10 Actresses Who Are Total Jerks (7 Who Are Sweethearts)

In Hollywood, people are always talking. Actresses who act up tend to get talked about the most. These actresses may be called divas or worse. Sometimes, talent and character don't walk hand in hand. There are actresses who've been labeled difficult to work with. Some of them are extremely successful. Others have watched their careers fizzle a bit because of their demanding ways.

On the flip side, there are actresses who are known to be total sweethearts, rather than jerks. These actresses are polite, professional and interested in helping other people. These women set the bar high.

In showbiz, it's always a mixed bag of different personalities. It's fun to explore the extremes. This list is loaded with juicy information about so many fascinating ladies.

17 Madonna Can Be So Harsh (Total Jerk)

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Madonna wasn't nice when she laughed at the victim of a crime during her documentary, Truth or Dare. Her callousness did not go unnoticed, based on a report from Tapatalk.com.

Being a strong woman is great, but strength and cruelty aren't the same things. Madonna has evolved beyond her Truth or Dare days, but she's still a tough cookie.

16 Mischa Barton Can Be Self-Destructive (Total Jerk)

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When people are controlled by their "issues", they can be very tough to be around. Mischa Barton rose to fame on the O.C. and then seemed to fall prey to the many temptations of Hollywood.

According to Cheatsheet.com, Barton found filming the O.C. "a lot". In June, Spencer Pratt told a Cosmopolitan reporter that Mischa is hiding a self-destructive habit.

15 Julia Roberts Is Quite The Diva (Total Jerk)

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Julia is supremely talented, but some people who've worked with her have been through the wringer because of her diva antics. Nick Nolte said she isn't nice, according to Nicki Swift, and Steven Spielberg had trouble dealing with her moods.

Juliana Margulies used to be a waitress, before fame, and she said that Julia Roberts was a rude customer.

14 Katherine Heigl Rubs People The Wrong Way (Total Jerk)

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What can we say about Katherine Heigl that hasn't already been said? She's one of those actresses who is famous for her performances... and her bad attitude, according to The Telegraph. Some people blame Katherine's momager, Nancy, for influencing her to behave badly on set.

Heigl used to bite the hands that fed her, but maybe she's changed.

13 January Jones Is Unapproachable (Total Jerk)

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January is most famous for playing Betty Draper on Mad Men. One of the actors who played Betty Draper's son on the show considered January Jones "unapproachable," according to Marieclaire.co.uk.

Zach Galifianakis, who made us laugh in The Hangover, had a bad experience with January at a party. She called him over to talk, then told him to leave.

12 Shannen Doherty Has A Temper (Total Jerk)

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When we hear the word, "difficult" in relation to Hollywood, Shannen Doherty is one of the actresses who comes to mind. Ranker.com reported that Shannen got the boot from Beverly Hills 90210, and was later let go from Charmed because her attitude was just too much.

Doherty says says rumors of problems on the 90210 reboot are partially a misunderstanding.

11 Lea Michele Is Difficult To Work With (Total Jerk)

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Lea is another actress who gets some shade because of her attitude. According to Nicki Swift, Lea Michele has had problems getting along with a lot of co-stars and guest stars, including Naya Rivera, Jessica Lange, and Kate Hudson.

Hudson considered Michele a diva, but still helped her when she needed a shoulder to cry on.

10 Taylor Swift Plays The Victim (Total Jerk)

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Taylor used to have the cleanest image. Not anymore. She has a chip on her shoulder over the whole Kanye thing. Fair enough, as Kanye started it.

The thing is, Taylor tried to get back at him by fudging facts about a phone call, according to Usmagazine.com. Kim K exposed the whole thing and Taylor, predictably, went into victim mode.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow Is An Elitist (Total Jerk)

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Does GOOP guru Gwyneth try to help other women, or enjoy rubbing their faces in her own wealth and privilege?

Some people think Paltrow is a lifestyle queen, with tons of helpful information to share. Others find her whole elitist shtick grating. Even ex-Ben Affleck considers her an elitist.

8 Jennifer Lopez Wants Her Way (Total Jerk)

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Jennifer Lopez is a queen and queens want their way. They're used to getting their way. When a queen's wishes are thwarted, look out!

According to The Telegraph, J. Lo's diva ways actually hurt her career and reputation years ago. She once asked for 9 dressing rooms, for an entourage totaling 90 people. That's serious diva stuff, isn't it?

7 Emma Watson Tries To Make A Difference (Sweetheart)

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Emma was born to play the role of Hermione Granger, who was strong, plucky and unafraid. Emma isn't so different. She uses her fame to help the Time's Up movement. She's all about promoting fairness for women, according to BBC.com.

Emma isn't just thinking about herself, like some Hollywood stars. She sees the bigger picture.

6 Selena Gomez Is Kind To Her Fans (Sweetheart)

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Selena has so much empathy. She's not one of those celebs who puts up a perfect front. She's had serious health issues and emotional pain. She's someone most people can relate to.

She tagged fans to let them know she loved them, according to Tigerbeat.com. Enough said.

5 Emma Stone Is A Good Person (Sweetheart)

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Emma has taken on the role of a certain Ms. de Vil, who is definitely a Disney baddie, but that role is nothing like Emma Stone's real personality.

According to Sheknows.com, Stone is happy to take time for her fans. She'll pose for pics with a genuine smile on her face. She makes the fans who adore her feel great.

4 Jennifer Aniston Is Beloved (Sweetheart)

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Most people felt bad for Jen when the whole Brangelina circus came to town. Jennifer always seemed to down-to-earth and nice. She handled that whole situation with dignity, and that would not have been easy.

Jennifer has tons of female friends who are loyal to her, according to Ranker.com, including Chelsea Handler.

3 Lady Gaga Helps Others (Sweetheart)

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Lady Gaga has ideals and she's not afraid to fight for what she believes is right. Her anthem, "Born This Way" inspired millions. It was about inclusiveness and self-acceptance.

According to Billboard.com, Lady Gaga definitely practices what she preaches. She's assisted LGBTQ youth who were homeless. She has protested for social justice. What a woman!

2 Drew Barrymore Is Warmhearted (Sweetheart)

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Drew is a flower child. She's a mature women who never completely loses her sense of childlike wonder.

Now that she's a mom, she leaves cute notes in her daughter's lunchboxes, builds up other women via IG, and generally stays as positive as she can. She's sweet to her many fans.

1 Gina Rodriguez Is Very Generous (Sweetheart)

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This TV star is a total softie. According to Looktothestars.org, she currently supports 11 charities, including Planned Parenthood and Save the Children. Actresses who give back are generally very grateful for all that they have. They pay it forward.

This Hollywood sweetheart is helping to make the world a better place.

Sources: The Telegraph.co.uk, Tapatalk.com, Marieclaire.co.uk

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