A Texas Jeep Dealership Added A Supercharged Hellcat In A Wagoneer

Forget the idea of LS everywhere, Black Mountain Jeep of Wylie, Texas has gone one better and taken the 707hp supercharged hemi from a Hellcat and put it in a 1989 Jeep Wagoneer.

The Texas company makes a practice of putting big power in Jeeps of all ages and has taken on a number of custom projects. The Wagoneer, which they've dubbed the Hellwagon, is one of their craziest projects, reported by Engine Swap Depot.

3 The Base

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If you were looking for a patient zero for the SUV, the Wagoneer is probably your best bet. Meant to replace the Willys Jeep Station Wagon it was a body on frame design built on the Gladiator pickup chassis, but featured upgrades that made the off-roader more accessible to pavement dwellers. This included a compact running gear layout that let the truck sit lower and comfort amenities like independent suspension, power steering, and air conditioning.

2 The Beating Heart

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Dodge introduced the Hellcat motor for the 2014 model of their Challenger muscle car. It took the big hemi that was already on offer and added a twin-screw supercharger from IHI with integrated cooling that thumped out a class beating 707hp, at the time the most powerful Chrysler motor ever sold to the public. In 2017 Chrysler started selling the Hellcat as a crate motor for hot rodders dubbed the Hellcrate.

1 Ultimate Sleeper

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The outside of the Hellwagon remains unchanged, giving no indication that the even old at the time 185hp AMC 390 stock motor has been replaced except for that throaty exhaust note.

A Chrysler 727 three speed automatic feeds the power to the Wagoneer's original transfer case keeping four wheel drive on the table. Custom mounts and oil sumps had to be crafted to complete the job. The only way for someone to know what's going on under the hood is when it starts spinning the rear wheels.

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