90 Day Fiance: 20 Pics Darcey Silva Probably Wishes She Could Take Back

Following Darcey Silva's journey to true love may take more than 90 days, but fans have absolutely made time for Darcey and her dating escapades!

Darcey's days in the 90 Day Fiance franchise began in the first season of the show, and her story has since continued on its extremely popular spinoff, Before The 90 Days. We've watched Darcey's explosive relationship with the much younger lad Jesse crash and burn. With their doomed love came many-a-social media post from Darcey chronicling their days of jet setting and poorly justified fights, which became enough material for Darcey to surely hit the "delete" button on her phone.

Not only are there plenty of failed relationship photos, but Darcey also has plenty of past photos chronicling her style transformation; many of which she has banished from her social media archives forever. Take a look back at Darcey's failed photos and facial expressions!

20 Darcey And The Ill-Fated Vacation

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Many of us can attest to having a momento reminding us of past relationships, just like this photo of Darcey and Jesse captured on vacation during happier times.

Fans are likely to remember Darcey's whirlwind relationship with Jesse. The much-older Jesse once claimed he was not one for drama, and this photo seems to depict a much-needed pause from the usual mayhem!

19 Darcey's Dark Locks

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Style choices we wish we could erase are a universal experience. For "normies," it's easier to rid ourselves of these not-so-stellar style slip-ups, but for Darcey, erasing her previous looks are a bit more of a challenge, like this photo featuring her brunette locks!

Judging by Darcey's numerous examples of style evolution, fans could assume she would rather keep some fashion moments on the DL.

18 Too Glam To Look Good

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Taking selfies where we think we're looking our best can make us feel like we're on top of the world, but sometimes it's fair to ponder the question, "How much is too much?"

Darcey is no stranger to social media, and she is a big fan of perfecting her "selfie game," but there are some mismatched filter choices when it comes to Darcey's look here.

17 Ex-Guys And Gym Vibes

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After a breakup, it's common to get those familiar "breakup blues" while looking at photos from the past with your former squeeze.

Sure, Darcey and Jesse had some happier times together, but it would be understandable if Darcey wished she could take back this particular photo of her and Jesse logging in some workout (or hardly working?) hours at the gym.

16 Too Much Fun With Filters

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If we needed advice for the best filters to use on our social media photos, one swipe through Darcey's social media accounts would lead us to conclude she would be perfect for the job!

Darcey's social network vibes are always fun and fabulous and her posts are always on the positive side, but she may want to rethink the heavily filtered photos one day.

15 Darcey And Jesse's Embarrassingly Intimate Photo

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Note to Darcey, it may be wise to make sure Tom doesn't see this photo!

Here's a snapshot perhaps border-lining on the "too intimate for social media" side of Jesse and Darcey clearly during a happier period in their relationship. It serves as proof our lives may not be what we curate them to look like on social media!

14 Darcey's Sad Snap

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Nothing puts the "reality" in reality TV like a large dose of the waterworks!

Fortunately or unfortunately, based upon viewers' individual taste for digesting drama levels, there are many famous crying chicas within reality TV these days. Darcey Silva could call herself a member of this so-called club if she wanted, but she may much rather erase her crying face from the public domain!

13 Darcey And Jesse In Happier Times

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By now we could make the conclusion Darcey has become familiar with the "delete" button on social media. After her break up with Jesse and her new relationship with British beau Tom, it would be understandable for Darcey to want to take back cozy snapshots with her former flame.

Considering the former couple often displayed their drama on social media, this photo should be history.

12 Darcey's Face Full Of Fury

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We can all relate to the feeling when our friends post rather unflattering photos of us on social media, highlighting our worst features, and we endlessly wish we could erase the moment from our archives!

Darcey may want to rid herself of the memory of this screen capture depicting an intense fight with Tom. Who would want their worst memories plastered everywhere for eternity?

