The 20 Weirdest Girls Toys From The 90s (And The 10 Best)

If you were around during the 90s, you probably owned a pair of overalls, multiple scrunchies and tons of denim. If you were a kid in the 90s, you probably wanted nearly every single toy you saw in the infomercials. A lot of the toys that were popularized were straight-up strange, and we all secretly just wanted them because we saw it on television. There were so many toys that had absolutely no purpose at all, and some of the toys were actually kind of scary. But if our friends had it, then clearly, it must have been cool.

Some of the toys from the 90s were actually pretty awesome though. Kids at school played with their Yo-Yo's and traded Pokemon cards during lunch time, even though those toys were mostly targeted towards boys, tons of girls were interested in them. As for toys targeted for girls, a lot of them were based on parenting, baking, and housework. Since that's what we got, that's what we played with - and we loved it, even it was a bit stereotypical. When you're a kid, you're too young to notice those things. We were also too young to realize how weird some of our favorite toys were. So if you keep on scrolling, you can check out some crazy throwback toys that you either owned or wished you had, or some toys you've never even seen before and may even end up feeling thankful that you didn't.

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30 Weirdest: Doodle Bears

If you've ever seen Toy Story, then you'd know exactly why Doodle Bears seem completely awful. Why would you want to draw all over your teddy bear? Look at the bear's face, he looks miserable. Then after you're done drawing all over your bear, you have to throw him in the washing machine, then dryer, just so you can do it all over again. Teddy Bears are meant to be cuddled with, not to be drawn all over and then tossed in a hamper.

29 Weirdest: Magic Scent Crayons

Scratch and sniff used to be all the rage. Even though you don't exactly scratch these crayons, they do come scented. Why? For literally no reason at all. Is there really that much of an appeal in sniffing your crayons? There's nothing really beneficial to having your crayons come scented, other than being able to show them off to your friends at school. I've never had these crayons, but I just know I really hope the color brown smelled chocolate.

28 Best: Spice Girls Dolls

The Spice Girls are undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of the 90s, so obviously, these dolls are one of the best toys from that era. There's no doubt that you loved the Spice Girls, you wanted to be them, and you probably owned all of these dolls (I sure did). When I was a little girl, I'd put on my Spice World DVD and re-enact all of the scenes and musical sequences with my dolls.

27 Weirdest: Dream Phone


Back in the 90s, dream phone was a board game in which you had to figure out which one of the fictional guys had a crush on you. You'd call their number on the phone, and it would relay a message from each guy. The point of the game was to keep calling every guy until you found the one that likes you. Realistically, the guys pictured on the cards were probably way too old for us and all looked like the same person - but hey, it's just a game.

26 Weirdest: Trolls Dolls

If these aren't the scariest toys you've ever seen in your life, then I'm glad I'm not you. Somehow, these creepy dolls have been pretty famous since the 1960s, but their popularity re-emerged once again in the 90s. They've had video games and shows made, but most recently there was a movie about them in 2016. In the new movie, the trolls are way cuter than the original toys though. These nightmare-giving dolls may have worked in the 1990s, but I highly doubt they'd be acceptable for children today.

25 Best: Easy Bake Oven

You know something is good when it's still famous decades later, which is exactly the case for the Easy Bake Oven. This is one toy that will most likely always be desired by children. Not only is it fun to feel like a chef, but having this toy gives you the excuse to make yummy miniature snacks. I just wish I was just as excited to bake with my real sized oven now as I was when I had my Easy Bake Oven.

24 Weirdest: Puppy Surprise

Even though everyone loves puppies for being cute, playful and fluffy, helping your dog give birth to puppies doesn't seem nearly as cute for little kids. Of course, this toy isn't as graphic as the real process, but you do have to open up the dog's stomach and take the puppies out. On top of that, the design and colors of the puppies aren't cute in the slightest form.

23 Weirdest: Magic Potty Baby

Can you think of anything more fun than using the bathroom? I can.

The Magic Potty Baby is a doll that actually uses a potty, and it's pretty disgusting. Kids that don't even find the pleasure of cleaning up after themselves would play with this doll, pretending to potty train her and clean her mess. This doll is part of the Baby Alive collection, which is still a very popular collection. Baby dolls can be a lot of fun, but sadly, Magic Potty Baby lands more on the weird side.

