Add Some Magic To Your Home With These 12 Harry Potter Inspired Home Decorations

If you're a Potterhead like myself, then you will obsess over the following Harry Potter inspired home décor items on this list! Most of us who grew up with Harry Potter may be too old to receive that owl-couriered letter from Hogwarts, but we can keep living the dream with these home décor inspirations!

12 Free Dobby!

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Besides the cool reference to everyone’s favorite Harry Potter character, Dobby, this is also a great idea for all the clumsy people out there who are constantly forgetting to keep track of their lost socks. Because let’s be honest – single socks also have the right to find their true partners.

11 Patronus Apron

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As a child, I thought so hard about what would my patronus be, but this apron solved the problem and won over my current options of wombat, sloth and lazy guinea pig. Not to mention, what would give more motivation for cooking than a picture of a pizza?

10 Potter Fairy Lights

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These small flower fairy lights might not look like a Harry Potter décor item at first glance, but once you see the words on the paper, you’ll understand the reference. These are the perfect way to add a small bit of magic to an otherwise ordinary muggle home.

9 Directional Signs

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As if having your own garden wasn’t cool enough (as a girl who lives in a flat in the middle of the city, having a garden one day is a huge dream for me), you can now decorate it with a sign with all of the famous Harry Potter destinations… Azkaban could point towards your workplace.

8 Wanderlust

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Harry Potter inspired travel posters? Yes, please! These posters are the perfect décor items for the travellers and Potterheads of the world, muggle or otherwise! These beautiful, creative and vintage-inspired posters make us all want to hop on Hogwarts Express right now and take a trip to every location, even to the Forbidden Forest.

7 Screaming Mandrake

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This Mandrake is so scary and realistic, I just had to include it in this list, even if it isn’t very practical or useful. In fact, it’s a statue. Instead of the regular gnome, owl, or cat statue, why not try something a little different?

6 The Winged Keys

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Even if you are not a Potterhead (but seriously, who isn’t?), I am sure this winged key décor idea will steal your heart. With all the different, vintage inspired keys and the detailed wings attached to each key, this is simply a must-have item for anyone into fantasy and magic.

5 Potion Maker

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Maybe it’s just me, but baking a cake is not "fun" for me – it's more of a horrible reminder of how terrible of a baker I am... but this Potion Maker actually makes me excited. Maybe I will grab that pizza patronus apron for a little "potion" making of my own!

4 After All This Time?

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Oh, the moment every fan cried their eyes out – after six and a half books of hating on Snape, only to discover he's just about the most amazing character ever. If the quote wasn’t enough, there is also a stunning doe patronous, just to make this picture even more heartbreaking.

3 Alohomora!

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Who doesn’t know what "Alohomora" means? This key holder is a perfect place for you to hang keys that will let you into the forbidden section of the library, the third corridor… or just into your home.

2 The Marauder's Map

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Just by seeing this "I solmenly swear I’m up to no good” vinyl, I got excited for the Marauder’s Map all over again!

1 Lumos!

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For us, poor muggles, spells like "lumos" or "alohomora" cannot be achieved without the help of technology. Luckily, this clever switch cover will make you feel like you're a witch or a wizard yourself!

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