10 Cool Retro Items Every Kid's Bedroom Had In The ’90s

Ah, the 1990s. What a time! The grunge look was in, and the World Wide Web became a thing. People listened to the Spice Girls, watched shows like Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Home Improvement. This was also when the Disney Renaissance was introduced. Slap bracelets, Tamagotchi, rollerblades, and Dr. Martens shoes were also totally cool at this time.

Yes, kids of the ‘90s may not have grown up with all the technological advancements that today’s youngsters get to enjoy, but it was still a great time. Part of what made that decade so cool was kids’ rooms. There were staple items that every awesome bedroom had growing up, and people who had all 10 definitely made all their friends jealous. Ready to see if your room had these retro items and take a walk down memory lane? Let's go!

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10 Blow-up Chairs

Via: Reddit

The average bedroom has a couple of places for people to sit and relax, like the bed, or a desk chair. For kids of the ‘90s, the ultimate seating option was the blow-up chair. These things had to be blown up or inflated with a pump. They usually came with repair kits, in case there was a puncture. They also had a distinct plastic-y smell. While you couldn't just plop down on these, they were pretty durable and definitely made the perfect seat to play on your Nintendo or reading Cosmo.

9 See-Through Plastic Phones

Via: Frugalsos

Some kids were lucky enough to have their own phones in their rooms. Some even had their own number or line! See, cell phones were not a thing yet, so when we wanted to call our friends, our crushes or even our grandparents, we had to pick up a phone out of a cradle, dial a number on buttons and walk around with a cord attached. All of that was fine and dandy, especially if it was done on a see-through phone like this one!

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8 Lava Lamps

Via: Prickett and Ellis

The lava lamp is usually associated with the psychedelic time of the ‘60s, but they made a return in the ‘90s. Holiday wish lists would boast these funky lights, all so kids could brighten up their spaces in super cool ways. They came in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some even featured glitter, which added another fun touch. 

7 Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Via: eBay

Okay, not everyone had a lava lamp, but nearly everyone added some light with glow-in-the-dark stars! You could buy packs of 100 for next to nothing! Then, you could spend the next hour using the little putty that came along with these kits to hang these stars all over your room. There may have even been a moon, which you would display prominently over your bed. Then when the lights were off, your room became 10 times cooler.

6 Gel Pens

Via: Amazon

Since technology was not huge from 1990-1999, people turned to pen and paper for tasks that are usually done digitally now– like making lists, sending notes, and doing schoolwork. Even the most boring homework assignment was jazzed up a bit with the use of a gel pen. These guys came in an array of colors, the yellow color never showed up, pen smears would end up on hands instead of paper, and some people even had tye-dye colors, which wrote in several different shades. Plus, we had to have these to play MASH!

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5 VHS and Cassette Tapes

Via: Turbo Squid

Some more technology-related items found in rooms in the ‘90s were VHS and cassette tapes. Nowadays, people watch movies, listen to music and more on their phones. That wasn't the case back in the day. Bulky, black tapes were stuck in VHS players in order to watch movies, and people sat by the radio, waiting for the perfect song to come on. When a cassette tape would be inserted into a boombox, the record button would be pushed, and a mixtape was created. What a time!

4 Fiber Optic/UFO Lamps

Via: YouTube

Setting the mood was apparently big for kids decorating their rooms in the 1990s because there was one other lighting option that was big: fiber optic lamps. These lamps were also known as UFO lamps. We usually received these for our birthdays from the friend who shopped at Spencer’s. They did not put off a ton of light, but they looked cool and were fun to play with, too!

3 Beanie Babies

Via: Complete Set

One of the biggest items from this decade is the Beanie Baby. These stuffed animals were supposed to be worth a fortune in today’s world. While no one really got rich off of these, they were fun to collect. There were so many different animals and characters to buy. They all had a little red tag – which made them valuable and which gave them each a special name!

2 Boy Band Posters

Via: Meow Meow Blog

After putting glow-in-dark stars everywhere, there was still a lot of wall space left in the average kid room. Therefore, boy band posters were plastered about, all to show off a love for NSYNC, an obsession with the Backstreet Boys, and the crush we all had on Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. We would cut hot pictures out of magazines and put them on everything, but boy band posters ruled the walls.

1 Door Beads

Via: Pinterest

This final product seen in bedrooms of the ‘90s was like the cherry on top. Anyone could decorate their walls in a neat way and provide lighting in a unique way, but the entrance into this personal space needed to be top notch. Therefore, cool kids put beads hanging down in their doorways. Some came in neutral colors and were made of wood, some created designs when they all hung down together, and many were colorful crystals that caught the light and made rainbows splash everywhere. How awesome!

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