91 Year Old Mr. Feeny (Of 'Boy Meets World' Fame) Saves Family From Home Intruder

Actor William Daniels, known for his roles as Dr. Mark Craig on St. Elsewhere, for which he won two Emmy Awards, and as Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, startled a burglar that tried to enter his home on Saturday. Daniels, 91, who was at home with his wife, actress Bonnie Bartlett, 89, turned on the lights when he heard someone forcing the back door, which scared off the intruder.

Daniels, who also voiced K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider, immediately alerted the LAPD, who was on the scene in minutes. Appearing on Good Morning America, the actor joked, “I struggled with an intruder, took him to the ground, I beat him up and he ran away with bruises all over him.”

Among his online supporters was Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World. Daniels’ former co-star tweeted, "Don’t ever mess with Mr. Feeny!" The veteran actor, who played the kindly teacher from 1993 to 2000, recently appeared on Grey's Anatomy in 2012 and reprised his role as Feeny in five episodes of the spin-off Girl Meets World, which was canceled in 2017.

Last month, the Boy Meets World cast celebrated the show’s 25th anniversary at New York Comic Con with a panel discussion. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, aka Cory and Topanga, talked about the show as well as its sequel. Fishel wrote on Instagram, "Happy 25th birthday to the show that changed my life in too many ways to count. Life can feel like a rollercoaster and this experience and these relationships are no different. It would be a lie to say it's been all highs and no lows but we are connected to each other in a way in which very few people on Earth can relate.”

At the reunion, Savage shared that Fishel and he may be doing something together in the future, while the actress specified that they were shopping an on-camera show that they had developed. They also said that they were open to a reboot that would reunite Cory, Topanga and Eric. The actors said that they still got emotional when they remembered the final show when Mr. Feeny announced, “Class dismissed.”

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The castmates, who grew up on the show, also studied together on-set. Savage and Fishel have even admitted to going on a date once, but realized they felt more like brother and sister in real life. As for that iconic 90s hair that Rider Strong, aka Shawn, wore, it was the bane of the actor’s existence. Since he had naturally curly hair, it would take a while to straighten it before each show. In an effort to please fans, Strong was not allowed to cut his hair until it was confirmed that the show was ending.

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