9 Reasons Why Direwolves Would Make Awesome Pets

In George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire, and in HBO’s television adaption Game of Thrones, the children of Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark stumble across a litter of direwolf pups. Even though direwolves are considered to be fearsome beasts that haven’t been seen near Winterfell in years, after much pleading, Ned allows his children to adopt the abandoned wolf pups.

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Like the Stark children, we were instantly charmed by the direwolves in Game of Thrones because – let's face it – they would make such awesome pets! We're not going to lie – some of the most tragic moments were moments that involved the direwolves.

So with the new season just around the corner, we decided to compile a list of why would all want a direwolf as a pet. Read on to find out what we are obsessed with these amazing fictional creatures!

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

9 They Are Loyal To Their Owners

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Direwolves are loyal to their owner and will do absolutely anything to protect them. Look at how Summer didn’t budge from Bran’s side while he was unconscious, or how Nymeria tried to save Arya’s mother, Catelyn, when she found her body in the river.

While dogs are called “man’s best friend,” it’s clear that a direwolf is ten times more loyal that canis lupis familiaris!

8 Direwolves Are Terrifying To Your Mortal Enemies

Having a direwolf as a pet would be awesome because you could instantly strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with just one look from your majestic beast.

Many characters on Game of Thrones have remarked about how terrifying the direwolves are. Even the fearsome warrior Jamie Lannister practically wet his pants when Robb’s wolf, Grey Wind, snapped at the air around his neck when the Starks were holding him prisoner!

Given the fact that they’re bigger than ordinary wolves and have very sharp teeth, it is no wonder that most of the Game of Thrones characters are scared of them! While certain dog breeds such as the Belgian Malinois or the German Shepherd can be rightly terrifying while they are performing bite sports such as IPO, nothing compares to a ticked-off direwolf that wants to defend their owner!

7 They Are Almost As Smart As Humans

The good thing about owning a direwolf is that they are just as intelligent as us, humans. While some dog breeds, such as the Border Collies are often so smart that they scare us, a direwolf would run rings around your average pooch.

Direwolves have amazing reasoning skills – this is clear in the scene where Ghost runs into the forest and presents Jon Snow with the severed hand of a member of the Night’s Watch who had turned into a White Walker.

It is also implied that the Stark children’s direwolves understand English since their souls are bonded with their owners. How awesome would it be to not have to rely on a clicker or some treats to train your dog? All you would have to do is literally talk to them as you would to a regular person, and they would understand you!

6 They Have A Mystical Connection To Their Owners

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Martin’s novels have implied that Jon Snow and the other Stark children are wargs, which is why they have a mystical connection to their direwolves.

In the world of Game of Thrones, wargs are humans who have the psychic ability to mind-meld with different animals. Some, like the Starks, can control direwolves while others prefer to merge their souls with cats or even eagles.

How cool could it be if we were wargs?! I'm pretty sure this has been a life long dream of mine... if only ?

5 Direwolves Make Great Guard Dogs

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In Game of Thrones, Grey Wind always stays by Robb’s side, even in the midst of battle. Both the Stark banner men and their Lannister enemies try to stay as far as away from the wolf as possible because they know he would do absolutely anything to defend his owner. Even the men of the Night’s Watch had an uneasy respect for Jon’s direwolf, Ghost, because they knew the canine was a fearsome warrior.

Direwolves make excellent guard dogs because they can use their size and their ferocity to their advantage when it comes to protecting their property as well as their owner. Direwolves also have incredibly sharp teeth, which makes a great deterrent for robbers. All your wolf would have to do is give a slight snarl and anyone with even a lick of common sense would run away screaming into the night.

4 They Are Cute As All Heck

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Even though a fully-grown direwolf can easily kill a human, these fearsome canines are still utterly adorable.

We fully admit that we squealed at the scene in the first season of Game of Thrones when the Stark children stumbled upon the direwolf pups. The tiny balls of fluff were too cute for words!

Even as they matured throughout the seasons into giant wolves that would strike terror into the hearts of all who gazed upon them, we still thought they were adorable. After all, who wouldn’t want to cuddle with Ghost or stroke Summer’s gorgeous fur?

3 Direwolves Are Versatile Pets

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Like domesticated dogs, direwolves are versatile pets. Robb’s wolf, Grey Wind, excelled as a war dog while his brother, Summer, often served as a guide for Bran.

Owning a direwolf would be any dog lover’s dream come true. Whether you want your dog to excel at kicking butt on the field of battle or if you want a furry companion who will guard you from all evil, a direwolf can do all that and much more.

2 They Can Adapt To Any Climate

Unlike some Northern breeds such as the Siberian Husky or the Samoyed who groan in dismay the minute the temperature hits about 60 degrees, direwolves easily adapt to any climate.

Even though most direwolves prefer to stay in the frozen tundra of the North, rarely even coming to Winterfell, the Stark family’s pets clearly didn’t mind the heat of King’s Landing. For example, Arya’s wolf Nymeria is clearly thriving in the Riverlands. After the younger Stark girl urged Nymeria to escape so Cersei Lannister and her horrid son Joffrey wouldn’t kill the beautiful canine, she met up with a pack of grey wolves and soon became their leader. If Nymeria couldn’t survive in a warmer climate, she could have easily lead her pack up North and harassed the Boltons, who also betrayed Arya’s family.

1 You'll Always Be Together, Even When Apart

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Because direwolves share a spiritual connection with their owners, you would never be apart from each other, even if you are apart physically. What dog owner hasn't wondered what their pup was up to while they were away from home from their daily grind? What about when you had to go away for vacation and leave your precious pooch in the care of another person? Well, if you were a warg, and if you had a direwolf, you wouldn't have to wonder – you would be able to know.

When Arya had to let Summer loose, it broke all of our hearts. Luckily for us, and for Arya (who is a warg), she was able visit her direwolf in her dreams. She was also able to communicate with her – Nymeria would help attack her family’s enemies by sending her pack after Lannister soldiers at Arya's request.

Even though the “Game of Thrones” direwolves are not real, we can still purchase a plush toy of our favorite fictional canines from HBO’s store.

However, if we own any pets, we’ll have to keep it on a shelf so that our furry friends don’t think that our new acquisition is a chew toy meant for them!

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