20 '90s Toys That Ruined Our Childhood

The 1990s were an amazing decade. In terms of entertainment, we were given an immense amount of spectacular toys that we all would still play with today. However, like with everything great, it is clear that flaws existed too. In fact, the 90s brought us some truly abysmal toys. These are the ones that absolutely deserve to be criticized.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 toys from the ‘90s that ruined our childhood. The reasons as to why they were all bad will vary, but at the end of the day, it is clear that they never should have been released in the first place. We are lucky that the great toys of this decade overshadow how horrible these ones were.

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20 Beanie Babies

via TodayShow.com

Beanie Babies definitely had some level of appeal when they first were released. It was pretty cool being able to bring home a cute little animal to pretend it was your own pet. However, as time would go on, everyone realized they were pretty lame, as there's not much to actually do with them. Many parents still have nightmares over the amount of money they wasted on them.

19 Razor Scooters

via CultureMapDallas.com

Razor Scooters definitely were fun, but boy, they were not very protective. In fact, the way that they were structured would often lead to kids injuring themselves pretty badly. It was a recipe for disaster if one decided to ride down a hill with them, as falling suddenly was quite inevitable.

18 Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kids

via The13thFloor.com

There is no question that Cabbage Patch Kids were extremely popular and fantastic toys. However, the snack-time edition was an absolute disaster. This is due to the fact that many children would end up getting their hair stuck in the toy, as it would open its mouth for its “food.”

17 Slap Bands

via MentalFloss.com

In terms of overall style, there may have not been anything better for kids to own than slap bands. However, they were immensely unsafe, as they would result in a number of injuries. This was especially the case when children would use them as weapons during intense battles with one another.

16 Mr. Bucket

via youtube.com

Mr. Bucket would end up being a complete and utter disaster. This is due to the fact that it was quite suggestive and inappropriate. It is honestly could have been a fantastic game, but parents ended up moving away from it because of the way it presented itself. Overall, this is a toy that will forever be made fun of.

15 Moon Shoes

via bigtimetoys.com

Moon Shoes had so much potential, but man, they ended up being massive busts. This is due to the fact that they ultimately did not permit us to jump much higher than our actual abilities. It also did not help that they were prone to breaking and often led to unexpected injuries.

14 Shape Shifter Punisher

via Flickr.com

The Shape Shifter Punisher was one of the most inappropriate toys to ever enter the market. It is extremely surprising that it ever ended up being made, as it clearly should not have been made for children. Due to this, it would end up not having a lot of overall sales.

13 Skip-It

via Youtube.com

The idea of Skip-It made sense for its time, but it is quite clear that it ended up being a disaster. Many children would end up hurting themselves by tripping over the toy. Due to today’s regulations on safety, it is quite clear that Skip-It would never find its way back into stores.

12 Yak Bak

via Reddit.com

Yak Bak was a toy that made absolutely zero sense. It simply would record your voice. Although that could be fun to a degree, it did absolutely nothing else. At the end of the day, ti can be stated that this toy was lackluster at best. Yet, it was the 1990s, so how much more could we have expected?

11 Tickle Me Elmo

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Tickle Me Elmo was a truly frightening toy at times, while also being quite annoying. It is surprising that it would end up being such a top seller with younger children, but big kids and adults would go on to despise it. This is a toy that we definitely wish never came into existence.

10 Crocodile Dentist

via YouTube.com

How did Crocodile Dentist ever come into existence? This game willingly inflicted pain onto children, yet parents thought it was a good idea to buy. Personally, I have nightmares over the pain that the bite would cause. This can be deemed as torture, rather than fun. It would never be acceptable today.

9 Gooey Louie

via YouTube.com

Gooey Louie was a very original idea, but at the end of the day, it can be only deemed as quite gross. The objective of the game is to pick mucus out of Louie’s head. However, if you pull the wrong one, his brain explodes out of his head. Naturally, this game was extremely strange, disgusting, and not all that engaging.

8 Baby Sinclair

via Shop TV.com

Baby Sinclair was a very popular television character, but like Tickle Me Elmo, his toy was a nightmare. This was extremely irritating to listen to. It was only given six phrases, so it would get quite old very quickly. Therefore, it can easily be deemed as one of the worst toys of the 1990s.

7 My Bundle Baby

via ebay.com

My Bundle Baby used to give young girls, and some young boys, the opportunity to experience pregnancy! They would place the toy on their bodies, and the “baby” would start kicking. Also, there was a baby doll inside of the toy as well. It was just a strange idea and it would go on to receive a ton of criticism.

6 Socker Boppers

via youtube.com

Okay, so when Socker Boppers were used in a responsible manner, they were amazing toys. However, due to the fact that they were made for children, this almost never occurred. Due to this fact, this toy would end up being extremely dangerous and many children would end up seriously hurt.

5 Splash-Off Water Rocket

via Amazon.com

The Splash-Off Water Rocket seemed like a good idea at first, but naturally, it would come with a lot of flaws. Malfunctions were quite common, and when this would happen, children would often end up being hit in the eye with it. Thus, they were essentially boycotted from parents and rightfully so.

4 Gak

via SuperRetromania.com

Gak used to invade the households of all children. It was a strange sticky substance that children enjoyed stretching out. However, it would grow to become even more disgusting in time. It also was prone to getting into children’s hair. Pets also seemed to end up experiencing negative effects from Gak.

3 Talking Steve Urkel Doll

via YouTube.com

Unfortunately, a talking Steve Urkel doll exists. As if the world did not receive enough torture from his abysmal voice on television, the doll was even worse. Many critics would go on to rip this toy to shreds, and it is quite understandable as to why. It easily was one of the worst toys from the 1990s.

2 Magic Bottle Baby

via WorthPoint.com

The Magic Bottle Baby too tried to do something unique, but it missed the mark immensely. Basically, children had the opportunity to choose the toy's emotional state by clicking buttons on the bottle. However, the audio they chose for it was quite irritating and thus people would grow to despise the toy.

1 Furby

via IDEOLabs.com

Furbies were once one of the most sought after toys in the entire world. It is honestly surprising, as they are absolutely frightening. It is extremely scary seeing a toy that ugly have the ability to blink, as well as hearing them speak. I still experience panic when I see videos of them today.

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