11 The Reaction Of Wrath

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Imagine having the worst moments of a fight with your significant other being filmed and forever captured on the internet! The feeling would indescribable. Unfortunately for Darcey, the notion of having a reactionary face screengrabbed is one of the many harsh realities she must deal with while in the public eye.

It should be a fair assumption this photo won't make Darcey feel fuzzy.

10 Darcey's Throwback Thursday

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There's nothing like a cute outfit to keep us looking fresh and fierce; Darcey looks happy in this photo!

If it were up to us, we'd assume this throwback photo from Darcey's closet of fashion past wouldn't make the 90 Day Fiance star cringe, but for a gal who loves a good makeover, it may be safe to say she isn't nostalgic for this look.

9 Darcey Bites Her Tongue

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It doesn't take multiple viewings of Darcey's life in front of the camera to understand she is a gal who isn't afraid to speak her mind! Darcey isn't shy to put her men in their place, so the sight of Darcey literally keeping her mouth shut during an argument is a rare sight.

Darcey Silva holding herself back isn't the Darcey we know and love!

8 Darcey's No Longer In The Netherlands

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Jesse who?

If fans were to take a glance through Darcey's photos on social media, there's no trace of her ex-boyfriend Jesse, whose face once surely dominated space in her camera roll!

Darcey posted this lovely photo of the couple on vacation looking super in love, but if the photo was posted today, those heart emojis would be broken since the "Jesse days" are over.

7 The Road To Nowhere

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The days of Darcey and Jesse dominating headlines and the possibility of the two reconciling their relationship are gone, but wondering whether they could "drive" into a better future together, may linger on for some "Jarcey" shippers.

It doesn't take a detective to determine this moment of Darcey and Jesse captured in an argument during a car ride wouldn't be a happy memory for Darcey.

6 Too Tanned For A 'Canned' Relationship

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Even after 90 days, this steamy selfie wouldn't be memory worthy of Darcey's time or the sunlight it takes to secure the ideal beach glow Darcey is donning in this photo!

This pic reflecting a memory of Darcey's "sunny days" with Jesse is a break from the many bleak moments during their courtship, but we doubt seeing the photo would make Darcey dash for sunscreen.

5 Black Hair And Bleak Memories

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This vacay snapshot features two prominent pieces of Darcey's past! From her former dark roots to the man with whom she is absolutely done with, it's fair to say we shouldn't expect to see Darcey reminiscing about long walks on the beach with Jesse.

We know by now the exes clocked in some mileage around the world together but the past isn't Darcey's desired destination!

4 Darcey's Cute In Curls

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Who's that girl?

The woman in this photo is indeed Darcey Silva herself and her much more conservative-looking curls are a style throwback from her time on the show Million Dollar Matchmaker!

Considering Darcey's attempt for a match made in heaven on Million Dollar Matchmaker was unsuccessful, we would think she wouldn't want to be reminded of an un-welcomed blast from the past!

3 Darcey's Otherworldly Glance

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We're all guilty of having ourselves caught on camera in mid-expression, but when the memory is cemented from many-looks-ago, we wouldn't want to see it again!

Here's Darcey in a pre-makeover moment perhaps channeling her inner goth girl, wearing a black top, and rocking some black eyeliner, if we do say so ourselves.

Since this snap, Darcey has traded in her darker duds for good!

2 Darcey's With Yesterday's Dudes

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We know Darcey and Jesse are finished, but judging by this photo, it looks like Jesse was "finished" with this moment before the duo finished snapping this photo!

Darcey, of course, is all smiles and looks blissfully in love with her beau, but Jesse appears to have other things on his mind. His closed-mouth expression makes us think he's holding something back, perhaps?

1 Darcey's Candid Camera Shot

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This photo of Darcey and Jesse caught in mid-sentence may bring on some giggles for the rest of us, but there's a chance it may make Darcey groan in frustration instead!

While the former couple's fashionista threads may be worthy of archiving, it's highly unlikely the duo would want to reminisce on any uncomfortable moments together, especially since she's publicly proclaimed they're done.

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