20 ‘90s Cosplays That Should Have Been Impossible

When someone goes the extra mile to bring these characters to life, it's like hitting a whole other level of nostalgia.

There are so many legendary characters from 90s pop culture - it was an era that produced quite a few iconic movies and video games. So much happened in those ten short years that it almost seems unbelievable today, which, of course, makes it hard - if not impossible - to pick just one moment within this period of time to define it all.

That's the very reason comic conventions and cosplay are so incredible. We get to see the absolutely amazing costumes that people come up with, and they manage to bring back the memories as well as the characters. Some of those characters might be considered impossible to cosplay, whether because the difficulty level is too high, or the recognition factor too low. But when someone goes the extra mile to bring these characters to life, it's like hitting a whole other level of nostalgia.

20 Ursula

via Pinterest

Clearly, there has been a lot of hard work and effort put into this Ursula cosplay. It is absolutely breathtaking - or perhaps that should be voice taking? Every part of it is totally authentic to the character, from the perfect hair to the purple body. Finally, the makeup touches and the shell necklace take this cosplay to the next level.

19 Bebop And Rocksteady

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Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder's not-so-smart henchmen, must be some of the tougher characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to cosplay. However, these two cosplayers managed to pull it off masterfully. All the details are in place - from Bebop's turtle shell shoulder pads and purple mohawk, to Rocksteady's bandolier, and green helmet. These two definitely look menacing and ready to cause a lot of trouble.

18 Jack Skellington

via Pinterest

Here’s an amazing take on Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Can you imagine moving around on stilts while wearing this outfit and makeup? The time, effort, and incredible skill that must've gone into this cosplay is nothing short of mindblowing - we're still struggling to understand how he pulled it off.

17 Megaman

via Gamer Joe Photo

As popular as the Megaman series is, there aren't many cosplay artists who come close to matching the way the character looked within the games. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a full body suit and there isn’t exactly a lot of leeway when it comes to mistakes. This cosplayer has managed to make Mega Man both realistic, yet stays true to the games.

16 Animaniacs

via Pinterest

While the Animaniacs certainly was odd - we're still not entirely sure what animals they were supposed to be - we definitely have to admit that this cosplay is super accurate. This cosplay manages to perfectly convey the mystery of what species they are, as the design doesn't appear to be based on any specific animal.

15 Duck Tales

via Youtube

When cosplaying, people often try to steer clear of anything that’s an animal. DuckTales would be a lot harder to cosplay if they had to actually recreate them as ducks - but there are no rules saying you can't humanize the characters. This might be a simple and cheap solution, but don't tell us you didn't recognize who they were supposed to be right away.

14 South Park

via Pinterest

It might not be the hardest thing in the world to throw together a group cosplay that basically just requires winter clothing. However, to match the exact colors and outfits of the boys from South Park is pretty impressive. Every detail is accounted for, down to the style of hats and even the pockets on Kyle's jacket.

13 Dr. Finkelstein

via 3D Print

This cosplayer 3D printed a head that looks exactly like Dr. Finkelstein, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, leaving the mouth open just like it should be. If you look closely, you can see the cosplayer’s actual mouth inside the 3D print. Besides that creepy face, Dr. Finkelstein is a relatively easy cosplay to put together but would be even better if someone is pushing him around in a wheelchair.

12 Darkwing Duck

via Pinterest

This Darkwing Duck cosplay is practically perfect in every way, right down to the color of the suit and cape. Even the small touch of Darkwing's gas gun is executed perfectly here. It must be annoying to walk around with that duckbill the entire convention though?! But totally worth it if you ask us.

11 Mojo Jojo

via Pinterest

This cosplay is almost too good. The outfit is absolutely perfect, and the hat has actual lights going! But the most impressive feature is the monkey face. Every part of it is so detailed, right down to the eyes. Mojo Jojo never looked this menacing on The Powerpuff Girls, so it's pretty crazy that he could look this scary in real life.

10 Futurama Cops

via Pinterest

This Futurama cosplay is not only a great creative choice, but it also proves that there are other characters than Leela and Bender worthy of being cosplayed. These costumes are both hilarious and accurate, with the clear plastic face masks, the giant white collars, and the blue jumpsuits emblazoned with the word "police." Those helmets are so important that the cops don't even take hem off when they're undercover.

9 Skull Kid From Zelda

via Facebook

Given the Zelda games' immense amount of popularity and growing fanbase, it’s no wonder that we see some simply breathtaking depictions like this Skull Kid. It’s not an easy character to pull off by any means, but this cosplayer has managed to create one of the most accurate portrayals we've ever seen.

8 Bowser

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Some might ask themselves why this character was on this list, given that a cosplayer could simply wear a body suit to accomplish looking like Bowser. Here's the thing, it’s not easy to take a character like that and expand upon it enough to transform it into something with human-like characteristics, but this cosplay does just that while also incorporating a little variation of her own.

7 Castlevania's Reaper

via Deviant Art

Castlevania is definitely one of the greatest platformers in gaming history, and the Grim Reaper is a major villain that was born out of Chaos, which in turn came about from the evil in the hearts of humans. This cosplay certainly portrays that, drawing inspiration from gothic themes and yet, it adds some new features that aren’t present within the games themselves.

6 Master Splinter

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There are plenty of cosplays portraying the turtles themselves, but you aren’t likely to see many that do a character like Splinter justice. It’s a painstaking process to create a rendition like this one and it's incredible to see the amount of detail present not just in the fur of the character, but in the tattered nature of his clothing.

5 Predator

via Deviant Art

We've seen plenty of cosplays just putting on a Predator costume and call it a day, what sets this one apart is his experience in photography, graphic design, modeling, filmmaking, and costume design. It helps the artist better understand the effects that each element has on their overall photo and allows him to have a deeper understanding of how movement can enhance his cosplay.

4 Doom – The Baron

via Pinterest

Due to the poor graphics back when the original Doom was released, it was difficult for game designers to convey terror within their games. That's why Doom was lauded more as a great FPS rather than a great horror game. This cosplay features a level of detail that is simply unmatched and the artist did a great job with the hand cannon.

3 Raziel

via Deviant Art

This cosplay certainly does Raziel justice. He not only gets the color pallet correct here, but he is able to create the sort of undead effect of the character that we have come to know from the games. He is even able to match the eyes of Raziel perfectly, something that you don’t see too often from other cosplayers.

2 Beatrix Russel From Fallout

via Deviant Art

The popular Fallout franchise is continuing to grow, and with it comes an increase in amazing, in-depth cosplays like this Beatrix Russell. You can see a great level of detail in her face and she does a good job of using lighting to bring out the different levels in the face makeup as well.

1 Abe

via Pinterest

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee can be said to consist of equal parts fun and art, and from the looks of it, so does this Abe cosplay. From what we can see here, this guy doesn't have any problems tackling the more obscure and difficult characters - such as Abe. The many different levels of color throughout the costume does a good job of mimicking the color scheme of the game itself.'

Sources: Deviant Art, Pinterest

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