10 Hilarious 90 Day Fiancé Memes That Will Make You Want To Watch The Show

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 90 days to make the decision to marry someone? It would be a frightening experience, especially if you were the foreign half of the relationship with a K-1 visa in the balance. 90 Day Fiancé is considered a documentary of the lives of couples who have to jump the broom or send the other back to their native country.


The couples overcome a multitude of obstacles as they experience what life would be like together for the first time. There is drama, romance, and more than a few lawsuits which fans turn into the greatest memes of all time. These memes point fingers at the flaws in their relationships or their immature personalities. They even poke fun at the fans themselves, adding to the whirlwind of excitement that is 90 Day Fiancé. These memes are so great even people who have never seen the show will want to start watching. Keep reading to view these hilarious memes!

10 Ricky's Obsession with Fanny Packs

Ricky had not one, but two women while on the show. First, it was Melissa, who he originally traveled to Columbia for with a ring safely stashed in his fanny pack. He messaged her to meet him at a restaurant where he would ask her to be his wife, but it didn't pan out.

He later met Ximena, proposing to her by pulling the same ring meant for Melissa out of the pack. He sported these fanny packs all over Columbia, claiming they deterred burglars from robbing him, even though a travel wallet would have been a better option.

9 A Show Based on Two Kinds of Desperation

90 Day Fiancé could not have been described any better than this. It is based on people desperate for green cards paired with people desperate for love. The show is filled with disaster and heartache as relationships formed on dreams and longing, rather than romance, attempt to form lifelong relationships. Many of these relationships should have been put to a stop from the beginning, but with both parties more focused on their life goals than what is considered healthy for them, they stay together.

8 Colt's Mom has Issues Letting Go

Colt lives with his mother and 3 cats, a true momma's boy at heart. When Colt brought Larissa home for the first time it was nothing short of difficult. His mother hates that Colt has another woman in his life and it's pretty obvious they are a package deal.


Their mother-son relationship can only be described as unhealthy, the way she dotes on him and the snarky comments she makes towards Larissa. Even after they married they continued to live with Colt's mother, which can't be easy for anyone involved.

7 Not-So-True Stories From Ashley and Jay

Their entire portion of the show was a lie. They lied about their divorce, but Ashley took it to another level entirely. She reached out to the community, setting up a GoFundMe, claiming she needed money to help her afford the medical bills she was accruing.

Of course, she said this while sporting an expensive pair of Louboutins and don't forget her multiple extravagant vacations. Recently, she did undergo surgery related to her kidney failure, but she also received botox and fillers to keep her looking youthful. It's questionable which procedure the GoFundMe account paid for.

6 Our Lack of Love For Steven

Steven has the mindset of a four-year-old and proves it time and time again. He made her cry every episode and only married her because they had a child out of wedlock. He claimed his needs were more important than the baby's and said this on more than one occasion.

When their child was born via c-section he threw a fit, accusing her of not being nice to him, despite just coming out of major surgery. This meme displays only one of the many reasons people hate Steven.

5 Womanizer Ricky

Ricky was a tool who liked anything that moved. He slept around and it was rumored he even had a thing with one of the producers. He sends money to women to woo them, before shaming them about accepting it.

He manufactured two relationships so he could be on the show and rise to fame, then had the nerve to become upset about it after the documentary exposed the truth about him. Ricky tried playing it off that he was a romantic looking for love, but the reality is he is a womanizer.

4 Green Cards For Everyone

Every couple on the show had a significant other who needed a green card to stay in the states. Most of the cast members met their other half on their travels to another country and invited them back to America to live with them.


There are several instances where the American would threaten their significant other with deportation or removal of their green card. The immigrants want to stay, but to do so they needed a green card, which they can get by marrying the one who helped them cross over the border.

3 A New Type of Stock

Jonathan and Fernanda had a complicated relationship, their 13 year age difference definitely having an impact. This meme refers to Fernanda posting an inappropriate video of Jonathan, which spread like wildfire as it tarnished his reputation. Jonathan threatened lawyers and lawsuits against anyone who continued to share the video, causing several Facebook pages to shut down.

They didn't stop there, continuing on to have any media involving them or any mention of their names removed from the internet. This turned several websites and pages against them, as they vowed never to mention either of them ever again.

2 Online Drama From the Cast is Too Much

This is a documentary series that thrives on drama and it doesn't disappoint. They shove as many pieces of drama as possible into a single episode, but the amount of drama can drive a person insane, especially when the cast members take to social media. One example is the feud between Larissa and Fernanda, where it started out as an online catfight until eventually, their husbands had to get involved.

The fight was so intense it continued until taping the next day, forcing fans to choose a side. It created rifts and social turmoil amongst their fan base that the show could never have done on its own, but at times it can be too much for the world to handle.

1 Fans Take the Show Personally

This is for all of the fans of the show who harbor unhealthy obsessions with the couples on the show.

They are the fans who felt personally victimized by some of their premature stunts, leading them to send harassing mail to cast members or taking it up with the network regarding their poor choice of individuals, especially after the disaster which made up season 6. Fans live and breathe the drama that is 90 Day Fiancé, which is why they care enough to go to such great lengths.


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