90s Wrestlers: 15 Unrecognizable Photos Of Their Children

Wrestling fans won’t forget the '90s; it was the best era for pro wrestling, especially the final portion with WCW and WWE slugging it out. It is hard to believe that we’re about to enter the 2020s, time truly goes by way too quickly!

Speaking of time flying by, several 90s wrestlers have kids that not only passed their teens but in some cases, are well into their 20s and 30s! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those kids – in a few instances, you might not be able to recognize the child of the '90s star. Ironically, most of the children included on the list are following in their dad’s footsteps, but not every child, some are forging their own paths completely out of the industry.

Enjoy the article folks!

15 Brittany Page – DDP

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That’s right, DDP has a beautiful daughter but she isn’t in the business. Page’s daughter comes from his prior relationship to the stunning Nitro girl and WCW alum, Kimberly Page.

Brittany has an interest in entering the business, she wanted to start an all-female promotion alongside Brooke Hogan.

14 Oje Edward Hart - Owen Hart

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Sadly, WWE is still unable to celebrate Owen’s career given lawsuits with Hart’s widow. This is nothing but a letdown given how special of a talent Owen was. His career needs to be celebrated both on the WWE Network and the Hall of Fame.

When we look at his son Oje, we just can’t help but be reminded of Owen – the resemblance is kind of eerie. Here's to hoping Oje makes a run in the business.

13 Bronson Rechsteiner (Rick Steiner)

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With arms like that, you would think that was Scott Steiner’s son! In all likelihood, his uncle gave him some advice on weight training – though it seems like the family has some superior genetics.

Bronson entered the wrestling ring briefly, though his major focus looks to be football at the moment.

12 Garett Bischoff – Eric Bischoff

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At the very least, following his WWE release, Eric can spend time with the family back at home. It was a short-lived return to WWE...

We saw a glimpse of Garett back in Eric’s Impact Wrestling days. Credit to his son, he remains in the business today working the indie circuit and improving on his craft.

11 Steve Borden Jr. (Sting)

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Without the makeup, of course, these two look eerily similar. Sting’s son took the football path and usually, the next step is pro wrestling – though we’re still not quite sure if that’s the path that he’ll take.

Sting’s son is happily married these days – while the Stinger remains under contract with WWE.

10 Cody Hall – Scott Hall

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Similar to his father, Cody Hall is blessed with some serious genetics. The man has some mammoth size – at the moment Cody continues to work his craft overseas in Japan.

Fans are hoping he converts to the US at some point, joining AEW or of course, Triple H’s NXT.

9 David Benoit - Chris Benoit

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If David Benoit ever steps foot in a ring, it’ll likely be with AEW and not WWE. According to David himself via Twitter, WWE banned him from the backstage area for wearing an AEW jacket – that’s a big-time no-no.

However, Benoit doesn’t seem to be bothered and he’s very impressed with the current AEW product.

8 Brian Pillman Jr. (Brian Pillman)

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We lost Brian Pillman far too early. He is regarded as one of the most underrated workers of all-time, especially for his work on the microphone.

It seems like his son, Brian Pillman Jr is carrying the family name at the moment. He continues to earn his stripes with various promotions worldwide. We’ll see him in either AEW or WWE at some point down the road.

7 Dominic Gutierrez – Rey Mysterio

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For fans that follow WWE religiously, this one might not be too shocking given Dominic’s recent involvement. However, for the fan that is out of the loop, it is truly stunning to see Rey’s son today compared to his earlier days with WWE.

These days he actually towers over his father. We’ll see him in a WWE ring when the time is right.

6 David Finlay - Fit Finlay

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This father and son duo look a little different, to say the least. Fit has the clean-cut look while David went the other route going for that messy long head of hair, something reminiscent to a 90s wrestler – we dig it, though.

He’s working his craft overseas these days, earning valuable experience.

5 Terrell And Terrence Hughes – D-Von Dudley

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That’s right, we might see a second coming of the Dudley Boyz – though D-Von’s kids made it clear, they want to develop their own identity separate from their father’s and Bubba’s.

That’ll be really hard to do, especially if they earn WWE contracts in the future.

4 Xia Brookside – Robbie Brookside

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Robbie must be a proud father. Despite the fact that his daughter is only 21, she’s already under a WWE contract with four years of experience.

She has all the tools to thrive, now the biggest thing for Xia is to improve behind the scenes at the PC. Perhaps adding a little bit of size to her tiny frame might be the biggest priority.

3 Gunner Calaway – The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has a couple of kids from prior relationships. He also has a daughter in his current marriage to Michelle McCool.

Taker’s son Calaway has no involvement in the wrestling business and he seems more than content doing other things. He’s a big video game enthusiast – walking in dad’s footsteps seems to be the furthest thing from his mind at the moment.

2 Noelle Foley - Mick Foley

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It is common knowledge by now; somehow, Mick Foley’s genetics created a beautiful creature, Noelle Foley. Let’s just say she got her looks from mom and most definitely not dad...

Noelle continues on with her love for pro wrestling, attending several AEW shows recently. We hope she gets involved in some capacity down the road.

1 Shaul Guerrero – Eddie Guerrero

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We’re nothing but pleased with Shaul’s return to the wrestling business. She tried a run with WWE, working in developmental though it just didn’t work.

She’s back and this time with Women of Wrestling, working a new role as the announcer for the company. Without a doubt, her dad is smiling from up above.

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