According To Reddit: These 20 Jobs Make Women Irresistible To Men

Thanks to many films made for adult eyes only, many every day, ordinary things have been made to appear provocative. Who knew that walking down the street on the way to the office could be made into a slinky little number? Regardless of the entertainment world, we all have little things that get us excited; and some of those "things" are actually jobs.

In the world of Reddit, men and women came together to discuss what jobs make a woman irresistible to men. While some professions like a librarian or teacher obviously made the list (who knew a messy ponytail and thick-rimmed glasses would work so well?), other jobs like a chef and archaeologist also made our list! And considering there are 20 jobs in this article that get men excited, that only means there are oodles of other jobs not listed that can do the same thing. Nevertheless, let's shine a light on the best of the best. Here are 20 jobs women have that make men lose it.

20 Open Wide!


There's nothing attractive about going to the dentist. It's painful, intimidating, and expensive. But according to men on Reddit, it's also arousing. One man explained how he "loved" when a female dental hygienist was practically on top of him while working. Another said all the women who worked at his dentist's office were young, blonde, and beautiful.

19 My Compliments To The Chef

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I think we can all agree that we love a good home-cooked meal, right? Well, men agree. One man told Reddit, "Watching them cook and put their all, their love, their care, their attention to detail into a dish just to please others..." It appears it's not just the food they adore, but it's the attention to detail, too. "They can go from rough to delicate as can be while cooking. They get all sweaty. They can be very fluid and graceful in their movements. Mmm."

18 Tell Me Something I Don't Know


A teacher — how original! Being a teacher is an on-going joke about being an attractive profession. We've all seen Happy Gilmour, right? "Male teacher here, married to a teacher as well. So many teachers in my area are young and [cute]. [Heck] there are several 50+ ladies in my school that I just want to high five their husbands." It doesn't even matter the age of the teacher, it seems. As long as they teach, they're a winner. Go, teachers!

17 Looking For Bones...


Now, archaeologists may not think their jobs are very sultry, but it appears some men think so. One man said "Archaeologist. Nothing like a smart woman who likes to get [muddy]." He does have a point here. Archaeologists are insanely bright and get to travel all over the world sometimes doing their work. It's also a job not many people can say they have so it's unique in many ways.

16 Climbing The Corporate Ladder


While some men think stay-at-home-moms are attractive, others love it when their wives head back to work. We all have our preferences and so do women. In this instance, a few men said how much they loved brazen, professional women who have goals of climbing the corporate ladder. Oh, and the high heels to the pencil skirts don't hurt their vision either.

15 Om!


Yoga has a ton of benefits both mentally and physically. It also happens to be a job where the person instructing the class tends to be in great shape, sweaty and is flexible as anything. All in all, it's not a bad view for anyone in the class. So, if yoga is your fitness of choice, yoga instructors may be the eye-candy for you. For one man, in particular, his view on yoga instructors is—for a lack of a better word—unique. "[Yoga instructor.] If I can fart in front of a girl while she's at work and it's acceptable, I'm in love."

14 *Cough, Cough, I think I'm Sick*

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If you love when girls dress up as doctors and nurses for Halloween, then you must really have a thing for all women in the healthcare industry. "Any girl in scrubs," one man told Reddit. "Nurses, radiologists, hematologists, PAs... I instantly want them." Another man chimed in and said it's because they were also dedicated and smart enough to make it through medical school which is a huge turn on. (Finally, a man who is attracted to brains!)

13 Play Me A Song


It's almost a prerequisite to be attractive if you want to make it in the entertainment world as a singer or in a band. People are listening to your music, yes, but they're also going to be a fan of your likelihood. But for some, it's not just about your voice or music, it's about how you play. Telling Reddit, one man said "Pianist. Nothing more attractive than a classy [woman] who knows how to play the piano."

