94-Year-Old Man and 83-Year-Old Woman Fall In Love In Senior Centre

Jorge Zambrana and Fabiola Montealegre began their love story two years ago at the Town ‘N Country Senior Centre. Their story shows that it’s possible to find love at any point in your life, and your happiness isn’t tied to your youth. The couple’s history sounds like it came straight out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.

Two years ago, the couple met at the centre. Montealegre was on the stationary bike, and she was focused on pushing down the weighted pedals. Zambrana approached her, and they instantly hit it off. After he introduced himself, Montealegre confessed she thought he was a younger man because of his straight posture and confidence walk. Zambrana said that he approached her because he saw something special in the elegant and social woman.

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Prior to the meeting, both of them were single after losing their previous significant other. Montealegre lost her husband two years prior after being together with him for 61 years. Zambrana’s wife died 11 years ago after losing a battle to Alzheimer’s. Despite the trauma they both went through, the couple decided to give their relationship a shot.

After they met, the pair would phone each other every day. Eventually, Montealegre would request he help her with some of her errands, and with his constant presence in her life, she fell for him, and so did he. They started officially dating after they went to the Hillsborough County senior prom together.

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Zambrana really wanted to take her on a cruise, but Montealegre made it clear that she wasn’t going unless they got married. With that, after a month of dating, they tied the knot at a civil ceremony. Their adult children got on board and signed affidavits attesting that they’re making the decision with sound minds. The couple got married, hopped on a cruise, and had a magical time. Zambrana is currently 96, and Montealegre is turning 86 at the end of the year. Despite their age, the couple is continuously planning new adventures together. Since they got married, they’ve travelled to Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Even if they don’t travel, one thing is for sure: the couple will continue to dance together just as they did during their prom night.

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