90 Day Fiancé: 20 Things TLC Tried To Bury

90 Day Fiancé has had quite a life. From 2014, which was the initial release date according to IMDb, all the way to now, the show has had both loyal viewers and passing interest. The numbers have been consistently high, and the show has even managed to spin off into a variety of versions. For instance, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? have both been popular since their inception.

We’re not sure what kind of empire they’re building, but the 90 Day Fiancé franchise is certainly growing. The characters that they get on the show seem to help with that, too, though they maintain that they don’t do any couple matching (despite the drama between some of the couples). We think there’s more to the story than love and romance, though. We’ve found 20 of the deepest secrets TLC tried to bury.

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20 The Producers Definitely Script Some Of It


We know, we know: it’s a reality show, and we’ve established that many reality shows have some level of scripting to them in order to get enough information to tell a story. In Touch Weekly tells us that 90 Day Fiance is no different in that the producers certainly gave portions of scripts to their cast.

19 The Show Is Full Of Reality Stars


In Touch Weekly goes on to remind us that 90 Day Fiance isn’t as innocent when it comes to making good TV as it seems. Apparently TLC has got a habit of re-casting reality stars. According to In Touch, Molly Hopkins had already appeared as a star on the reality show Double Divas, which ran for two seasons in 2013.

18 It Was A Flop From The Start (Until It Took Off)


Some TV show ideas take off from the first inception. Some hang around, collecting dust in the minds of producers until they decide to try it. According to EOnline, 90 Day Fiance was neither. The creator pitched it many times, but it wasn’t until a friend at TLC took a chance on it that they got it picked up (after hearing a “no” from nearly every other network).

17 TLC Has Never Paired A Couple


Yes, it seems hard to believe that some of these people are romantically involved with each other. However, TLC maintains that they’ve never paired a couple for the sake of the show. Yes, they have a background check and “casting” process, but EOnline insists that these couples paired themselves well before casting.

16 Only Certain Cast Members Get Paid


It would make sense to us that anyone who’s working on a network television show would get paid as if they were on a network television show. However, that’s not the case. In Touch Weekly mentions that only the citizens on the show get a stipend for appearing on it. This means that their fiances don’t get a cent.

15 An ‘Unclean’ Background Makes Their Chances Better


In the same way that they go through a pretty intense casting process for finding couples in the first place, they also go through the couples' backgrounds. Surprise, surprise: the more questionable that a fiance or partner's background is, the more likely they are to cast them. It has something to do with the anticipated drama, we're sure.

14 Yes, The Show Has Been Sued (Big Surprise)


With so much editing happening in order to make each episode interesting it's no surprise that they've been sued. If that sounds harsh, we apologize, but c'mon. Some folks aren't painted (or edited) in a great light. It doesn't come as a surprise, but there has been at least one lawsuit where someone took the show to court for defamation to character.

Spoiler alert: they did not succeed.

13 There Isn’t Actually A Whole Lot Of Divorce


It's certainly nice to have a positive point on the list. We would have thought that the divorce rates might be high, in a similar way to The Bachelor divorce rates. It seems like that's not the case, though, as the couples who do get married tend to stay married. EOnline tells us that the divorce rates on the show are much lower than the national average!

12 Filming Happens Almost 24/7


Just like many of the other reality shows out there, filming happens over the course of the day. Sometimes there's night footage captured, making this process a 90 day long 24/7 sleepover with cameras and producers. It's the same story for many reality TV shows, yes, but this one feels a little more surprising just due to the sheer structure of the show.

11 TLC Films Scenes Solely For Promo Use


Remember the chair throwing scene? Viewers everywhere were confused and grumpy when a promotional clip showed one of the fiances throwing a chair. However, it never appeared in any of the episodes. In Touch Weekly says she admitted in an interview that TLC crafted the scene as a stand alone for promotional purposes only.

10 And They Won’t Help With The Visa Process At All


If anyone is confused about what this show is, the essence of it is that it's a reality show following couples throughout their visa application process. Specifically the 90 days they have between applying for the visa and needing to complete the process. TLC might be ready to make a little money off their love, but they certainly won’t help them achieve the visa process.

9 There Are So Many Spin-Offs


Like, so many spin-offs. What Now?, Happily Ever After?, The Other Way, Before The 90 Days; the list goes on and on. It’s surprising to us, who have never really watched the spin-off shows, simply due to the fact that oftentimes spin-offs never last. There’s something about the intricacies of human relationships that keeps us coming back. Or, maybe it’s the “reality TV” writing.

8 Fake Names Are Used All The Time


In Touch Weekly tells us that, according to some of the cast members (also known as the couples and their friends), certain people didn’t use their real name when they went on the show. Is this because of insecurity? Is it to avoid defamatory Google searches later down the line? Is it due to privacy? We’re sure the answer is different for everyone.

7 The Producers Make Some Questionable Calls


From staging fake “real life” scenes to feeding lines that are meant to incite argument and tribulation, the producers of 90 Day Fiance are known to make some pretty questionable calls when it comes to the show. While they might just want to make good TV, we think there’s something to be said for sticking to the realism of it.

6 Some Of The Cast Members Launched Other Careers Through The Show


Reality TV is good for many things: witnessing interesting art, escaping from our daily ho-hum lives, and, for the people on the reality TV shows, launching other careers. Outside of the usual exposure and experience that people get with reality TV, 90 Day Fiance crafts personalities and personas for these career-minded, soon-to-be stars.

5 A Lot Of The Couples Have Questionable Prior Relationships


Or, at least, one couple specifically does. Evelyn Cormier and her 90 Day Fiance partner David supposedly told everyone that they met in Spain. However, according to In Touch Weekly, “the two were flirting via [social media] comments all the way back in 2014 when Evelyn was only 15.” Now that’s definitely questionable.

4 And All Of Them Are Already In The Visa Process


The other given on the show is the fact that all of them are already starting or already in the visa process. There is a show that looks at the lead up to this period, but 90 Day Fiance is full of couples pretty firmly in the process already. This makes it even more frustrating regarding TLC's lack of help for them.

3 TLC Totally Twists Certain Explanations


Remember the super awkward massage moment? It was a famous scene from one episode that consisted of a friend asking his friend's new wife-to-be for a massage. According to the couple that was a totally twisted thing the producers made them do, shifting the perceived mood of the relationship with their friends.

2 The Relationships… Actually Last?


Despite the skepticism many of us might have, the couples on this show actually seem to work out in the end. While the impending-doom-style question mark on the end of the spin-off show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Doesn't fill us with confidence, the couples mostly seem to work out fine.

1 Couples That Split Up Enter The 90 Day Fiancé Dating Pool


It wouldn’t be an article about 90 Day Fiance if we didn’t include at least one point about Anfisa. The Kim Kardashian of the 90 Day Fiance clan, Anfisa was one of the ones who did go through a split. Another (ex) fiance named Mohammed tried to get her number and to start another relationship. Presumably one longer than 90 days.

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