22 Best: Barbie Jeep

Almost every kid in the 90s either had or wanted a Barbie Jeep, and I'm pretty sure we all grew up to wish we had real Jeeps too. Having this car was probably one of the coolest things you could have, and it probably still is for even kids today. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is going down a huge hill in my cousins Barbie Jeep, although I don't recommend anyone to try that at home.

21 Weirdest: Disney Perfume Princess

These Disney dolls come with a giant hole in the back for you to pour your perfume inside of them. Basically, the perfume isn't even for you to use, it's just for your dolls to smell good. You also have to be careful that the perfume doesn't accidentally pour right out of the hole in their backs. Just like the scented crayons, it's totally unnecessary to have Disney dolls that smell good. I wouldn't even recommend buying these to use the perfume separately, because of the giant holes on the dolls' backs.

20 Weirdest: Furbies

Furbies are one toy that's almost as creepy as the Troll dolls. Their huge eyes make them resemble owls, but their small figure is quite similar to a rodent. I'm not sure what animal they're supposed to be exactly, or where they're supposed to have come from, but honestly, I don't think I even want to know. Furbies are just yet another collection of creepy toys that Millenials seemed to love for no reason at all.

19 Best: My Size Barbie

A Barbie that you can share clothes with is a dream come true. I'm pretty sure we've all wished our Barbie dolls would have clothes that we could wear, and that finally happened with My Size Barbie. Not only can you wear her clothes, you could put your clothes on her, you can do her hair, borrow her tiara, and feel like you have a new best friend. It sounds pretty pathetic in concept, but My Size Barbie was one of the best Barbie dolls a girl could have.

18 Weirdest: Hair Wraps

Did anyone else get their hair stuck in these and then cry? Or was I just really bad at using them? If there's one thing this toy taught me: Never stick your hair in anything. Ever. These Conair Quick Wraps are like a horrible contraption from the 2006 movie Saw. Even if you could get these to work, you'd just end up with a bad hair-do that was only trendy for just a few years.

17 Weirdest: Poo-Chi Dogs

Why have a real dog when you can have a robotic Poo-Chi Dog? Well, when you think of the struggles of actually caring for a living dog, it does make sense but.. a robot dog? Really? It must have been truly heartbreaking when Poo-Chi's battery ran out. Honestly, Poo-Chi Dog looks like something that came out of Wall-E or maybe even Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Which makes sense, since all things futuristic were a huge hit in the 90s.

16 Best: Polly Pocket

Even though the Polly Pocket toys were probably the most easily lost toys of all (which is probably how it managed to make so much money), it was just so perfect for every little girl to be able to carry toys with them everywhere. You could have a whole set of mini dolls and furniture, all ready to go out with you. Polly Pocket actually managed to make a comeback in 2018, with a whole new set of mini toys released.

15 Weirdest: Slap Bracelets

For some reason, weird bracelets are always a favorite amongst young girls. Before Silly Bandz were the best accessory, kids from the 90s used to hit their wrists with the slip bracelets. When I say "hit their wrists," I mean literally. These bracelets weren't called "slap" for no reason. In fact, they were removed from shelves because kids were actually injuring themselves with old bracelets and bracelets that have been tampered with.

14 Weirdest: Baby Tumbles Surprise

Baby Tumble Surprise is a baby doll that rolls over on her head for the pleasure of 90s kids. Basically, we're just further proving that 90s kids were pretty twisted. I'm not sure how this doll was approved of, since it doesn't seem like the best influence on kids, especially with children that have baby siblings. But alas, we have Baby Tumble Surprise, the toy that tells us rolling babies on their heads is actually fun and not at all harmful.

13 Best: American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls are always a favorite. It's awesome to have a variety of diverse dolls, and being able to find one that looks like you and relates to your culture. These dolls were popular because they had plenty of outfits to choose from, they even came with their own names and backstories. Every time you purchased a doll, they came with a special book showing their life. Representation and having a different doll for everyone is so important, which is why the American Girl dolls are one of the best of the 90s.

12 Weirdest: Betty Spaghetti

We all know kids love Spaghetti, but enough to play with a doll that's supposed to be shaped like Spaghetti? Apparently so, because Betty Spaghetty was a huge hit in the 90s. Not only does her body move like spaghetti, her hair actually resembles noodles. The weirdest thing about Betty Spaghetty is that her head and all of her body parts are actually removable, so you can switch the heads of each doll which is really odd. And if you lose her body parts, you'll have one crazy looking doll.. especially if you lose her head.

