15 Crappy 90s Sitcoms You Should Never Watch (No Matter How Bored You Are)

Classic sitcoms define the 1990s. However, this list isn't about the best of the 90s. Indeed, this list is all about the worst 90s sitcoms. In fact, Seinfeld, Friends, and Fraizer are just some of the classic shows not on this list. Of course, these shows can trick fans into watching them. No matter how bored you get, do not view these sitcoms. If you do, you'll regret it like a Dharma & Greg argument. The 90s pumped out sitcom after sitcom. For the most part, they all follow the same formula. Regardless, not every show was a hit, and there were a few misses. These shows were a major flop and are just a faded memory. It's time to take a closer look at the 1990s. Here are 15 Worst 90s Sitcoms You Should Never Watch No Matter How Bored You Are.

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15 Step By Step


The Brady Bunch might have been a classic 70s show. However, remaking it wasn't a great idea. Step By Step follows a blended family struggling to get along. Not even the star power of Suzanne Sommers and Patrick Duffy could make it work. Regardless, it did well in the ratings and went on for several seasons.

14 Hang Time


The success of Saved By The Bell resulted in many spin-offs and remakes. This includes the shows Saved By The Bell: The New Class and Hang Time. Of course, Hang Time follows a high school basketball team to make it a bit different. It follows the same basic formula as all morning teen shows. It also suffers from regular cast and story changes.

13 Sister, Sister


Sister, Sister was just like all the other shows of the 90s. The plot, cast, and story didn't always make sense, but it didn't matter. It follows two twins separated at birth that find each other years later. The two families quickly become one, but that's just the beginning. Soon the twins take advantage of their similar appearances.

12 Unhappily Ever After


In the 90s, if something worked once, they would do it over and over. For example, Married With Children was a hugely successful show. The co-creator tried to repeat that success with Unhappily Ever After. It didn't work out the second time. Critics felt it was just a clone and with only a few changes. For instance, there was a talking puppet, which did make it different. However, it was mostly a remake of Married With Children.

11 Veronica's Closet


In the late 80s and early 90s, Kirstie Alley was a major Hollywood star. She spent most of the 90s trying to recapture that. In the late 90s, she starred in Veronica's Closet. It went on for many seasons, but most critics don't know how. At first, it did well in the rating but following Seinfeld helped. Regardless, it soon fell in the ratings and disappeared.

10 Suddenly Susan


From afar, Suddenly Susan looks like the perfect show. Of course, not even Brooke Shields could make it work. Critics disliked the show from the moment they saw it. However, it was a rating success at first. It did help that it followed Seinfeld and aired before ER. At the time, those were two of NBC's biggest shows. Once Suddenly Susan moved to Monday it bombed in the ratings.

9 Hangin' With Mr. Cooper


At one point, it seemed that Hangin' With Mr. Cooper was going to be the next big thing. However, like many shows at the time, it suffered from constant changes. Critics were harsh on the cast, writing, and story. The show made significant changes that only hurt the show. It moved to the T.G.I.F. line up and did well. However, it moved again to Saturday night and failed.

8 Clueless


The 1995 film Clueless is one of the best films of the 90s. Indeed, it has quite the cult following and remains a favorite. On the other hand, the TV show does not fall in that category. The TV series only lasted a few seasons. Initially, it was part of the T.G.I.F. line up and did well in the ratings. However, critics were hard on the show and the cast. Later, the show moved nights and fell in the ratings.

7 Ferris Bueller


The 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a classic movie. Indeed, it transcends time and remains popular. However, the TV series cannot make that same claim. The show was a major flop and didn't even last one season. It did introduce the world the soon to be world famous Jennifer Aniston.

6 Harry And The Hendersons


Remaking a hit movie as a TV sitcom was prominent in the 90s. However, they went too far with this one. Harry And The Hendersons is a TV version of the 1987 movie. The movie did well at the box office, but critics were harsh. Regardless, a TV remake came in the 90s' and failed.

5 George


George Foreman is one of the greatest pro boxers in history. He faced off against icons and his a legend himself. However, that does not mean he should star in a TV show. Indeed, it's a better idea to put on one of his classic fights instead of this show. The sitcom George lasted less than one season.

4 Just Shoot Me


Just Shoot Me was a typical 90s sitcom. However, it wasn't on the same level as a Friends or Seinfeld. It features the same basic formula as most 90s shows. Even David Spades star power wasn't enough to make the show work. Regardless, it went on for several seasons before finally getting the ax.

3 Dharma & Greg


Dharma & Greg follows the same basic 90s sitcom formula. Two people from different worlds make a rash decision. Now, they have to figure out a way to make it work. Critics were harsh on the show for its writing and plot. Most of the episodes were about the two opposites not understanding each other.

2 Baby Talk


In the 90s, networks had a thing about remaking 80s' movies into sitcoms. Indeed, they tried it with just about every movie. In the late 80s, Look Who's Talking became a big hit. A sequel followed in the early 90s. The film inspired the 90s TV series Baby Talk. Of course, the show didn't meet the standards set by the film.

1 The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer


Critics consider The Secret Diary of Desmond Pheiffer as one of the worst sitcoms of all time. Indeed, it stirred up controversy even before the first episode. Many felt it took a light-hearted approach to American Slavery. The show only went for a few episodes before the canceling.

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