes, 411 Mania & Ringside News

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