12 Read Me Something Sweet


Similar to teachers, men really seem to love when women work in bookstores. "Those women working at independent bookstores who wear flattering sweaters, know everything about a couple of really obscure sections of literature, and whose eyes light up like Christmas when you discover a shared interest? Yes please." He does have a point, literature is pretty attractive in itself, so it's nice to see others appreciate those who read.

11 Archi-love


It takes a thorough education and some experienced math skills to become an architect, which is why some men on Reddit found it as such an attractive job choice. One man even mentioned he wasn't quite sure what he loved so much about women in this profession, but they appreciated their sense of design and detailed notes.

10 Free Rub Downs, Why Not?


"Masseuse anybody?", one man chimed in on Reddit, waiting for a response. But yes, anyone who has the skills to totally relax someone with their hands is obviously an attractive feature. Not to mention the person getting the massage is typically wearing a towel or a sheet, leaving little to the imagination. Plus, if they begin dating a masseuse they get free massages!

9 I'ma Buy You A Drink


We all love a good drink, right? What we love better is when a bartender perfects that drink and makes it actually taste good. Now that's something to admire! "Bartenders," one man told Reddit. He continues saying that whipping up drinks and being in a "moody" bar is also an attractive setup for him.

8 'Hi, Do You Come With my 10-Pack Of Nuggets?'


Now, this is an attractive job no one saw coming. "I guess it probably makes me weird. But fast-food workers," the man said in the thread. "We both know why we're there. We both know I have a craving that needs to be satisfied. It is literally your job to serve my urges.. with a smile." While he does have a point, it's a smidge strange because the women in these establishments are just trying to do their job...

7 Retail Is Where It's At


Retail work may not be rocket science but it's a tough job. Workers are on their feet all day, they have to deal with sassy people (and returns and exchanges), and have to work holidays and weekends! Retail work may sound tiring to most, but its seen as attractive to others. One man told Reddit, "Retail professionals. When they happen to be female and working at comic shops, videogame outlets, or back in the day (lol) Blockbuster."

6 We're Not Here For The Coffee...


Surprisingly, many men loved when their barista was a woman! Not because the coffee is great but because they think the profession is a turn on! One said, "Everyone who goes to a coffee shop has a [little] crush on the barista; they get all excited when one remembers their name and are always trying to strike up conversations with them..." I guess he does have a point; it's nice to be remembered.

5 Sing To Me, Baby


We all have different things that get us excited and happy, and for a few men on Reddit, it's singers. "As a guy, female singers are incredibly attractive," the man said. "[There's] something about the goosebumps sensation" that makes him want more. I'm assuming he would lose it if he ver met Ariana Grande or Mariah Carrey?

4 A Woman In Uniform


Whether she's a cop, a military gal, a doctor, or a fast-food worker, a woman in uniform turns many men on. According to men on Reddit, it's because the woman is powerful and in control. She's tough, can handle herself, and is driven. She doesn't need a man to do a good job in her profession. Now, that's what's up.

3 Paint Me A Picture


Like any artist, many tend to be more emotional simply because it drives their work. And where some people view artists as "troubled," one man though there was nothing more "appealing" than a woman who could draw or paint. It's one of those things that not everyone is born great at doing.

2 It's Not The Job — It's The Confidence


We finally found the golden man; a man who knows all. It's not what a woman is doing that makes it attractive, it's how she does it. If she's confident and all-knowing in her job, what could be better? "It's not the money that goes with it; I don't care about it at all, actually, I grew up poor and I don't really mind. It's the attitude," one man said. "I like the confidence that comes soon with having to be successful around other influential, educated people."

1 Construction Isn't Just For Dudes

Geeks of Doom

Unfortunately, we don't see too many women working with their hands in the construction business, but when men see a select few, it gets this particular man going. "A girl that does physical work. A girl that can sling bags of cement gets me [excited]," he told Reddit. Hopefully, we see more women working in this industry, not because it's "cute," but because the money is fantastic and it's honest work.

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