A Baby Company Created a Giant Stroller for Adults to Test and it was Amazing

Trying to pick out a stroller for a newborn baby is no easy task. There are so many different types, styles, colours, and of course, prices. You want it to be strong and sturdy, yet compact. But first and foremost, you want it to be comfy and safe. How can a parent really know that without testing it out for themselves?

The Kolcraft Baby Products Company understands this struggle, and to rectify the situation, they decided to create an adult-sized stroller so adults could finally test the stroller out for themselves! The Chicago-based company created a giant version of their Contours Bliss Stroller in order to give parents a better idea of what their child would experience sitting in one of their strollers.

On the decision to develop this giant stroller, president of Kolcraft, Tom Koltun said, "We created the test ride so adults could experience, first-hand, how each Contours Stroller is carefully designed with a baby’s joy and comfort in mind and make sure it’s the perfect choice for their family."

Just to give you an idea of how large this stroller actually is, the adult sized version of the Contours Bliss Stroller clocks in at 7'6" high and 6'4" wide. That is one enormous stroller!

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11 For comparison, here's an image of the normal, baby-sized Contours Bliss Stroller

via: babesandkidsreview.com

It looks like a normal sized child's stroller.

10 And here it is in all its adult-sized glory

via: boredpanda.com

That is one giant stroller. Look at that guy's blissfully happy face? I feel you, buddy. You're living the dream!

9 To make it even clearer, here they are side by side

via: boredpanda.com

Mama and baby strollers! How cute!

8 Here it is being pushed on the street

via: notey.com

Ok, so it's starting to look a little weird going down the sidewalk beside cars and other people.

7 Here it is with its mini me

via: dailymail.co.uk

Wave hello to your future!

6 Here it is in GIF form

via: boredpanda.com

Look at that speed! This giant stroller is rushing through traffic. Seriously though, that girl who's pushing must be getting pretty tired right around now.

5 It must take one strong (and tall) person to be able to push this stroller

via: boredpanda.com

She looks exhausted.

4 Here someone is taking a selfie in the giant stroller... because why not?

via: fox42kptm.com

You're probably only going to be in adult-sized stroller once in your life, you should take all the selfies you want!

3 Here it is hanging out with its offspring again

via: wwmt.com

It really loves hanging out with tiny strollers and making them feel inferior.

2 And here it is just hanging out in the city

via: boredpanda.com

Of course, a few people are staring because, well, an adult in a giant stroller isn't something you see every day. I bet they're all secretly super jealous. I know I am!

1 To see the giant stroller in action, check out the video below.

Want to give it a test for yourself? You can next check it out rolling around Chicago’s Mary Bartelme Park on June 7. 

Sources: huffingtonpost.com, designboom.com

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