According To His Zodiac Sign, Here's The One Sign He'll Never Be Attracted To

There has been a lot of debate over whether or not astrology is an accurate way to predict things. But according to wtamu.edu, there are lots of people who believe in it.

For those who are not familiar with astrology, it is the belief that a person’s mood and personality can be affected by the alignment of the planets, as well as the stars.

That is why horoscopes can be found in newspapers, magazines, and various websites. Horoscopes are very interesting to read. They can tell a person what they should expect at work, or what they should expect to experience in their personal relationships in the near future. They can also tell a person whether or not a relationship will work out based off of the zodiac signs of everyone involved. Here are some signs men won’t find attractive.

15 Aries Women Are Too Bold For Cancer Men


Aries and Cancer people are very different. They might feel a slight connection when they first meet, but that doesn’t mean much. According to ganeshaspeaks.com, Cancer men enjoy taking their time in relationships, whereas Aries women like to move a bit faster, thanks to the really bold nature they have.

14 Relationships Don’t Work Between A Leo And A Taurus Because They Can Annoy Each Other


Leo men will typically not find Taurus women attractive because Leos can be very egotistical, and Taurus women usually have a much more practical approach to life. If A Leo and a Taurus get together, it probably won’t take long before they are getting on each other’s nerves, according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com.

13 Gemini And Pisces Sometimes Clash Because They Aren't On The Same Page


Gemini men are very rational people, so they are not likely to find a Pisces attractive. According to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, Pisces women are very emotional, and being rational isn’t always their thing. Relationships between a Gemini and a Pisces usually don’t work out because they are hardly ever on the same frequency as one another.

12 Cancer Men Have A Hard Time Dating Libra Women Because They Don't Enjoy The Same Things


Some people need to share interests with a person before they can really find them attractive, which is why Cancer men won’t find that they have much of a connection with Libra women. According to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, they are interested in very different things, so they wouldn’t have much in common with one another.

11 A Relationship Between A Leo And Scorpio Is Challenging Because Scorpios Can Be A Bit Too Emotional


Leos and Scorpios are two kinds of people that have extremely strong personalities, and that why they typically clash with each other. Firstly, their ideas of what love is are not the same. Secondly, they have different approaches to emotional things, so they rarely see eye-to-eye there, according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com. Leo is a fire sign, and sometimes Leos are not drawn to emotional people like Scorpios.

10 Virgo Men Don’t Like Drama, Which Is Why They're Not Attracted To Sagittarius People


According to yourtango.com, Sagittarius women can really be dramatic, and that is exactly why they will never be seen dating a Virgo man. Virgos are not huge fans of drama, so they probably won’t feel much attraction to a woman that is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius people also love to talk a lot, which can be a turn off for Virgos as well.

9 Libra Men Are Usually Not Attracted To Capricorn Women


Libras and Capricorns are not typically attracted to one another. These two signs might be alright as friends, but that’s it. According to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, both Libras and Capricorns believe that relationships are very important, so they don’t want to jump into one with the wrong person. In addition, Capricorns are emotionally distant people, which can further complicate things.

8 A Scorpio Man Will Never Be Able To Get Along With An Aquarius Woman Because Aquarius People Are More Carefree


Scorpio men are quite emotional people. In fact, their emotions are typically what drives them, and they are incredibly passionate creatures. On the other hand, Aquarius women are more on the carefree side, and they do not like commitment, according to ganeshaspeaks.com. Scorpio men are great leaders, but Aquarius ladies are not followers, which is why they are not drawn to one another.

7 Things Would Never Work Between A Sagittarius Man And A Gemini Woman


According to ranker.com, both of these signs are very adventurous. Sagittarius and Gemini people both love to travel, which might be something they could bond over if things were a bit different. However, it seems that these two are so different that they would probably have a difficult time making any decisions with each other, so a Sagittarius man wouldn’t likely be drawn to a Gemini.

6 Capricorn Men Probably Won’t Find Aries Women Attractive


The planets that rule Capricorn and Aries are Saturn and Mars. According to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, those two planets are archetypal enemies, which means that Capricorns are not very likely to be attracted to an Aries. They will definitely lack a desire for each other since there are too many differences between the two of them.

5 A Taurus Won’t Seek A Relationship With A Scorpio Because Scorpios Are Too Headstrong


Anyone who is a Taurus is likely to be a very passionate and stubborn kind of person. But the problem is that Scorpios are the same way, so they probably won’t get along very well. According to ranker.com, these two are more likely to argue with one another frequently than they are to enjoy a healthy attraction to each other.

4 Gemini Men Aren’t Usually Attracted To Virgo Ladies Because Virgos Are More Introverted


Geminis and Virgos are likely to be nice and respectful to one another, but their relationship will not go much further than that, according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com. Both of these signs love talking, but that would not necessarily make a Gemini feel an attraction to a Virgo. Also, Geminis are more extroverted than Virgos are.

3 Aquarius Women Aren’t A Good Match For Leo Men Because It Is Difficult For Them To Understand One Another's Needs


According to astrologybay.com, Leo men are not a good match for Aquarius partners. Leo like to treat their ladies to the best of everything, while Aquarius women aren’t exactly up for that kind of lifestyle. Women like this prefer to live a simpler life, which is why Leos typically won’t find them very attractive.

2 Virgo And Pisces Couples May Not Be The Best Match Because Virgos Are A Bit More Practical


Virgos are not people who like to daydream, according to ranker.com. But on the other hand, Pisces people love to use their imaginations, and they are also very creative. A Pisces tends to rely on their instinct a lot, but Virgos need facts. They like to analyze everything, so that means a Virgo won’t have much of a connection with a Pisces.

1 Aries Men Won’t Be Attracted To Libra Women Because They Are Polar Opposites


It’s hard for some people to be attracted to those who share no interests with them, and that is exactly why Aries men are not likely to be attracted to Libras. According to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, Aries and Libras will hardly ever be able to find an activity that they both enjoy, which probably means that they would not find each other attractive.

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