11 Weirdest: Talkback Diary

Talkback Diary was pretty much just a pretty tape-recorder for little girls. Even though the name of the toy makes it seem like it's a diary that talks back to you (which would be really nice) but sadly, it isn't. You just record your daily thoughts and secrets, and then you can play it back to yourself. You can also set up a special message for anyone that tries to hack your diary, and just hope they don't guess the correct password.

10 Best: Tamagotchi

Listen, I know I dragged fake pets earlier in the list, but Tamagotchi is not just a fake pet, it's a virtual pet. Huge difference. Tamagotchi was the original Animal Crossing, except it only had three buttons and just one pet to care for. You have to feed your pet, discipline it, and even clean up after it. It was probably the most fun and entertainment any little girl could have with a toy the size of a small egg. Your pet even has a lifespan, and when it came to end, it was the most heartbreaking moment in the world.

9 Weirdest: Glitter Magic Wands

These toys are the kid-equivalent to watching paint dry. Even though they're supposed to be wands, most kids just turned them upside down to watch the glitter fall, then they would turn it around and watch it again. This toy is probably the best investment a parent could make, considering its ability to completely hypnotize little girls, even though it's one of the most useless toys ever made. It doesn't even look like a magic wand, despite being given that name.

8 Weirdest: Sassy Stables

If there's one thing little girls love, it's ponies. Even in the 90s, cute and decorated horses like My Little Pony were huge money makers. Sassy Stables were especially weird because they're horses that come with accessories for their manes and hooves. Along with all of that, they're referred to as "sassy." Can someone please tell me what makes these horses so sassy? Is it just because they're female? Pretty sure Sassy Stables was just a bad knock-off of the more popular My Little Pony toys.

7 Best: Baby All Gone

Just like the Magic Potty Baby, Baby All Gone is also part of the Baby Alive collection. But this doll is a million times more fun to play with. Instead of just watching your doll pee and cleaning up after her, with Baby All Gone you get to feed her and see the food magically disappear. I know, it doesn't sound that much fun, but when you're a little girl, playing pretend is one of the best games you could play, and the Baby All Gone helps contribute to the game fantastically.

6 Weirdest: Slinkies

Despite looking like a beautiful rainbow, Slinkies are yet another pointless toy on the list. I'm sure parents loved it though, since it has the same effect as the Magic Glitter Wands, in the sense that kids can just sit at the stairs and watch the slinky go down, then repeat the same process all over again. What makes Slinkies even worse is that they're so easily tangled, you'd have to constantly buy more of them. No matter how cheap these toys are, it's really not worth it at all.

5 Weirdest: Koosh Balls

Koosh Balls are one of the most popular balls from the 90s that didn't even bounce. Actually, this toy didn't really do anything at all. All you can do with it is play catch, and that's about it. When I was younger, I remember stretching out the Koosh Ball to see how long the strings could get, because there's not much else you can really do with this toy. These weren't even good enough to have ever become collectibles, like the Furbies and Troll dolls did.

4 Best: Etch A Sketch

Can you believe the Etch-A-Sketch actually came out in 1960? But that doesn't stop me from putting on this list, because it was also incredibly popular amongst boys and girls in the 90s. This toy lets your creative side truly run wild, it's such an amazing toy that it even gained the interest from artistic adults. People were able to create amazing drawings on these devices, way better than I could ever create with a pen and paper.

3 Weirdest: Hit Clips

Why buy your daughter a CD that would allow her to listen to an entire album including whole songs, when you can buy her Hit Clips? A device that lets you listen to just a few seconds of every song! Seriously, with Hit Clips, you only got a 60-second sample of any song you could listen to, and you had to buy it separately. This is probably the most horrible, money-stealing device created in the entirety of the 90s.

2 Weirdest: Moon Shoes

Before you ask: Yes, this was a real thing and no, I did not make it myself. Despite the incredibly low quality of these shoes, they were completely real and advertised on Nickelodeon. The point of them is to basically be like trampolines on your feet. Instead of splurging the money on a real trampoline, you could just buy these affordable shoes that will most likely lead to serious injury. Seriously, they look so cheaply made and totally unsafe to use.

1 Best: Barbie Color Change

There's nothing that can keep a little girl more entertained than having the chance to feel like a grown-up, which is why the Color Change Barbie was one of the best toys. This toy can keep a girl occupied for hours, even though the makeup does look a bit insane. Even if Barbie did look a tad bit like a clown, it's still pretty awesome how makeup appears on her face by just applying water. What made this doll even more fun is that you could even style her hair too.

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